Sacred Sexual Healing & Financial Empowerment
for Awakening Women

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An Activation & Sacred Healing Journey for Women to Awaken the Heart of the Feminine

Heal the 3 Core Wounds to Your Feminine Essence.
Ignite a Sacred
Relationship with Men, Money & the
Divine Masculine
to Live Your Spiritual Purpose


The Magdalene Wounds are the 3 Core Wounds of the Divine Feminine.
They were carried by Mary Magdalene in her role as the Feminine Christ. They are:

"The Whore"

The First Wound relates to sexuality, the
desire nature, & life in the body.  Women in patriarchal societies are told their worth, dignity, & desirability lie in unexpressed sexual potential (the Virgin) and are often shamed as "whores" for being sexually expressed. This limits a woman's POWER, often keeping her unconsciously repressed & unable to claim her true desires in life, love & business.

"The Bitch"

The Second Wound relates to the heart, & relationships. Women in patriarchal societies are taught their identity comes from fulfilling the needs of others.  This results in a co-dependent identity structure for women, where women who request or stand up for their needs are often labeled "Bitches," and those who don't must often resort to passive agressive manipulation patterns ("bitching") to get what they want in relationship to others.

"The Witch"

The Third Wound relates to intuiton & being seen in our uniqueness.  Patriarchal societies institute homogeny as a perogative for group survival. Difference is seen as threatening & must be cast out. Women who own their intuition & their uniqueness feel the threat of being labeled weird, different, "witches"... thus being cast out.  This keeps women's wisdom bound to inauthentic forms of self expression.

Listen to the Magdalene Wounds Free Call Series:

The Magdalene Wounds are universal sacred wounds
that bind the essence of Feminine Power

They Result In... Burn Out, Co-Dependency, Over-working, & Fear of being Visible in our Gifts, amongst other, more serious societal problems like...

  • Sexual Abuse, Shame, Body Hatred, & Sexual Dysfunction
  • Addictions, Body Dysmorphia, Eating Disorders, & Financial Drama
  • Abusive Relationships, Self Denial, War, the War on Nature, & Self Harm
  • Stigmas, Racism, Prejudice, Isolation, Mental Illness, "Black Sheep Syndrome"


Healing the Magdalene Wounds brings us back into alignment with our Sacred Feminine Essence and paves the way for Sacred Relationship to manifest at every level of our lives. Release shame, condemnation & fear of judgement to step fully into your power as a woman wisdom keeper & leader of the New Age! Open your heart to Ecstasy, Love & Divine Union!

A few words from Kara...

Welcome Beauty,

I'm so glad you're here, and I'd like to invite you into this Sacred Journey to fully reclaim your Feminine Power.

The Magdalene Wounds are 3 core wounds the Western World has projected onto the Face of Feminine Divinity for ages & ages of time.

We see these wounds repeated in descriptions of powerful women throughout Judeo-Christian cosmology...

From Eve, to Jezzebel, to Mary Magdalene...

They are false impressions & are not the true essence of the Feminine or of who these beings were... but until "the lens of perception" is cleared, the Magdalene Wounds affect us all on a deep subconscious level.

As a woman with holy desires & spiritual gifts, coming into your purpose as a Mid-Wife of the New Paradigm...

 It is essential to face and clear the Magdalene Wounds to:

  • Become Visible in Your Light, Power, & True Sacred Feminine Essence on the World Stage (in business, career & leadership)

  • Fully express Sacred Love, Intimacy & Divine Partnership (through all your relationships)

  • Bring Balance & Harmony to Your Inner Masculine & Feminine Essence (in your work-life balance, relationship to money, the world & the Divine Masculine)

  • Fully embrace your own Self Realization (as a woman becoming God)

For thousands of years, humanity has been damning, scourging, using & abusing its Mother Nature.

This has resulted in an overly masculinized world, that is riddled with addiction, disease, pollution, violence & toxicity. 


As women, whether we have been overtly touched by the trauma of Patriarchy or not, we feel it on a deep subconscious level.  We know we are living inside a dominant culture that is dangerous & abusive towards the Feminine.

