Liberate Your Inner Lilith

Radical Healing & Empowerment
Through the Path of the Dark Goddess

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Conquer Your Fears

Awaken Your Powers of Sexuality, Confidence & Seduction

Release Soul-Sucking People-Pleasing Habits & Co-Dependency

Unleash Your Inner "Bad Girl," Become Fierce & Be Reborn!!!


Dear Beauties,

I'm inviting you to join me in The Lilith Upgrade- a course in completing one of the most empowering erotic rebirths of our time...

The Reclamation of Lilith: Wild Feminine Goddess, Freedom-Seeking Seductress, Warrior Woman, Ancient Guardian of the Root Chakra & Embodiment of the Yang Feminine.

For thousands of years, Lilith has remained a shadowy source of fear in the subconscious mind of the Western World.  Her Power - shamed, demonized & cast out. This has resulted in generations of powerless women who believe their worth, purpose & place in the world is dependent on their ability to be "pleasing" to others.

When Lilith is disowned, the WORST atrcocities against man & nature can occur without ANY resistance.  I'd like to see ONE boardroom try to pass a life-degrading policy with a woman who is fully embodying Lilith on that board.  Not only would it NOT happen, but almost every man in that room would be eating out of her hands.

Lilith is the Key to Unlocking the Full Force of Feminine Power.

The problem is: You are likely terrified of her, and you don't even know it.


Releasing Lilith

I created this course to guide women sensitively, expertly & courageously into meeting and merging with their Inner Lilith.

I also created this course to liberate women from the deepest & most devastating blocks to their personal power that happen when Lilith is disowned- namely: People-Pleasing & Co-Dependency!

When Lilith is released & integrated with the Purity of our Hearts, we find vitality, fierceness, confidence, and an uncompromising ability to reach our goals that exists in harmony with our tenderness, compassion, beauty, & wisdom as women.

When Lilith is bound & we are deprived of her power, our Feminine Nature is way too easily exploited & manipulated by unconscious forces.

Are you ready to...

  • Drop the "Nice Girl Mask" that is hiding the pain of your own exploitation & manipulation?

  • Heal the fear & possibly even the life-threatening trauma that is keeping this disassociation from Lilith in tact?

  • Reclaim the fullness of your lifeforce?  Your sexuality?  Your strength?  And your vitality once more?

  • Prioritize pleasure  (Your own!)  above all others?

  • Get into your body  (Like, Holy Hell I have a hot body that I LOVE which brings me SO much sensual energy, passion & joy)

  • Speak- bravely, simply & courageously- from a place of your deepest Truth?

  • Be FREE from the need to be liked or approved of by others, and instead start getting what you truly want out of life?

  • Become a FIERCE guardian of your time, energy & personal boundaries?

  • Die bravely to EVERYTHING that doesn't serve you? (I'm serious about this one.  And so is SHE!)

  • Awaken- quite simply- the most BAD-ASS state of everything it means to be WOMAN?

Who is Lilith?
Meet Eden's Primordial Bad Girl

Lilith is a figure from Jewish Mythology who was the First Woman- Adam's wife before Eve.  Made of the same Earth as he was, Lilith was equal to Adam in every regard.  Legends say that she fled the Garden of Eden when she refused to be subserviant to him- literally "refused to lay beneath him."  In some Legends, Lilith turns to the fallen angel Samael to be her lover instead.  She then comes back into the Garden of Eden as the Serpent to tempt Eve. 

Patriarchal interpretations of Lilith traditionally align her with all things  "evil."  She is the Rebel,  the Temptress, the Fallen Woman & the Whore. Throughout the Middle Ages she was also associated with witches, vampires, sex magic & sorcery. 

But IS Lilith really the Demoness we've made her out to be?

The first written legends of Lilith appear at the same time as the birth of Christ, 2000 years ago.

  • Why do stories of this Dark Goddess coincide with the Birth of Christ?
  • How is Lilith connected to the mission of Yeshua & Mary Magdalene?
  • Who is Lilith on a metaphysical level?
  • What forgotten mysticism has the world lost?
  • And how is Lilith's Power connected to the Birth of the New Humanity in the times we live in now?

In the Lilith Upgrade, you will receive the answers to these questions and much more.  The Lilith Upgrade introduces you to an alternative interpretation of the woman known as Lilith...  an interpretation that was taught by Yeshua himself and guarded by a secret order of  European Priestesses - the Magdalenes-  who protected this Wisdom of the Divine Mother throughout the Middle Ages. 

