Free Seminar on the Path of the Serpent Priestess

The Serpent Priestesses of the Ancient World were healers, lovers & mentors to Emperors, Kings & the Ruling Elite.  Their wisdom was one of knowing how to guide the hearts of men in leadership positions to sacredly serve the land & its people.

In this time when outrage over "The Wounded Dragon Lord" who dominates the Earth and exploits the Feminine Principle is pouring forth in response to the election of Donald Trump in America and campaigns like Black Lives Matter & The Me Too movement...

The time for The Wisdom of the Serpent Priestess to return is upon us.

The Power of Sophia: Mother of Dragons needs to be reclaimed...

For Healing & the Balance of Power to be restored.

In This Powerful Video Seminar you will learn...

  • All about The Serpent Priestess Archetype

    How to identify if you are a woman who embodies this Archetype.  The gifts & challenges of its Power.  How to re-activate & use the Power of the Serpent Priestess to restore balance in your relationships or (if you are a woman who works with men as a healer, coach or guide) how to use this power effectively in your business.

  • A History of the The Serpent Priestesses of Mesopatamia

    Understanding of the core wounds, karma, and destiny this class carries. All about the Serpent Priestesses' sacred relationship to the Dragon Lords of the ancient world.  How to transcend the deep-seated fear and sense of secrecy that is often woven with this Sacred Class of Service to the Goddess.

  • How to Heal "The Wounded Dragon Complex" in yourself & the world.

    The Wounded Dragon Complex typically consists of love avoidance, sex/substance addiction, and prioritization of fame, money, or worldly power at the expense of or in explotation of the Feminine Principle.  America's current president- Donald Trump - is a perfect example of this Complex, which is rising up now (collectively) for everyone to heal and forms a large foundation of Wounded Power Dynamics in the Western World (ie: exemplified through Colonization & "Dominator Culture")

Note: Both Men & Women are welcome at this seminar.  We will be exploring this topic from the perspective of the Feminine- ie: Serpent Priestess... but men can just as easily be Serpent Priests/Agents of Sophia as women can be "Wounded Dragons."

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