Readings & Private Coaching

Hello Magdalenes!

Sometimes in our transformational journey, we recognize the need in ourselves to go deeper. Often we need private one-on-one direction & support to really transcend our blockages & reach out full potential. 

This is where personal readings & private coaching can be invaluable.

On this page, you will find options to extend your journey through the Magdalene Wounds with private coaching from either Kara and Lotus.

If you are interested in exploring if a reading or private coaching package would be right for you, you can email to book a discovery session.

Much Love!

Kara, Lotus & the Waking Beauty Team

Work With Kara

Personal Readings

Personal Readings clear the subconscious mind & reveal vital information related to your Soul Contracts, Path, & Purpose in this lifetime.  Especially when you have a specific
challenging issue in your life, a reading can reveal vital information to "loosen the grip" of a repeating habit, pattern or trauma/traumatic relationship, encourage deep forgiveness, release and expansion, and open you to your Highest Path & Divine Destiny. 

Specials: Only for Magdalene Wounds Participants!

Receive $97 Off the Essential Soul, Magdalene, or Twin Flame Readings.

$300 Off the Soul Money Medicine Reading
(Includes Business Strategy Session)

Use Discount Code "Magdalene2016" in the Shopping Cart at Check Out

Essential Soul Reading

A basic reading of your Soul Path & Purpose with a clearing of the major past life energies, contracts & vows informing your current question or challenge. 
Focused on 1 area of your choice.

($400 with discount)

Magdalene Wounds Reading

A more in-depth look at your past lives connected to the 12 Paths of the Priestess.  Includes clearing of blocked sexual/creative energy & past life trauma related to being persecuted for your gifts. 

($600 with discount)

Twin Flame Reading

Includes research into your Flame Family, Soul Family, and all Soul-level contracts & agreements related to romantic love.  Ideal for those already in or seeking to manifest Sacred Relationship in their lives.

($600 with discount)

Soul Money Medicine Reading

For women with businesses.  Includes research of your entire business model & clearing of all energetic blocks & restrictions deriving from Soul Level.  Followed by a 90 minute strategic business intensive.

($997 with discount)

40 Day Magdalene Wounds
Spiritual Response Therapy
& Tantric Life Coaching Package

40 Days  is a sacred container in numerous spiritual traditions...

That allows us to make a deep shift in our lives.  This Priestess Package includes ritual, ceremony, spiritual practice, Tantric Life Coaching, & Spiritual Response Therapy, to completely change the trajectory of your life and bring you into alignment with your Soul's Deepest desire for personal evolution and growth.

In the East it is believed that there are 4 Tantric Aims of Life

Dharma (Your Spiritually Directed Life Purpose)

Artha (Means- Money/Health/Training/Empowerment- to fulfill Life Purpose)

Kama (Pleasure, Relationships, Art, Culture, Sexuality, Nature & Desire- IE: Enjoyment in Life)

Moksha (Spiritual Liberation/Ultimate Truth/Self Realization)


In order to live fully as both Hu (Divine Consciousness) and "man" (animate consciousness) we must express and master fully EACH of these 4 Tantirc Aims of life.  Typically, the Soul's Journey goes in the order listed above. We must first find our Dharma.  Then master Artha.  Then expand through Kama.  And finally, gain the "pearl" of Self Realization through Moksha, or ultimate Liberation/Self Realization, having fully mastered our life path.

However, at different times and in different seasons, any one of the 4 Tantric Aims can be MORE prevalent and necessary for us to work on than another. 

When you are actively working on the Tantric Aim that your Soul most needs in order to develop fully - you will feel alignment, harmony, gratitude, & a sense of clarity & purpose driving your life.

When that Tantric Aim is being ignored, it results in dysfunction, pain, & suffering, until we "wake up" and master our lessons.


Your 40 days of Sacred Transformation begins with identifying which Tantric Aim your Soul most deeply desires to master at this point in your life.  Using specific guided questions & ritual, you will be guided to identifying & set a sacred intention in this area of your life.  We use this as the fulcrum point for the transformational work we are about to embark on.

Over 40 days, you will receive a complete clearing of all relationships, attachments, vows, & contracts related to your specific intention, through 6 Spiritual Response Therapy Sessions.  Kara will also guide you to specific spiritual and coaching practices, that will re-pattern your life over these 40 days.  Depending on the Tantric Aim selected, you may also receive additional materials, coaching and homestudy exercises to elevate that area of your life.

At the end of the process, you will have completed a "karmic cycle," releasing your deepest blocks to your Soul's Deepest Desire, bringing about rebirth and manifestation of your highest purpose & destiny.  The option to continue with a full 30 day coaching program is available if needed.

Investment in 40 Day Program

$2,497 (Paid in Full) 

3 Monthly Payments of $997

Work With Lotus Gabriel

Lotus Gabriel is a Sensual Zen Priestess, Transformational Coach, Spiritual Healer, Mystic,Intuitive Oracle, and Educator, specializing in Sacred Feminine Arts, Mindfulness, Energy Awareness, Sensuality, and Healing from Abuse. A Rebirthing Midwife who is qualified to help women through their seeming darkness, Lotus offers her clients a metaphysical lens to their life situations.

She believes in practical magick, erotic innocence, the power of vulnerability, and one’s authentic voice to awaken the full power & potential of women, and she is also our Magdalene Wounds Apprentice Priestess! She is a Certified Energy Healer, and Yoga Teacher, and is currently pursuing her Certification and Training as Sex Educator and Practitioner of Women’s Holistic Sexuality.

She is now available for private 1:1 sessions for women who wish to go deeper into the Magdalene Wounds teachings. Lotus holds immaculate Sacred Space for Awakening Women integrating Mind-Body-Womb Wisdom.

Mission and Intention:

  • To help you build a thriving, empowered, and meaningful life of wholeness.
  • To educate, inspire, and assist.
  • To help women be more self-empowered as whole beings who’ve integrated ALL aspects of themselves,  physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually.
  • So women may source internally, through instinctual, and embodied nature.
  • So women can live in their sovereignty, and claim their Queendom.
  • So women FEEL Wild, Sacred, Free, Expressed, and Celebrated.
  • So women realize that we each have choices, and capabilities to be a Change Agent.

Choose Your Package
Magdalene Mother Package
Four 90 minute Virtual Coaching Sessions within a 40 Day period.
$997 Paid in Full.
Bonus: First five clients will receive a New Menstrual Cup sent to them.
(Please indicate the cup size you'd like, or if you are no longer bleeding you'll receive a different amazing gift for your natural body-care artisanally crafted by Lotus Gabriel.) Gift valued up to $45.
Black Out dates: March 15 - 21, April 1 - 3, June 1 - 7, 2016.

Magdalene Enchantress Package
Eight 90 minute Virtual Coaching Sessions within an 80 Day period.
$1997 Paid in Full.
Bonus: First five clients will receive a New Menstrual Cup (or other sweet treat if you're no longer bleeding), and a Handmade One-of-a-kind Reiki Blessed Gemstone Bracelet custom created by Lotus Gabriel.

Exact type of crystal gemstone will vary per Goddess. Gifts valued up to $130.  

Black Out dates: March 15 - 21, April 1 - 3, June 1 - 7, 2016. 

Your conscious investment in receiving private support with our Sensual Zen Priestess Lotus goes towards helping to fund her tuition costs for Certification and Training as a Sex Educator and Practitioner of Women's Holistic Sexuality. Thank you.

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