Women compensate for this trauma in different ways.

If you are a healer, priestess, or a woman deeply connected to the Goddess & Feminine Arts...

  • You may find yourself facing crippling fears as you seek to be visible in your gifts
  • You may be deeply resistant to schedules, practical planning, & your "Masculine" energy
  • You may suffer from severe poverty consciousness, financial struggles, & your relationship to money
  • You may find yourself rescuing & over-giving to victim-like clients that drain your power
  • You may find yourself always fearing abandonment, abuse, or denial from men in relationship
  • You may find yourself afraid of claiming your true power & being labeled a "bitch," "witch" or a "whore"

If you are a "Type-A" woman who favors your masculine energy, you may find yourself...

  • Over-working, leaving little time for pleasure, passion, spiritual connection & burning out
  • Being visible, but "missing" key pieces of yourself.  Feeling unfulfilled in your brand & business identity.
  • Deeply resistant to "Feminine" roles, vulnerability, resisting motherhood or denying yourself true intimacy
  • Attracting men you have to support, dominate or control.  Not able to receive the love you most desire.
  • Claiming your power, but living with the subconscious sense you are a "bitch," "witch" or a "whore"

Then there are the women who have overtly experienced the Magdalene Wounds...

If sexual abuse, eating disorders, body hatred, shame, co-dependency, addictions, or any form of an "out cast" label is part of your story, the Magdalene Wounds Course will be deeply healing for you.

This course clears deep shadows associated with the pain body of the Feminine & restores Sacred Union between the Masculine & Feminine Essence within you.

The result is a radical awakening into the Path of Ecstasy, Love & Divine Union...

A state of harmony, ease, and deep integration that revitalizes your experience of Power, Identity, & Purpose as a Sacred Woman & paves the way for healing with the Divine Masculine- as men, money, & your life purpose.


"I recognized the holiness of following my passion
& discovering my inner power, and not feeling ashamed
to seek a path of prosperity to spread my teachings
& live a sacred, wealthy life."

I absolutely loved Kara's Magdalene Wounds program!

I ended up also signing up for 1-1 coaching with her, and discovered many of my blocks and stories that were keeping me from being in my full Priestess Power.

As a love and relationship coach, I found her teachings to be an essential addition to my toolkit.  Also, I have discovered a new spiritual path for myself through understanding the relationship between Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

In addition, I recognized the holiness of following my passion and discovering my inner power, and not feeling ashamed to seek a path of prosperity or notoriety, to spread my teachings and live a sacred and wealthy life.

I highly recommend this program for all women who relate to being modern-day healers and priestesses!

Sarika Jain

Love & Relationship Coach

"The Magdalene Wounds Program has been one of the most profound transformative healing journeys I ever experienced.

I've been on the healing path for at least a decade (healing what I have come to know as Childhood Emotional Neglect) ...

The Magdalene Wounds Program has been one of the most profound transformative healing journeys I have ever experienced.

The depth of the resonance of the teachings combined with Kara's astute guidance and compassionate heart provided me with a safe place to reclaim more bliss and oneness in my system.

I know what shifted will reverberate for years to come in my life and business.

Michelle Casto

Rock Your Destiny Coach

"The Magdalene Wounds changed my life!
By the end of the course, my relationships with my loved ones were reconnected with my true nature.  
The sense of being an outcast healed."

The Magdalene Wounds changed my life!

I healed deep parts of myself that I had been struggling with for years- mostly all my relationships, which were such a challenge for me.

By the end of the course, my relationships with my loved ones were reconnected with my true nature. The sense of being an outcast that I had experienced with those individuals healed.

My relationship with myself is remarkable. I feel sensual, truly beautiful, a like a goddess AND this wonderful integration of my light and human experience has resulted... Something I wanted very much.

For me, the biggest gift was this... being able to integrate, in a balanced and harmonious way, the ability to live in my light, but embrace fully my human life experience.

Thank you so much, Kara, for this gift!!


