Welcome to the Lilith Upgrade!

Hi Beauty:   Welcome to Lilith Upgrade.

On this page you will find all the materials for the Lilith Upgrade.

Please bookmark this page and return to it as needed.

We recommend that you go through these materials in the order they are listed. For your experience to be most powerful, we recommend performing your invocation ceremony on (or around the time of) the New Moon, receive your Lilith & Eve Transmission on or around the time of the New Moon (you can receive this directly after your invocation ceremony) and receive the Lilith & the Beloved Transmission on (or around the time of) the Full Moon.  The closing transmission with Mother Mary should be booked on or around the time of a New Moon.

To book your transmissions, please email kim@wakingbeauty.com and simply list the days and times you want to receive your transmissions.  Kara tunes in on those days to support you in receiving the energy.  Please refer to your transmission instructions file for all details on how to receive transmissions (included with your transmission materials)

May you enjoy the freedom & empowerment that working with the Dark Goddess in her form as Liith evokes!

Sending you Much Love,


Course Schedule & Materials


Introductory Group Call:
Lilith & the Path of the
Dark Goddess

´╗┐Replay Link: 


In this introductory call with Kara, you will receive an outline for the course experience with important tips for making the most of your journey.

Please Note: all these calls were recorded live, so dates and times are not going to be the same if you are taking the course as self study!

Self-Initiation Ceremony

Recommended Time: New Moon
or any sacred day of your choosing

Self-guided ceremony of invocation to Lilith, to be done from the comfort of your own home. Please follow instructions listed in your Ritual Guide.

Call 1:
Lilith in the Body

Group Conference call. Replay link below:


Group Call on Health, Vitality, & Body Wisdom Practices.

Click Here for the Replay

Healing Transmission
Lilith & Eve

New Moon
(Recommended Time to Receive)

Transmissions are received at 9pm your time wherever you are in the world, on the day you have chosen!  Please email kim@wakingbeauty.com to schedule your transmission.

Call 2:
Lilith in the Bedroom


Healing Transmission:
Lilith & the Beloved

Full Moon
(Recommended Time to Receive)

Transmissions are received at 9pm your time wherever you are in the world, on the day you have chosen!  Please email kim@wakingbeauty.com to schedule your transmission.

Call 3:
Lilith in Business

Bonus & Closing Calls & Transmissions

The following two events are recommended to be used as bonuses and a closing experience for your journey.  They include:  A Group Guided Mastertation (We recommend doing this on the Full Moon (to experience the erotic power of creation, group sex magic & its role in manifestation).  And a Final Closing Transmission to invoke Mother Mary to seal your journey. 

Bonus: Full Moon "Mastertation"

Learn how to manifest your desires through the Power of PLEASURE.  This is a group, guided sexual magic call that will lead you through a "Mastertation" process.  This is the process of group visualization & masterbation for the purpose of manifesting.

Please note: that if you are going to feel trigggered by guided sexual healing and manifestation work, this may not be the call for you!  Listen to your own body, heart and soul and always BE RESPONSIBLE for YOUR CHOICE to participcate in a sexual ceremony of some kind.

Please come to this call with the following:


  • A clear, strong intention for something you want to heal or manifest in your life
  • A safe sacred (Private!) space set aside where you will not be disturned for 90 minutes.  Your bedroom is ideal!
  • Bring: Sensual Massage Oils, Pleasure Toys, Yoni Wands, Lingerie or anything else that you like to use to self pleasure.  You will be treating yourself like a Goddess for the duration of this session!
  • Create your temple space with lighting, frgrance, and soft music if you wish
  • Have your phone or computer nearby to access the Live Broadcast.


Kara will be guiding everyone in a Sacred Sensual Massage Group Ritual & Guided "Mastertation" to manifest your desires under this auspicious Harvest Full Moon and to bring healing to your chosen intention or goal. If you cannot make it live, please set aside some time to tune into the replay with the same setup!  Call-in details are below:

Replay Link:


Closing Healing Transmission on the New Moon
with Mother Mary

As we close the Lilith Upgrade and our work with the Dark Goddess, its important to bring in the soothing energies of the Divine Mother in her more compassionate and nurtuing form to help us ground and integrate the clearing work we've done with Fierce & Fiery Lilith!

The Mother Mary Healing Transmission invokes the soothing grace of the Mother Mary to bless and protect you on your path forward. 

Please reach out to schedule your Closing Healing transmission with kim@wakingbeauty.com.

Click Here to Download the Instructions

Click Here to Download the Mp3 File


Other Important Details


Lilith Upgrade Facebook Group


The Facebook Group is the best place to connect with Kara and your other sisters for support in between the calls, to share about your experiences after transmissions, and to generally vortex & connect with this powerful energy!

Click Here to Join the Lilith Upgrade Facebook Group

Or be sure to contact Kim (Kim@wakingbeauty.com) with your Facebook Email Address and she can add you!


Attending the Group Calls

All the group calls can be listened to by replay and do not need to be attended live if you have other plans.  Please be sure to bookmark this page for reference, so you can come back here to access the Group Call replays which will be posted in the schedule above.  They will also be sent out via email after the call airs live.

If you are planning to attend the call, we recommend calling in via your phone line (instead of attending via webcast.)  This gives Kara the abliity to coach you one on one if you need it!

If you live outside the United States, you can access the conference line via Web Call or Skype (free of charge) by following these instructions.

To access the Group Calls via Skype: http://instantteleseminar.com/skype/

To access the Group Calls via Web Call: http://support.instantteleseminar.com/hc/en-us/articles/203534304-Connect-to-the-Conference-with-Web-Call


Rescheduling Healing Transmissions - IMPORTANT!

 It is required that you provide at least 48 hours notice ahead of the scheduled transmission time if you wish to reschedule your transmission. This gives Kara enough time to prepare!  If you know now that you will not be able to receive one of the 2 healing transmissions at their scheduled times (see schedule above) please contact us now to let us know the day and time you'd like to receie them.

Simply send an email to Kim  Kim@wakingbeauty.com with the day & time you'd like to receive your transmission.  You can choose any day and time, as long as we have 48 hrs notice.  Please note: we cannot reschedule your transmission if you miss it and contact us after the fact! 


Customer Service

For administrative questions- information about the schedule, call-in details, technical help on conference lines, downloading resources, payments or other administrative issues please contact Kim at  kim@wakingbeauty.com  

Please don't contact Kara for administrative questions. 

We encourage you to share your questions for Kara directly in the Facebook group, so other women can have the benefit of receiving and participating in the responses!  Check out the Facebook Group Above!


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