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Make it Rain!  Waterfalls of Abundance in 2017

My Complete Line of Wealth Coaching Programs will take you on a deeply sacred & empowering journey to claim your power & offer your gifts in 2017.

Sacred Wealth

5-Week Wealth Consciousness
& Manifesting Training

Comes with...

  • 2 Akashic Records Healing Upgrades
  • Deep Money Story Healing Work
  • Complete Guide to Packaging Your Gifts
  • Energetic Manifesting Techniques
  • And Much More!

Value: $497

Sacred Sales

Sales Training for
Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Your Key to Receiving Abundantly!

  • Heal Your relationship to sales!
  • Learn to sell your work sacredly & authentically from the heart
  • Clean up unhealthy boundaries & co-dependency in how you offer your gifts
  • Create Healthy Client Relationships!

Value: $497

Her Terms Summit

Take Back Wealth, Wisdom
& the Way of the Goddess!

Be Mentored by Kara & 21 Female Artists, Coaches, Healers, & Entrepreneurs as they share the keys to:

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Sustaining Deep Sacred Femininity in Business, Health & Relationships
  • And Much More!

Value: $197

Plus- Receive a Bonus Wealth Activation Call

Live with Kara from Kauai, Hawai'i!

Group Healing Activation- Teaching + Transmission

Value: $297

5 Years Ago...

I experienced a deep healing of my money story on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Before that experience, I was stuck.  Playing so small.  In deep fear of being seen, and feeling so awkward, dirty & "wrong" when any talk about about charging for my gifts came up.

I lived "by the skin of my teeth." (which were aching from getting bad dental work in India because it was all I could afford!) I bartered, traded or worked for free most of the time and lived off practically nothing!

Then, Mother Kauai led me into a deep, deep healing experience.

I had flown there to gather with over 30 Lightworkers from around the world at the end of 2011 to call in the 2012 Frequencies of the New World.

I had a profound experience while meditating in a cave where money was raining all over me!

As we emerged from this deep 3hr meditation and intention setting ceremony, I looked at one of my fellow Lightworkers and said...

"I just had a very strange experience in there. Money was raining alll over me!"

She laughed and said to me- "You know the saint who this cave is dedicated to could manifest money out of thin air, right?  That was his Siddhi Power" (a Siddhi is a supernatral power that comes from unlocking higher brain centers through spiritual practice)."

I said, "No, I did not."

But all I can tell YOU now is that I walked out of that cave
and my life completely changed.

My relationship to money completely changed.

No longer did I see it as "the root of all evil." 

I suddenly felt money to be an incredibly sacred, blissful, healing energy...  A creative instrument in the hands of the Divine that channled new worlds of thought into form! 

It felt fun.  It felt beautiful.  And it felt incredibly exciting to me to work with this sacred healing energy.

And now- 5 years later, as I voyage back to the deeply the Healing Vortex of the island of Kauai - Birthing Portal of the Gods- I wish to transmit this same healing vibration & awakening of the Creative Power & Divine Purpose of money to all of you!!!


Is it Time, Sister, for you to Step out of Struggle?

And Step into Service- Receiving Sacredly & Abundantly for Your Gifts?

Are you ready to heal your money story in 2017?

Check Out All You Receive Below with this Special Limited Time Offer!

1. Sacred Wealth- 5 Week Homestudy Course

Heal Your Money Story &
Manifest Money with Divine Source
Using Your Creative, Coaching or Healing Gifts

  • 2 Akashic Records Upgrade Meditations
    (Heal the Vows of Poverty & Past Life Trauma Blocking Your Financial Abundance and Success!)

  • 5 Recorded Training Calls with Kara

  • 5 In-Depth Workbooks to Help you Create a Healthy Money Story & Package Your Gifts
    (Cleanse Out Those Negative Beliefs! Call in Your Highest Good! As you do what you love to manifest with Divine Source!)

  • 199 Sacred Wealth Affirmations MP3
    (Raise Your Vibration & Put your Subconscious Healing on "Auto-pilot" as these 199 Sacred Wealth Mantra's elevated your consciousness to the Plane of Sacred Wealth)

2. Sacred Sales

Sales Training for Healers & Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

  • Learn How to Sell Your Packages with Heart & Soul (without feeling pushy, inautentic or sales-y")

  • Release deep resistance and fear.  Communicate powerfully & authentically!

  • Includes 5 Recorded Training Calls with Kara & 5 In-Depth Workbooks

  • A complete Sacred Sales Example Script (that walks you through exactly what to say)

    An opportunity to actually experience how sales can HEAL your clients and yourself. 
    You will NEVER look at sales or selling the the same way again!

3. The Her Terms Telesummit

21 Women Coaches, Artists & Healers Share How They Are
Taking Back Wealth, Wisdom & the Way of the Goddess in Life & Business

  • 21 Recorded Interviews with Female Coaches, Artists & Healers (speaking on everything from love, sex & relationships, to health, creativity & spiritual practice- and how it ALL relates to your success in business!)

  • Interviews with Amy Jo Goddard, Sarah Durham Wilson, Tami Lee Kent and many more!

  • Yoga Teachers, High End Coaches, Light Healers, Fashion Designers, Priestesses, Artists...
    (We have just about every kind of transformational teacher/healer/business model represented here!)

  • Shamanic Voyage with Sacred Ceremony
    (This Teleseummit was structured as a Shamanic Journey through the Gateways of the Womb - each day you process through a particular Feminine Power Point from Motherhood, to Beauty, to Wealth to Spirituality- ending with a powerful Shamanic Fire Ceremony, hosted by Peruvian High Inca Priestess, Jessica Cornejo Gallegos

4. Bonus! Wealth Activation Call with Kara

Receive Your Own Sacred Wealth Healing Transmission
from the Island of Kauai!

And now, join me LIVE from Kauai in your own Activation!  Where I'll transmit the power of Shakti to heal your money story and we'll dive deep into the Sensual Creative Wisdom of Sacred Wealth and how it can change YOUR life!

Total Value of this Package: $1,488

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