Angelina Lozano-Perez

Intuitive Angel Healer

Course Content & Structure

The Magdalene Wounds is a 3 Month Transformational Healing & Personal Empowerment Course for women that includes...

  • Light Transmission

    Powerful Energy Healing Sessions for each of the 3 Magdalene Wounds, which clear your Akasha of negative impressions and activate the Healing Codes for each wound in your subconscious mind.  These transmissions initiate a direct healing process that deepens over time.  Once received, you may work with theses transmissions again and again to continually clear your subconscious mind & deepen the freedom, love, & wholeness in your psyche.

  • Sacred Teachings from the Lost Spiritual Lineage of the Magdalenes

    The Magdalenes were a secret group of European Priestesses who were iniated into the Feminine Art of God Realization by Mary Magdalene, herself.  The teachings of the Magdalenes derive from the Isis Mystery School in Egypt, but were brought to fruition through the Mystical Love of Yeshua & Mary Magdalene. These teachings are designed to connect the womb, heart & intuition within a woman, supporting her Ascension into Feminine Power & Higher States of Consciousness. The Magdalene Lineage is a spiritual order specifically devoted to female enlightenment.  Furthermore, the Magdalenes were historically wealthy & powerful women who worked consciously with matter- material/Mother Nature- to steward Consciousness in the Creation.  These teachings are, therefore, essential for all awakening women who desire to serve their Divine purpose in wealth & abundance, while experiencing the deeper mysteries of healing, magic, manifestation, Divine Love & spiritual enlightenment.

  • 6 Group Coaching Calls with Kara

    Receive personal & group coaching support through 6 live training & coaching calls with Kara, which address how to integrate the healing wisdom of the Magdalene Wounds Course into your every-day life.  These calls are a powerful time to receive personal guidance, coaching, & shifts in consciousness to radically change your life, love story, & financial life, aligning with the highest wisdom within your soul.

  • Sacred Circle & Reconnection through the Tribe of Women  

    An essential aspect of the Madgalene Wounds healing is connection through the tribe of women.  Access a private Facebook Group, where you can share in sacred circle with your sisters between transmissions & training calls, being witnessed, loved, held, & supported to your full expression.  The tone that Kara sets for this group is incredibly honest, open & healing.  It's also a place to receive coaching guidance from Kara between calls- to network, share resources, & build a tribe of support for your Sacred Feminine Self!


The Magdalene Wounds Course is designed for awakening women who can work with energy-driven & intuitive processes and combines: Shamanic, Tantric, Yogic, & Personal Development Practices.

This course provides Spiritual Activation, healing wisdom, & transformational life coaching guidance in the areas of wealth, women's wisdom, & sacred love (relationships) and is ideal for women who are on a spiritual path & see themselves as servants of the Sacred.

Join a transformational tribe of sisters from around the globe, as we collectively heal the 3 Core Wounds of the Divine Feminine, awakening Ecstasy, Love, & Divine Union to live our spiritual purpose!

The Lineage of Isis through

the Rose Line of the Holy Sophia

Welcomes You, Sister...

Welcome Home!

Why Wounds? Why not just start with the Light?  Why not just call this the Mysteries, the Alchemies, the Lost Wisdom & Magic of the Divine Feminine?

Because the Wounds are real...

Because if they are not seen, heard, felt, released, they cast a shadow over all our efforts...

Because it is through the Wounds we find humility, surrender, forgiveness, acceptance...

Because the Wounds, when healed, give us back our True Power, our True Self...

Because the last thing the world needs is Wounded Women strugging to fill "a man's shoes"...

Because this is bigger than you.  When you heal, the world heals.

Because there is truly nothing more "to do" to become what you really are...

It's just a matter of clearing what you're not.


Are you ready to beging your journey into profound
awakening, healing, & sacred empowerment?

