Full Moon Healing Transmission

Lilith is the aspect of our Mother Nature who is wild & untamed, deeply in touch with the instinctual self.

Closely related to our sexual life force in its most raw & primal state, most stories of Lilith begin in the Garden of Eden, where she is described as the original consort of Adam, who was made of the same Earth he was.

Lilith flees the Garden when she refuses to be subserviant to Adam.

Healing our Wounded Perceptions of Masculine & Feminine Energy

Most stories of Lilith are told from the perspective of World Patriarchy, which seeks to limit, control, or contain the Wild Feminine.

From this perspective, the Wild Feminine is seen as something "dark" and "to be feared"... something which needs "to submit" to Masculine Order, Dominance & Control.

From this perspective, BOTH the Masculine & the Feminine are degraded into something they are not.

  • The Masculine Life Force becomes oppressive & limiting. 
  • The Feminine Life Force becomes rebellious & self-destructive.

When we are operating from these Wounded Perceptions of the Masculine & Feminine Energies, our Creative Life Force gets stifled.  We cannot self actualize our dreams.

This can look like:

Fearing order, structure, schedules, & the Masculine Energy as being controlling or requiring submission that may limit our wildness, ecstasy, & Feminine flow

Struggling to manifest money & other "Masculine" necessities of Creation- security, protection, direction, decisions- because we have such a wounded/rebellious relationship to the Masculine as a limiting/suppressive force

Or Vice Versa

Fearing if we take time for ourselves or experience pleasure, fun, rest, socializing, & other forms of "Feminine" energy- that it might "throw us off our game"

Repressing our Wild Feminine to the point that when we do engage in instinctual/wild/pleasure-seeking activities they take on an addictive/escapist energy & we find ourselves "out of control"

When we maintain the idea of the Maculine as an oppressive,
limiting force that demands subserviance..

And the idea of the Feminine as a Dark, Uncontrollable Force
that rebells & runs away...

We are left in powerlessness-
neurotic fear, procrastination, avoidance
and/or addictions that destroy the Creative Potential of our lives.

About This Transmission

Restore Your Inner Masculine & Inner Feminine to Their Pristine Origins

The Lilith & the Beloved transmission brings:

  • Lilith into Her Light, as Creative Shakti- an aspect of pure Sacred Feminine Energy.

  • And the Masculine into its Light as The Beloved- the embodiment of Logos, Pure Sacred Order

This allows us to realize the POWER of BOTH the Wild Feminine and our Inner Masculine as Beneficial Creative Forces which sustain life & TOGETHER allow for the effective manifestation of our dreams and the integrated expression of who we are.


Receive This Sacred Healing & Be Part of the Planetary Upgrade!

The last month we have all been through a big initiation to bring our karma surrounding work, play, purpose, pleasure & the proper use of our creative energy with regards to our well-being, goals, & life purpose to a place of integration in preparation for the HUGE forward-moving energy that will be with us this summer.

We are entering a time where Great Abundance, Good Fortune, & the Manifestation of Long-Held Dreams, Desires & Goals Becomes Possible.

You may have felt disharmony & distress this last month as 5 planets in retrograde
have brought up old wounds & energies to clear the way for this very p

Have Heart!

This is the Integration of That Cycle!

However, a very important upgrade is likely needed
in order for you to move forward gracefully & effectively.



The Lilith & the Beloved Transmission is part of a Planetary Upgrade & Healing for the Masculine & Feminine Energies!


NO LONGER CAN the Wild/Fierce Aspect of the Divine Mother
& the Order/Logos aspect of the Divine Father
 be AT ODDS in humanity.

No LONGER can we seek to control one with the other. 
Or repress one for the other!



Activate Your Creative Power!
The Dance of Wildness & Sacred Wealth/Order
to Manifest Your Purpose & Fulfill Your Dreams!

Under the FULLNESS of this Glorious Full Moon in Sagitarius, Mars will aspect the Sun and Venus the Moon... allowing us to experience a reunification of BOTH the Masculine & Feminine Polarities to their Original States & Pristine Origins.

Lilith also moves into her Native Sign of SCORPIO, which she will be in for the next year.


This explains the surging embrace women across the world are feeling
for their Fierce or Wild Femine Energy at this time.


Integrating Lilith & Logos is essential to our success & well being in the year to come.

For 5,000 years, these aspects of our Divinity have been programmed to BE AT ODDS within us and - specifically- within every effort we make to create in the world by the Patriarchy...

This has caused limitless dysfunction in the human condition, and a corrupt socio-economic system that stifles the Creative Lifeforce of All & leads us all into an overly stressed relationship with our work lives, harrowing addictions & polluting consumption.



  • The Masculine naturally surrenders to and supports the activities of Lilith, because they are essential to the maintenance of Sacred Order in the Creation.

  • The instinctual force of Lilith has ALWAYS been offered in Love & Service to the Beloved Logos.  Indeed, she is possibly THE most Powerful Ally & Servant in revealing His Light.

Without proper conscious upgrade and activation of these healing codes for the Masculine & Wild Feminine, you may find yourself AT ODDS with your Creative Energy, struggling to manifest, engaging in escapism & avoidance, and being generally ungrounded & disassociated from your Purpose, Power, & Prosprity in the World.


Take this opportunity to embrace an intuitive state of Sacred Union of Lilith & Logos

Experience the DANCE of Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Creative Energies in your life
So You Can Manifest with increased Grace, Ease, Power!



Important Information

*This transmission comes from the Magdalene Spiritual Lineage & The Order of the Holy Sophia, a Sacred Feminine lineage devoted to restoring  Sacred Sexual, Creative & Financial Union.

*This transmission is specifically geared to bring the Wild Feminine Aspect of your Inner Shakti into alignment with your Masculine energy of money, business, goal-setting, ordering your life & decision-making

*The transmission will be offered Monday evening (2 days after the Full Moon) at 9pm wherever you are in the world.  You will receive instructions, guided audio, & inquiry practices to support your receipt & integration of these healing codes. 

* If you need to re-schedule this transmission for another time, you will be able to do so.  Instructions for rescheduling will be provided after registration.

* We will be sending out your healing transmission audio early Monday morning.



Be a Part of This Planetary Healing & Upgrade!

Let's Restore our Divine Creative Potential as Stewards of the New Earth

& Vessels of the New Humanity!


$77 USD

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