By connecting with Lilith's TRUE ESSENCE & POWER as a form of the Dark Goddess, you will release ages of suppressive programming, heal your deepest fears & shame, and discover an untapped resource for radical beauty, health, sexual confidence, balance & personal empowerment in your own life. 

  • If you've been BLOCKED from owning your Full Power because of fear, shame, or guilt associated with your inner "Bad Girl." 
  • If you know its time to put the nice (but easily "pushed over") girl in you aside and in her place awaken the TRUE Purposeful, Powerful Priestess you have within.
  • If you are ready to take a walk on the wild side, and push the Edges of your comfort zone through Tantra, magic, mysticism, pleasure, raw truth, & radical receiving...
  • If you want to HEAL rebellious, ungrounded, or addictive tendencies connected to pleasure & the disassociation of your "Wild Woman" from Patriarchal structures & the Divine Masculine

The Lilith Upgrade is for you!

Lilith is the Gateway from the Old Paradigm to the New- and I tell you the Truth!- no one walks through the Gates to the New Humanity without first facing & confronting Her!

Are you ready to die to your deepest blocks & limitations?
Are you ready to own the Power you need to create the life you desire?
Are you ready to embrace your Purpose, Pleasure & Financial Abundance without limitations?

Then, prepare to heal your inner "Bad Girl," Become Fierce & Be Reborn!

What is the Lilith Upgrade?

The Lilith Upgrade is an initiation to the ritual, mysticism, & reality of Dark Goddess Tantra... working directly with the Divine in her form as Lilith to liberate yourself from your deepest blocks & restrictions & own your personal power.  The Lilith Upgrade is also a planetary upgrade that came into our world in 2016/2017... 

I like to think of planetary upgrades  like "patches" in video games. Once installed, they change the Collective Experience in some way- usually expanding the "virtual world" we live in with new opportunities, realms & ways of being.  The Lilith Upgrade was equivalent to the installation of a new Power Source.  It came in on the tail end of the Trump Inaugeration this year, and is sparking a radical new wave of activism, vitality & empowerment for Divine Feminine leaders on the planet (more on that below).

Lilith's Planeatary Upgrade...

Starting on May 21st, 2016, Lilith entered her Native sign of Scorpio, in which she stayed EXALTED for a full Creative Gestation Cycle of 9 months, rebirthing herself into Sacred Union with the Masculine on Valentine's Day, February 14th 2017. 

The energy that came in over this 9-month period was designed to support a radical New Wave of Complete & Total EMPOWERMENT of the Sacred Feminine on the planet & takes a no-hold's barred approach to elevating Conscious Leaders of the New Age, especially in relation to THE MASCULINE- men, money, business, government, law and order.


  • This upgrade gives us the ability to COMPLETELY embody our Wild Feminine Essence in relation to all things Masculine- most especially MEN, MONEY, POWER, LAW & ORDER.

  • This upgrade permits us to TRUMP all laws that say we have to, should, are tied to, or supposed to be anything less than the full unbridled TRUTH of what we are, including (and especially) karmic laws, limitations from our past, lineage, collective matrixes of what other people say, do, will think of us or what has seemed "logically possible" for us up to this point in time.
  • This upgrade places us immediately in the "Eye of Ra"/Top of the Pyramid position of our Greatest Power.

  • This upgrade encourages us to Prioritize our BODIES & the Receipt of SACRED PLEASURE above and beyond any other agreement, consciously or unconsciously made, to deny ourselves for the sake of pleasing others.

  • This upgrade radically clears the deepest places of personal shame in the darkest places of the Soul- most especially shame wounds related to sex & misue of power (the Great Stumbling Blocks of the Piscean Age!) As these   wounds clear, "invisible blocks" you couldn't even see, let alone shake off (what I like to call your hidden cryptonite!) are suddenly gone.  You feel as if you have discovered a new power source and are suddenly Superwoman!

  • This upgrade massively empowers Life Purpose by unlocking ARTHA (the means to fulfill your Life Purpose: typically health, energy, money source & vitality), which lie completely in Lilith's Domain. 
  • This upgrade is ushering in a New Paradigm of bold, uncompromising passionate pursuit of our Highest Destiny via the path of inspired, ethical (Wild Feminine) service to humanity and will give you the push you need to rebirth yourself into the next highest level of your Destiny.