The Healing of 1st Wound-
Tantric Mysticism & Sacred Sexuality (Month 1)

Week 1

An Introduction to Woundology 

  • Cleanse, activate, & awaken your womb, sexuality, & desire nature
  • Understand Woundology & the Process of Wound Mapping
  • Discover Your Personal Wounds & How they Are Limiting Your Divine Expression in Love, Life, Relationships, & the Expression of Your Life Purpose
  • Learn How to Excavate Wounds without Identifying with them
  • Offer Your Wounds up for Divine Healing
  • Learn How to Transmute Core Wounds into Personal Empowerment, Power, & Your Divine Purpose

The First Transmission: The Healing Code of Ecstasy

Week 2

Tantric Mysticism

  • Uncover the Lost Tantric Arts of the Isis Mystery School
  • Connect deeply with your sexuality as an Ecstatic Life Force & the Source of Your Personal Power
  • Free the Expression of Your Deepest Desires, without Insecurity, Fear or Personal Attachment
  • Connect to your body in a safe, loving, & sacred way that honors its wisdom & intelligence
  • Heal deep wounds of body hatred, shame, sexual dysfunction, & the repression of desire
  • Free yourself from the "Virgin/Whore" paradigm of Feminine Power in Patriarchal Societies
  • Reclaim your True Heart's Desires & the Ecstatic Nature of Life in the Body!
  • Learn the 3 paths of the Magdalenes for Channeling Sacred Life Force Energy
  • Understand Tantra as a Feminine Path to God Realization
  • Clear shame.  Clear shame.  Clear shame!  So it never limits your power as a woman again!

Group Call 1: Tantric Mysticism & Sacred Sexuality

Week 3

Womb Wisdom + Sacred Sexuality

  • Beyond Sex: Understand Women's Sexuality as a Connection to Earth & a Portal to the Infinite
  • Connect to the Creative Powers of Your Inner Womb Space to birth Your Full Potential
  • Work with Your Natural Cycles in Love, Life & Business to Manifest Harmony, Alignment, & Deep Fulfillment
  • Honor Every Aspect of Your Sexuality as Sacred.  Learn how to Use this Power to Uplift Others, without Draining Yourself
  • Understand how the Womb expresses itself through money & business
  • Harness Sacred Sexuality as a Force for Personal Growth, Empowerment & Enlightenment

Group Call 2: Womb Wisdom & Guided Tantric Meditation

The Healing of 2nd Wound-
Divine Love & Bhakti Yoga (Month 2)

Week 4

The Supreme Being: Awakening the True Nature of the Self

  • Heal Your Relationship with Self, Earth & Others by Awakening the True Nature of the Divine Self
  • Understand the Divine Self as the True Source of Fulfillment in Life
  • Understand how karmic wounds create the 2 Shadow Archetypes of the 2nd Magdalene Wound- the Victim & the Bitch!
  • Free Yourself from Ancestral Trauma, Parental Programming, & Abuse in Relationship 
  • Learn how to work with compassion & love as a healing balm for your personal identity in love, life & business without co-dependency & attachment
  • Re-orient your consciousness of who you are in the Light of Your True Self

The Second Transmission: The Healing Code of the Christ Consciousness

Week 5

Divine Love: Activating Forgiveness to Birth the New Paradigm

  • Embrace Divine Love within Fear, Victimhood, & Oppression
  • Embrace Divine Love within Unconscious Egotism & (perceived) Need for Self Preservation & Protection
  • Understand reflections of Love's Opposite in your finances, family, & personal life
  • Learn how to transmute impressions of Love's opposite to birth the New Paradigm
  • Understand your "enemies" as your greatest allies
  • Work with forgiveness as a path to clearing all discord to birth the New Paradigm

Group Call 3: Personal & Planetary Forgiveness

Week 6

Sacred Relationships: Twin Flames, Spiritual Lineages & the Soul Family

  • Be Introduced to the Flame Family & Understand how Sacred Relationship operates in the New Paradigm
  • Learn why you have not 1, but 12 Twin Flames!
  • Understand Soulmates, Spiritual Lineages, & the Soul Family as a network of Consciousness
  • Learn how this network operates in birthing business, socio-economic exchange, & your Soul Purpose
  • Learn how this network operates in birthing New Paradigm communities & the family structure
  • Learn how the Masculine & Feminine Essence relate in and Through New Paradigm Romatic Relationships 
  • Work with the Consciousness of Sacred Relationship in a romantic, familial & business sense
  • Understand the technology of relationship as a Spiritual Principle through the Lost Gnostic Teachings of the Magdalenes

