Invocation + Healing Transmission

Activate Your "Sexy Mamma"
World Power with this Ancient Egyptian
Goddess & Mother of Civilization

Be a Part of a Global Initiative to Birth The New Human Civilization -
One Based in Love & Harmony with Mother Earth

The Lion's Gate: 8/8/2019

Are you someone who has lived in fear & grief over the state of the world we live in?  Do you yearn to play a bigger role in its transformation?  Perhaps by...

  • Becoming a healer? 
  • Starting a conscious business? 
  • Engaging in Political activism?  
  • Developing an art project or film?
  • Sharing your authentic voice with friends, family, or on social media?

But do you feel held back from doing  many of these things because of deeply negative beliefs you hold about money, the world, your personal image in relation to public perception? How others will respond to your ideas?

Do you feel that "the world is corrupt" and often find yourself hiding from, avoiding, judging, or appeasing that corruption...

Instead of standing in the center of its chaos magic & carrying the flame of your truth as the sexy, powerful "Mother of Civilization" you truly are and have within?

Own Your Queenly Power
& Embrace Your Turn On

To Create Abundance, Joy, Worldly Influence
& Connectivity in Your Life

Unlike other Goddesses, Hathor is a Goddess of the World.  One who is deeply connected to the affairs of mankind, Sexual Empowerment, and the Archetype of the Queen.  If you are struggling to find your power or your "place in the world," this is the Goddess to work with!

On the Lion's Gate- 8/8/2019- we will be invoking Hathor for personal sexual & financial empowerment and our collective ability to birth the Civilization of the future- one that lives in harmony with the Earth, protects life, & the Feminine Principle.

Journey with us- deep into the Temples of this Ancient Mother Goddess - to invoke the power of Hathor to guide you and begin your initiation with this Ancient Mother Goddess of Beauty, Pleasure, Sex, Trade, Travel, Arts, Culture & Leadership.

This transmission assists in healing ungroundedness & all forms of disconnection to world power. You will awaken sexual magnetism, playfulness, creativity, and the sovereign confidence of the queen to navigate your path in life. The Lion's Gate is a powerful day of activation whose roots go back into Ancient Egypt.  It is the day the  Star Sirius rises on the Horizon closest to Earth, and marked the flooding of the Nile River, end of the harsh Egyptian summer, and thus a rising tide of Abundance in Ancient Egypt.  We will work with the powerful energy of this day to call in global activation of the lost Feminine Principle that underlies the bedrock of Western Civilization and can rebirth- both us and our world- in empowered, sacred (sexy!) abundance.



The Evening of the Lion's Gate-
Thursday 8/8/2019 @ 9pm your time, wherever you are in the world

What will you receive?

A global ceremonial activation with the Goddess Hathor, which will be accessible through the comfort of your own home.  On the Lion's Gate, Kara will be gathering with a group of Temple Priests & Priestesses in San Diego California for an in-person ceremonial invocation & retreat with the Goddess Hathor.  By registering for the virtual transmission, you will receive healing activation and prayer- the power of being remotely connected to this ceremony and to have your own personal activation from the comfort of your home. 

You will receive

  • A healing transmission & activation through guided audio, to be used in meditation on the evening of August 8th (or at another selected time of your choosing)

  • Packet on the Goddess Hathor - her lost histories, mythologies, & character

  • Invocation Guide (A Guide to working with Hathor as a personal divinity & agent of healing & empowerment in your life.)

Hathor is Ideal for healing...

  • Issues of Abundance.          -->  Increasing Financial Wealth & Freedom.
  • Sexual Disempowerment  

What to Bring?

Please bring with you comfortable clothes to wear for the duration of your stay.  Also you will want:

  • A bathing suit (Retreat House has a pool & hot tub)
  • Empowerment Clothing!  Outfits that make you feel sexy & in charge. (Hathor is both a Love Goddess & "Mother of Empires"
  • Yoga or Workout Clothes
  • Hiking shoes (if you wish to go hiking)
  • Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Hat, Camera (optional)
  • Sacred Objects you'd like to be blessed on our altar
  • Any Sacred Massage Oil or Lotions that you Love
  • A yoga mat, pillow & blanket (if you are driving in and can bring these with you)
  • Journal, Notebook, Pen & Paper

Please do not bring any illegal drugs or fire arms!
You will be asked to leave if these are found on you at the retreat



If you need to make personal arrangements, have comments, questions...please reach out!

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