The Lilith upgrade is revolutionizing Relationships, Power Dynamics , & Politics as usual.  It is sparking a rebellious "stand up & out" energy in our Collective Field. It's breaking things DOWN and stirring things UP like never before, encouraging us ALL to QUIT PLAYING AROUND with limitation and go STRAIGHT to the TOP OF OUR GAME.

If over the last year, you've been stalled out, hit by tragedy, or otherwise blocked by soul-shaking events, you're likely connected to the Lilith Upgrade, and I highly enourage you to receive this healing energy and learn how to work with this New Operating system to rebirth yourself in Pleasure, Health, Passion & Purpose in the years to come.  If you are a woman who has STRUGGLED to bring her Goddess/Wild Feminine nature into harmony with the Masculine (Men, Money, Purpose) I highly suggest working this upgrade into your consciousness.  Until the deep-seated shadows around Lilith are cleared, she remains a rebellious, destructive force in our subconscious that must awaken through destruction & disruption.    This could be just the healing you need to liberate the next chapter of your life: a harmonious integration of pleasure, power, purpose & finances...

Are you ready to receive the Lilith Upgrade?

How it Works

Ritual & Initiation
Transformational Healing & Clearing
Empowerment Training Calls

The Lilith Upgrade is a 6-week online course that includes:

Guided ritual & initiation ceremony to meet & merge with your Inner Lilith (received on the Summer Solstice)

2 Transformational Healing Transmissions
(received on the New & Full Moon or on any day of your choosing)

3 Recorded Empowerment Training Calls: To upgrade your IOS (internal operating system) to run on Lilith's Power!

Facebook Community -For Sisterhood, Ongoing Connection & Support

Ritual & Initiation:

Meet Your Ishta Devata:
The Embrace of the Dark Mother

Be expertly guided through a Ceremonial Ritual to call in Lilith as your guide & teacher for this 6 week journey.  You will learn all the important aspects of performing a ritualistic invocation to an Ishta Devata (form of the Divine) & how to safely work with the Dark Goddess through the path of High Magic (Magic which calls in Sacred Union between your lower & High Self). Included with your Ceremonial Guide to creating this Ritualistic Initiation is an Introductory Group Call on:

  • The Hidden Mysticism of Lilith from the Perspective of The Magdalenes
  • Lilith's role in the Diaspora of Humanity into the realms of Creation
  • The vital purpose She plays in our imminent return back to Source
  • Why Lilith is the key to smashing the bedrock of Duality & All our Limitations
  • How She initiates the Experience of Real Tantra
  • What you must be prepared to LOSE when working with Lilith
  • An Introduction to the Dark Mother across cultures & in her many forms
  • An Introduction to Dark Goddess Tantra- its history & purpose in our spiritual development
  • Guidance & Support for initiating your own Ceremonial 6-Week Journey
  • An overview of the stages of the Lilith Upgrade: from Invocation, Initiation, Ritual Sacrifice, Death, Resurrection, Integration, Expansion, & Ascension


You will receive Acccess to the Recorded Call + an Invocation Guide
We recommend performing your Ritualistic Invocation to Lilith
close to a New Moon or on any auspicious day of your choosing.

The Planetary Upgrade

2 Powerful Healing Transmissions

Lilith & Eve Transmission

Stop demonizing the radical receipt of pleasure in all its forms!  Your desire for freedom, for FULL embodied sensual expression, & deeply ecstatic experience is the KEY to unlocking your personal power!  The Lilith & Eve transmission dissolves unconscious ways we ignore, deny or repress our deepest desires.  It sanctifies the "low-down, dirty and nasty" parts of ourselves bringing FULL Awareness of the Sacredness of our ROOT Lifeforce... Our Instincts for Sex, Survival and Destructive Recomposition- turning them into FUEL for ecstatic expression!  It dissolves "Good Girl/Bad Girl" "Virgin/Whore" programming, which keeps us disassociated from our True Power and activates our inner "bad-ass" - giving us permission to be sacredly fierce, purposefully playful, & erotically embodied in our sexy, confident and sensually ALIVE human experience. This transmission awakens the epitome of erotic innocence and unifies the villified Lilith with her pure & virginal counterpart- Eve, clearing shame and bringing us back into holistic activation of our Personal Power.