Group Call 4: Sacred Relationships

The Healing of 3rd Wound-
Transcendence & Unity Consciousness (Month 3)

Week 7

Visibility: Passing Through the Crucifixion

  • Clear deep-seated visibility issues to own your personal power in love, life & business
  • Understand the alchemy of "Crucifixion" as a spiritually cleansing & liberating force
  • Learn how to use false projections of fear "from the tribe" to liberate yourself & manifest MORE wealth, depth, power & purpose in your life
  • Release dark impressions of past life trauma from witch burnings, persecution, or any other form of out-casting for being who you are & serving with your spiritual gifts

The 3rd Healing Transmission: Crucifixion & the Healing Code of Unity 

Week 8

Personal Uniqueness: A Portal to Unity Consciousness

  • Understand why Equality alone is not enough to heal the stigmatized & marginalized states of human consciousness
  • Understand why- even though women have gained much in terms of "Equal Rights"- they are unhappier than ever
  • Awaken Unity Consciousness as a TRUE Healing Code for the 3rd Magdalene Wound
  • Understand how Personal Uniqueness is the ONLY portal to Unity in the World
  • Learn how to honor your unique essence, karma, character, wounds, & personality as a Sacred Presence & Source of Your Purpose
  • Learn how to channel your uniqueness into business, love, life & relationships for complete freedom from competitive & survival-based defense mechanisms so you can live your purpose

Group Call 5: Embodying Your Personal Uniqueness

Week 9

Transcendence: Be Empowered in the World, but Not of It

  • Bring in the Divine Masculine Force for Sacred Union at all levels of your life
  • Be empowered to work with men, money & the Divine Masculine, in alignment with your newly awakened Feminine Essence
  • Learn how to work with "matter"- Mother Nature- through sex, money, & magic to manifest your purpose
  • Transcend any fears, doubts or insecurities of manifesting your Light
  • Learn how to practice complete mutuality, awakeness & personal detachment in everything you do, so you can "be empowered in the world, but not of it"
  • Manifest the Transcedent Wisdom of the Magdalenes at every level of your life

Group Call 6: Sacred Ceremony & Activation of the Divine Masculine as Men, Money & Your Transcendent Life Purpose


"The experience helped shift ancient societal stigmas that women of this world have been burdened with."

Kara is a woman of great depth, wisdom, and her connection to the divine feminine and the Magdalene is profound.

I was able to experience first hand the work and healing of the Magdalene Wounds.

I can say that the experience helped shift ancient societal stigmas that women of this world have been burdened with.

It’s time for woman across the world to come together in sacred sisterhood and heal.

I recommend this journey into the Magdalene Wounds for that purpose!


Radhaa Nilia

Actor, Director, Intuitive Healer


Available to All Registrants!

Receive the First 2 Modules of Sacred Wealth-
Manifesting with Divine Source (For FREE)

Heal Your Money Story & Learn the Secrets
of Tantric Manifestation with "Money as Beloved!"



Sacred Wealth is a powerful journey to Heal the Money Wounds of Patriarchy & Awaken a renewed, Divine Relationship with Money as Beloved & an expression of your Sacred Creative Source...

Available to all sign-up's to the Magdalene Wounds program, you will receive the first 2 Modules of Waking Beauty's Sacred Wealth Homestudy Program completely FREE.

These Modules Include...

  • Heal Your Money Shadow Seminar with Kara (90 minute mp3 file)

    Clear your Limiting Beliefs, Fears & Blocks on an Ancestral Level.  Understand how the Money Wounds of Humanity are an imbalance of Sacred Masculine & Sacred Feminine Energy.  Receive deep revelations & awakenings, as you clear resistance to receiving & release your unique work/money wound pattern.
  • Heal Your Money Shadow Workbook

    Deep exercises, practices, & questions to help you clear your limiting beliefs, fears, & blocks to Sacred Wealth. 

