5-Week Training + Mastermind 

For Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs, Coaches, & Healers

Hello Beauties!

I invite you into an intimate Mastermind & Group Training Program to journey into the Heart of Sacred Sales & developing Secure Financial Attachment during the latter stages of coronavirus shut down.

If watching the world collapse - with so many brick & morter businesses shut down - has inspired you to GET ON launching your online business or developing an online component to your work, or if you already have an online business, but coronavirus shut down has made you feel less comfortable selling your services- this training is for you!

Working with the medicine of Venus Retrograde, we are going to DIVE DEEP into clearing the toxic money wounds that have made nearly everyone around the globe shut down economically (yes, this was due to a virus, but on a larger scale this is about bringing the shadows of our world power system to Light).  We will then be learning the art of sacred sales, secure financial attachment, and empowered abundance practices, so we can emerge victorious & in propserity just in time for the summer (when hopefully shut down will lift!)

If this sounds juicy, read on below for more info.  I would love to have you join us.

Venus Retrograde 

Venus turns retorgrade May 12, the day our program starts...

Giving us the perfect astrological alignment to explore the deep Soul Work of reprogramming our relationship to money & abundance.

Venus- planet of Love, Beauty, Sexuality, Fertility & of course Money! - will be shedding old contracts connected to the Fallen world order.  As we are currently in a deep time of clearing disorganized financial attachment in the collective (see video above), we will be harnessing this alignment for the purpose of clearing money wounds & attachment trauma...

Freeing the Juicy, Feminine Creative Essence within to magnetically create through Sacred Sales.

How it Works
Program Dates: May 12 - June 14, 2020

Dive into a beautiful Group Container, where you will be held to your highest expression of authentic & empowered leadership, communication, & space holding in service to your own & others abundance.

Sacred Sales is a trauma-informed coaching program, which will illuminate hidden blocks to your earning power, clear distorted leadership templates, & activate the empowered masculine protector/leader/space holder in you...

So that you can serve the flow of money, energy, & connection (feminine energy) in your business.

Sacred Sales combines Tantric, Shamanic, Psychotherapeutic & Business Coaching Practices to create truly unique transformations in consciousness around sales and selling that are specifically geared for those who have healing arts, coaching, or conscious businesses bringing evolutionary value to the world.

Each week you will receive Video's, Meditations & a PDF Module devoted to that weeks content, followed by a Group Mastermind call on Sundays to support you personally in a small group coaching format with implementation.

The content is life-changing and may be used as an ongoing support structure to help you expand your business.

Create the Space to Receive

Open the Doors of Abundance!

Weekly Modules
(Specific Details on for Each Module Subject to Change as Guided!)

Week 1: May 12-18

Healing Trauma & Attachment Wounds
Cultivating Financial Security From Within

  • Financial Security as Attachment & the Changing Nature of Creation
  • Understanding the Masculine's Mother Wound 
  • The Mother Wound & Financial-Political Corruption
  • "In God We Trust" - Healing Disorganized Financial Attachment
  • Stage 1: Removing False Gods, Abuse, Trauma & the Shadow Masculine from our Ideas of God, Money, & Power
  • Stage 2: Reclaiming Security & Protection.  Cultivating Trust. 
  • Predator to Protector. The Sacred Father & Establishing Security Within.

Includes Predator to Protector Healing Transmission
Video Training + PDF Module

Week 2: May 19-25

The Feminine Energetics
of Wealth Consciousness

  • Money as Shakti. An Energy of Love, Nourishment, Manifestation & Creation.
  • Working with Money as Frequency.
  • Attuning to Wealth, Price Points & Manifestation Plans through your Body
  • Cultivating Inspired Wealth Consciousness
  • Sensuality, Desire & Pleasure in Manifestating 
  • Raising your Frequency & Staying in Full Feminine Manifesting Power During Launches, Sales Calls & Other Money-Making Activities in Your Business

Includes Wealth Affirmations MP3
Video Training + PDF Module

Week 3: May 26 - June 1

Creating Sacred Containers
& Working Agreements

  • Karma, Energy Management & Creative Exchange in Business Relationships
  • What is Sacred Relationship?  How to Cultivate it in Business
  • Calling in Clients through Divine Alignment
  • Creating Containers & Establishing Sacred Contracts
  • Why Destiny-Driven Contracts Resonate at Higher Price Points
  • Legal Agreements & those Unseen
  • Extending Invitations.  Screening.  And attracting Clients to work with you.
  • Why the Foundation of your Success in Manifesting begins here.

Includes Healing Attachment Fears Ideal Client Manifestation MP3
Video Training + PDF Module

Week 4: June 2 - June 8

Hosting Sacred Sales

  • Preparation Guide to Hosting a Sacred Sales Conversation 
  • Aligning Your Energy on Energetical, Emotional & Temporal Planes
  • Stepping into the Sacred Masculine: Being the Leader
  • Sales as a Stargate: Guarding the Portalway Between Worlds
  • Structuring & Holding this Conversation as a Gatekeeper of Sacred Space
  • Sacred Communication Guidelines & The Power of Consent
  • Accessing Intuitive Guidance in the Sales Process
  • Leading from Truth, Honesty & Integrity. 
  • Listening from Compassion, Intuition & Attunement

Includes a Sample Script for Sacred Sales Discovery Sessions
Video Training + PDF Module

Week 5: June 9 - June 15

Resistance & Objections

  • Penetratration- Why it is the Secret to Quantum Leaps & Abundance
  • Working with the Shadow in Sales - Your Own & Others
  • The Sword of Truth - Wielding it in Non-Violence.  Slaying Illusions
  • Talking about Money.  Confronting Financial Attachment Trauma in Others
  • Specific Guidance Through the 5 Most Common Sales Miasma's
  • Supporting others in Secure Financial Attachment & Sacred Contracts

Video Training + PDF Module


Program Dates: May 12 - June 14, 2020

Training Modules will be Emailed out on Tuesdays

Live Group Mastermind Calls with Kara
on Sundays @ 1:30pm EDT

Private Facebook Group for Connection Between Calls 

This course will be taught live by Kara,
through deeply present transmissions aligned specifically
with the global upgrades in collective consciousness
taking place on the planet now, due to coronavirus.

All content is being updated to reflect present alignment

Making this truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Normal Investment:


Discount For Coronavirus Shut Down

$497 or 2 payments of $277

Pay in Full

Two Payments

With Private Coaching (3 Spots)


Includes either 1 Soul Money Medicine Reading + 1hr coaching session

Or 3 90-Minute coaching sessions

Discounted for Coronavirus Shut Down


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