The Risen Lord Transmission:

Heal the Magdalene/Isis Complex of
Tragic Separation from the Beloved

Realize Union with the Divine Masculine & Your Ability to Call Forth 
The Divine Masculine Principle In Yourself & In the World Now

Plus, Special Easter 2019
Live Teleconference with Akara

Please see details at the bottom of the page!

What is the Magdalene/Isis Complex?

The Magdalene/Isis Complex is a deep, subconscious identification with the Magdalene/Isis spiritual lineage in which the Sacred Masculine Partner of the Goddess...

(In this case Yeshua/Osiris) 

Is tragically killed by a Shadow Masculine Force.

The Divine Feminine embodiment is thus left abandoned. (On her own.)

She must either...

a.) Accept her lot and learn how to suffer the pain of separation with equanimity 


b.) Master the alchemy of raising her Divine Masculine Counterpart "from the dead"

Women who are deeply connected to Mary Magdalene, the Goddess Isis, or any of the Sacred Sexual Priestess Lineages...
Will often manifest initiations into this state of "Tragic Separation from the Beloved."

This can look like:

  • Tragic (actual) separations from romantic partners
  • Deep inability to have love (in this life) 
  • Terrible financial schisms that separate you from your purpose
  • Constantly attracting men that you need "to fix" or "heal"
  • Perpetual care-taking & co-dependency on "weak" or "fallen" Masculine Energy
  • And sometimes even manifesting the death of a partner
    (I have seen this multiple times in my practice)


...Because the Magdalene/Isis Complex is so strong in them.

If left unchecked, this unsconscious state of "Tragic Separation from the Beloved" can become a habitual pattern.

Especially in our current age, when we are all awakening from the trauma of Patriarchy, I have found it especially important to clear these impressions!

As a woman with the heart & soul of a priestess of this lineage, it's important you have the spiritual training and understanding for what this (often excrutiatingly painful) initiation is about.

  • So you may come to understand the deeper Womb Wisdom & power of the Goddess within you...

  • So you may come to discover the alchemy of resurrecting the Divine Masculine
    (within & without.)

  • So that you don't drive yourself crazy in constant caretaking energy!

  • So that you can manifest the money, protection & support you truly dserve...

  • And through your Sacred Heart, rebirth the Sacred Masculine in the world.

That is what this transmission is about.

Who is this Transmission For?

 If you are a woman who experiences... 

  • A repeated pattern of absence/abandonment by Masculine Energy 
    (father, brother, partner, world, money, etc.) 

  • Has learned how to "tough it out" and go it "on your own" 
    (emotionally, financially, or spiritually over many years)

  • Feels an almost hopeless (and weary) sense that you cannot have the Love, Success or Spiritual Union you truly desire 

  • Often finds yourself care-taking or healing a weakened or fallen masculine energy in your life 

  • Feels like this all of this is "some kind of curse"
    (it runs DEEP in you and is coming from your subconscious mind/Soul) 

  • And you feel especially connected to the Magdalene Lineage or the Goddess Isis

It 's highly likely that you have a Magdalene/Isis Complex.

The Healing Transmission

The Magdalene/Isis Complex is in fact a Gift!

It is a sacred Trial that INITIATES the Feminine Principle into the Full Power of Her Feminine Essence...

But we need to know specifically how to transform this pain into purpose

In the Risen Lord Healing Transmission, you will:

  • Remember the Rites of Passage that Initiate the Sacred Feminine into Her Full Womb Power (to Resurrect the Divine Masculine within & without) through this Pain of Tragic Separation
  • Clear Old Contracts of Emptiness/"Caretaking at the Tomb" of a Weak/Fallen Masculine Energy
  • Step Fully into Your Sovereign Divine Feminine Power & Bliss
  • Update Your Akashic Record to learn through Union with the "Risen Lord"
  • Receive the Energy of Full Love & Sacred Union with the Ascended Masculine Principle (and why this is so important to your relationship with men, money and the world in this life)
  • Infuse your cells with the energy of Divine Union, allowing you to manifest a renewed, relationship with men, money & the Masculine Principle from this day forward


All healing transmissions are received via a guided meditation audio.  Once you have received the transmission for the first time, you can use this audio again and again in the future to continue to cleanse and upgrade your contract with the Sacred Masculine.

In Honor of Easter 2019...

This Transmission will be offered live
with a Special LIVE Training:

Monday, April 22 @ 6pm EDT via Online Seminar

(Recordings Made Available if you Can't attend Live)

This call is especially for women who...

  • Attract men (or are attracted to men) who need deep healing
  • Suffer from Co-dependency
  • Work professionally with men- (as coaches, healers, Tantrika's) in a healing context

Learning how to protect, empower, & offer your Feminine Essence in supportive allyship to men...

(Especially if you are a Magdalene/Sacred Prostitute at Soul Level)

Is such an important role for women & the Divine Feminine at this time.

But fulfilling this role can be "tricky" when...

  • We ourselves have our own deep healing to do...
  • Or are carrying centuries of trauma & unmet needs from men & "the man" (money power system) in general
  • Still feel a deep "well" of "Tragic Separation from the Beloved" within ourselves...
  • And thus find ourselves perpetually "stuck" in patterns of Co-Dependency with a "Sick, Troubled, or Fallen" Masculine Principle... which exhaust & drain our Lifeforce


This training call offers essential guidance to women that will help you in both your personal relationships and professional life.

You will...

  • Learn intimately how to heal "The Magdalene/Isis Complex" of "Tragic Separation from the Beloved"

  • Understand how to empower yourself with True Source (Womb Power/Shakti) and protect yourself from unconscious "draining" from the "Fallen Masculine" Principle

  • Understand the difference between Isis & Mary Magdalene's methods of "raising the Beloved" and how this relates to Healing Co-dependency in the time we are living in now.

  • Learn how to empower yourself with men.  Assist them in a (natural) rise into "Kinghood" and healing, while also meeting your needs... by being fully in Your Feminine Power

  • Learn how to ask for (and receive) what you want from men.

  • Learn how to best support men who are sick, suffering, or not in their Kinghood, without being in disservice to yourself.  This we will cover on both a personal relational level and also in terms of professional practice. 


A *must-have training call* that will take you out of all forms of co-dependency with the fallen masculine principle and deeply into the Sovereign Paradigm of Sacred Union!



Sliding Scale

(For Those in Financial Need)

For Those who Already Received the Risen Lord Transmission...

Note: If you have purchased the Risen Lord Transmission before but would like to attend
the Helping Men Heal Teleconference only, you may do so for $43
Please email and she will send you the details.

This is ONLY available to those who have already received the Risen Lord Healing Transmission in years passed. We are not offering the Helping Men Heal Seminar on its own, because it is integrally tied into mysticism of Healing the Magdalene Isis Complex


  • I can't attend the Seminar Live.  Will it be recorded?

 Yes, the Group Training will be recorded and sent out via email after it takes place live.

  • Can I just attend the Helping Men Heal Teleconference Only?

 No, this teleconference call is a companion to the Risen Lord Transmission & is not offered separately.

  • What do I need to access the seminar? 

As long as you have a device with an intenert connection, you can access both the seminar & healing transmission.  The Healing Transmission is offered via Audio MP3 guided meditation and comes with a companion PDF attachment.

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