  • Akashic Records Upgrade

    Money wounds & blocks to personal power almost always stem from our own & our ancestor's past life abuse of money & power. Clearing your Akashic Record of past life trauma, blocks & restrictions opens the door for a renewed relationship with wealth & power base in the Sacred.  This guided meditation walks you through an Akashic Records upgrade & clearing, so you can embrace your True Power & Potential in relationship to wealth & receiving, without heavy & unconscious past life energy holding you back.

  • 199 Sacred Wealth Affirmations

    Re-program your subconscious to attract sacred wealth with a continuous stream of 199 Sacred Wealth Affirmations, you can play anytime you need an energetic lift in your financial frequency!

  • The Tantra of Money: Money as Beloved Seminar with Kara (90 minute mp3 file)

    Initiate a renewed Sacred Relationship with money as a Divine Masculine Energy.  As you heal your core wounded patterns between the Masculine & Feminine energies through the Magdalene Wounds, you can use this module to reprogram a Sacred Relationship
    with money to support your ascending Feminine Power!

  • The Tantra of Money: Money as Beloved Workbook

    Understand how to keep the balance of masculine & feminine energy in a manifestation process & heal any underlying impressions that "making money isn't spiritual."  Receive money as a self-loving, protective, "Prince Charming" to guard & steward your life purpose!

  • The Tantra of Money Guided Meditation

    Activate the healing codes of money as a loving, supportive, protective power that worships you as the Goddess you are!



Value: $197!


The Magdalene Wounds Course is
Now a Homestudy Program

You can Register Any Time of Year!

Upon Registration, you will receive access to all course content materials and the 3 healing transmissions.  Group Calls were recorded the last time Kara taught the class live.

All Healing Transmissions are still sent to your personally by Kara, and you will be given instructions for how to book them after you register!

You will also receive access to a private Facebook Group with women who have taken the Magdalene Wounds in the past or are currently taking the course.  There you can ask Kara questions as you go through the materials.

All women who sign up for the Magdalene Wounds Homestudy program receive a special discount on the Magdalene Wounds Akashic Reading ($197 off) should you choose to upgrade to a private healing session with Kara as you are going through the course.

This is a fabulous opportunity to experience deep healing, activate your inner Priestess, and awaken the Healing Codes of the Magdalene Mysteries deep within your soul!!!

How to Sign Up

Option 1: Homestudy Program Only

Take the 3-Month Sacred Journey as a homestudy course.  Receive all 3 private healing transmissions with Kara, access to the 6 recorded coaching calls, all course content + access to the Private Facebook Forum, and any of the special bonuses included above.


Includes Lifetime Access to the 3 Month Course, 3 Healing Transmissions,
All Course Content + Facebook Group


Option 2: Homestudy Program +
Magdalene Wounds Akashic Reading

Receive the Complete Homestudy Program plus the Magdalene Wounds Akashic Reading.

The Magdalene Wounds Akashic Reading is a personalized Akashic Healing Intensive with Kara, in which Kara will access your Akashic Record to channel information on your gifts, life purpose, Soul Family, and past lives connected to the path of the Priestess Path.  This reading is designed to illuminate your unique path through the Magdalene Wounds and clears specific past-life trauma that is holding you back from fully embracing Divine Love and your Sacred Purpose as a healer, wisdom keeper, or medicine woman in this life.

This reading liberates your Sacred Feminine Essence and is focused around issues of visibility, womb wisdom, finances, sacred sexuality, your personal power & past lives connected to the Path of the Goddess.

The Magdalene Wounds Reading includes a deep clearing of your Akashic Record, in which Kara will give you personalized sacred prayers and affirmations to use for 21 days after your reading.  This initiates your Soul's ascension into the next octave of its Evolution, and the grounding of your Ascended Self into your body & life.

