Quantum Abundance Transmission

On June 20th, the Sun reaches its peak fullness in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Summer Solstice-  the longest day of the year, our Brightest Sun, our fullest level of giving is upon us.

In rare fashion, the Moon too will be in her fullness on this Sacred Day, charging us with the capacity to receive fully.

Through this Sacred Alignment- Fullest Sun, Fullest Moon- the Cosmos is activating our fullest levels of abundance, which open when we are able to BOTH give & receive fully.

Healing our Capacity to Give & Receive:

In order to receive fully, we must be able to give the fullest expression of our gifts.

Blocks to giving can look like:

  • Not feeling inspired by our offers
  • Our work feeling "out of alignment" with who we really are
  • Visibility issues & feeling ashamed to share our truth fully
  • Fear of being rejected
  • Not knowing "what we have to give"
  • Feeling worthless or like we are not capable of delivering the value we promise

And in order to give fully, we must be able to receive the fullest expression of our abundance.

Blocks to receiving can look like:

  • Not pricing our work in alignment with its value
  • Overworking, overdelivering, and burning ourselves out
  • Feeling like "there's not enough" time, money, or support
  • Feeling like what we desire is "too much"
  • Not allowing time for rest, recuperation & self care
  • Inability to orgasm, receive pleasure, compliments, or what we truly need to be our fullest selves


When either our capacity to give or receive is blocked, we cannot effectively create in our lives.

Opening the door to quantum abundance entails a deep healing of our our creative power and a restoration of our intuitive knowing for when and how to give and receive.

For women, this power is located in our Cervix.


The Cervix: Opening the Stargate to Quantum Abundance

Our cervix is a portal between worlds- the deep inner life of the Womb & its outward expression as creativity in our lives.

Healing the Cervix:

  • Restores Balance in our ability to Give & Receive
  • Clears deep-seated trauma that has "shut down" power in our lives
  • Allows for the Deepest Levels of Intuitive Wisdom to guide productivity in the world
  • And in Sacred Wealth terms... opens us to Quantum Abundance!

As business owners, healing the Cervix directly relates to Communicating our Message & Our Value to others, as well as being available to receive Energy (clients, money, support, and the self care we need) to function as our fullest expression of service.

In business, it is correlated to Sales Conversations, where we are actually OPENING the portal to receiving abundance AND giving our gifts to someone else.

Healing blocks at the Cervix:

  • Expands our Ability to BOTH Give & Receive
  • Opens Money Channels
  • Allows for the More Effortless Flow of Abundance
  • Connects the Sacred, Inner Life to Our Outward Expression of Giving
  • Helps us Align our Offers, Price Points, & Communication Style with our Authentic Truth


In this Healing Transmission, you will receive an activation and clearing of your Cervix, which will invite the balance of Giving & Receiving as well as Quantum Abundance into your life!

This is the perfect initiation to receive under the Full Moon & Summer Solstice, which reflect our Cosmic Fullness and effortless ability to balance Masculine & Feminine energy in our Fullest Creative Expression!

Important Details

  • This transmission will be offered on the evening of Monday, June 20th... at 9pm wherever you are in the world.

  • You may reschedule your transmission to a day and time that suits you better.  Simply email kim@wakingbeauty.com with the day and time you would prefer.

  • You will receive a guided audio meditation, workbook, and instructions for receiving your transmission on Friday, June 17th (or when you sign up, if registering afterwards)

  • We have a special upgraded package that includes the Sacred Sales homestudy program (at a reduced rate!) please see bottom of the page for details.



(Or Sliding Scale $27-$77 for those in need. Details Below)

Please note: If you cannot afford the $77 for this transmission, it is also offered on sliding scale ($27-$77).  To receive this transmission via Sliding Scale, please submit your payment to kara@wakingbeauty.com.  Please also submit a message via PayPal or email Kim afterwards (kim@wakingbeauty.com) with your email address, so we can send you the details for receiving your transmission. 

Special Upgrade: June, 2016 Only!

Sacred Sales Homestudy
Program + Transmission

Learn How to Sell Your Services with Grace & Ease!

Take your transmission to the deepest level possible and REALLY expand your ability to receive & create Quantum Abundance in your life!

Sacred Sales helps you integrate & apply the Healing Energy of this transmission by teaching you how to:

  • Own your value & your price points
  • Release fears or resistance to selling
  • Sell in a sacred & authentic way (without being "pushy")
  • Establish sacred boundaries (of giving & receiving) from the start of your client relationships
  • Transcend uncomfortable feelings in BOTH yourself & your client during sales.
  • Learn how to deal with objections like "I don't have the money"
  • Generate wealth, increase confidence and creates deeply meaningful connections that enrich you and your clients lives!

Create a Sacred Balance of Giving & Receiving In Your Gifts!

Take the Healing Wisdom of the Cervix
All the Way into Your Purpose-Driven Business

To Create Abundance NOW  & Transform Your Life!

With this special offer you will receive:

  • The Complete Sacred Sales Homestudy Program (5 Modules + audio trainings) (Value: $497)
  • The Giving & Receiving Summer Solstice Healing Transmission (Value: $77)


For $297
(Savings of $277)

Or you can receive:

  • The Complete Sacred Sales Homestudy Program (5 Modules + audio trainings) (Value: $497)
  • The Giving & Receiving Summer Solstice Healing Transmission (Value: $77)
  • Plus a 1hr Transformational Healing & Coaching Session with Kara


For $497
(Savings of $500)

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