The Magdalene Wounds Reading is guided by your specific intentions & desires.  Many women request research into areas such as: financial blocks, visibility blocks, sexual abuse histories, relationship struggles, addictions, or simply inquiries into their life purpose, spiritual gifts, and past lives.  For those who do not have a specific intention, you may simply open and allow your High Self and Spirit Guides to deliver the wisdom, knowledge and information you most need at this time in your life.

To learn more about Kara and her work in the Akashic Records, you can visit the Akashic Records Page here.


Includes Lifetime Access to the 3 Month Course, 3 Healing Transmissions,
All Course Content + Facebook Group plus the 90 Minute Akashic Healing Intensive


Private Coaching Option

The Magdalene Mysteries:
Akashic Coaching Program

Clear Your Soul. Claim Your Power. Awaken the High Priestess Within.

The Magdalene Mysteries Akashic Coaching Program is for women who desire a deep dive into their personal healing at Soul Level and who know they are here to be servants of the Sacred.

The Magdalene Mysteries are the deepest wisdom paths of the Divine Feminine, and in these private coaching programs with Kara, you will receive personalized initiation and Soul Clearing to reveal the Feminine Face of God within you.

Ideal for women in service- coaches, healers, artists, medicine keepers, etc. who are struggling with their path and know there is a "key" they are missing.  Sometimes this may revolve around burn out or financial blocks... Other times it may show up as issues around sexuality, body image, partnership or motherhood...

The Magdalene Mysteries coaching program will help you to alchemize these struggles into a glorious unfolding- revealing new levels of Grace and Wisdom that can ONLY come from the deepest levels of our Soul.

Private coaching programs with Kara include ongoing Akashic Healing Work and coaching from your Akashic Record.

This means that in your sessions with Kara, you will open to the wisdom of your Guides, Teachers, and Angels... activating a more direct connection to your Soul and its overlighting wisdom in your life, to address life challenges and goals. 

Issues addressed in coaching will be unique to each woman, but Kara specializes in:

  • Spiritual Emergence and integration
  • Sacred Wealth, Life Purpose, Spiritual Business Coaching
  • Womb Healing & Awakening- Healing Sexual Trauma, Restoration of Divine Feminine Creative Power
  • Divine Feminine Embodiment- Sensuality, Body, Beauty, Elegance, & Divine Love

You will Receive...


  • 10 1-hr Coaching & Akashic Healing Sessions with Kara (over 3 Months)

  • Welcome Packet - Identifies which of the 4 Tantric Life Aims you will be working on over the course of the year.  They are:

    • Dharma (Spiritually Directed Life Purpose)
    • Artha (Means to Fulfill Life Purpose- Sacred Wealth, Money, Health & Business Coaching)
    • Kama (Pleasure- Beauty, Body, Relationships, Art, Play, Nature & Sexuality coaching)
    • Moksha (Enlightenment- Spiritual Liberation.  This is included in all paths)

  • Associated Support Materials Depending on the Tantric Aim your Soul is working on

  • Email Support- 1 email/week

  • Access to the Magdalene Wounds Group Program (FREE!)

  • Receipt of a Magdalene Wounds Akashic Reading (FREE!)


Additionally, all Sign-Up's for the Private Akashic Healing & Coaching Program with Kara will Receive...

Sacred Sensual Gift Basket,
Which Includes Your Own Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

Your Yoni Eggs will be blessed with the Healing Prayers and Wisdom that come through Your Magdalene Wounds Reading.  You will Learn to Work with Your Egg over the year with Kara to heal your Creative Center and Connect to Your Purpose

Value: $57


Investment in the Magdalene Mysteries Private Coaching Program

$4,500 (Paid in Full)

or 2 Payments of $2397

(Note: 6 Month and Year-Long Containers also available. 
Book a Discovery Session for Details)

Talk with Kara

Discovery Session

Discovery Sessions are for women interested in the Magdalene Mysteries Private Coaching programs with Kara.

If you would like to speak with Kara about whether the Magdalene Mysteries Private Coaching Upgrade would be right for you, please book a Discovery Session at the link below:

Click Here to Book Your Discovery Session!

If you have questions regarding the course itself or a reading, you can email us at or please get on our Preview Call Series, where Kara answers questions.


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