Best Received Under the Influence of the New Moon-
All transmissions must be scheduled with Kara, as she works on your Akashic Record during this time.  You will receive instructions for scheduling your transmissions after you register!

Lilith & the Beloved Transmission

Legends speaks of Lilith as being unruly, willful & completely unable to submit to Adam's Power.  When Lilith remains in a state of Disassociation from the Divine Masculine, we are unable to fully GROUND our Wild Feminine Essence into the World of Form.  This results in resistance & rebellion to things like money, time management, schedules, & practical planning, as well as an imbalanced relationship to men & the Masculine as a whole. In relationships and our personal life, it can result in addictive tendencies, aimless wandering through life, inability to stay commited in relationship or subconsciously seeking to dominate the men around us. In money and career, it usually results in financial dysfunction & ungroundedness. However, Adam was never Lilith's true Consort- The Logos was! In the Lilith & the Beloved transmission you will HEAL disassociative tendencies between Lilith & the Patriarchy by marrying the Fierce Wild Feminine Lifeforce of Lilith to the Logos- Divine Masculine Beloved Order, Direction & Protection of Creation.  This brings about harmony between your Wild Feminine essence and the Masculine Support she needs to integrate her wisdom, wildness, passionate heart and ecstatic abundance into the world of form.

Best Received Under the Influence of the Full Moon-
All transmissions must be scheduled with Kara, as she works on your Akashic Record during this time.  You will receive instructions for scheduling your transmissions after you register!

3 Ass-Kicking Training Calls

Coaching with Lilith...

Helaings do not hold if we don't GET THE LESSONS behind them.  This means- understanding the practical changes we need to make in thoughts, belief systems, & behavior patterns to integrate Lilith with the pure & grounded aspects of our being.

In the Lilith Upgrade Training calls, I'm going to go over the SPECIFIC mindset & behavioral changes that support the integration of Lilith in the BODY, in the BEDROOM, and in BUSINESS, so you leave empowered in your inner "Bad Girl" (rather than repressing her essential gifts under false modesty, meekness & people-pleasing OR being controlled by Lilith's unhealed rage, unmet needs & wild rebellion).

When Lilith is HEALED and integrated in us in a conscious, healthy & empowered way, she becomes...

  • Erotic Innocence
  • Fierce Truth
  • Real Love

Get ready to unleash the power of the Dark Goddess as the beautiful, sensual, lovingly fierce and purposefully empowered woman you truly ARE!

Call 1:
Lilith in the Body

Your Body is Strong, Sexy, & Beautiful:
Own It!

Connect deeply to the wisdom of ecstatic embodiment.  Cleanse toxins, awaken personal vitality, strength, and appreciate the beauty of your unique form.

The Power of the Divine Feminine starts in the body, and if we are not connected to HER in a conscious, healthy, & loving way, she easily becomes a Rebellious Hellion- kicking & screaming & shouting for our attention- waking us up through burn out, body dysmorphia, emotional eating & other addictive tendencies.

In the Lilith & the Body call, you will learn...

  • Why the Wisdom of the Dark Goddess manifests as body struggles in women

  • How to recognize & heal the Wounded Lilith through your relationship to your body

  • What essential shifts in honoring Lilith's 2 Power Vortexes: Pleasure & Defense HAVE to be made in order to effortlessly drop weight, increase radiance, heal yourself & awaken the full vitality of your body temple

  • Why diets, deprivation, & trying to "control" Lilith with surgery, drugs, & other repressive paradigms will not work to heal yourself or manifest the body you desire

  • What we have to alchemize in ourselves & the world to truly ground into our 5th Dimensional Body Temples & How the Lilith Upgrade fosters that

  • Why the Beauty, Health & Movement Practices of the Tantrika are essential to this planetary upgrade

  • How to integrate the Beauty, Health & Body Flow Practices of the Tantrika to reach your peak performance & manifest a body that houses the Light of your Soul*


*When the Lilith Upgrade is complete, you embody Lilith's Gift for your Body, which is Infinite Beauty, Radiance, Strength & Vitality- at any age!  in any size!  Women who manifest this state are radiant magnets who irresistably draw their desires to them from within, and fiercely block all forms of corruption.  The Lilith Upgrade results in an actual physical rebirth of yourself into a higher bandwidth of Consciousness that allows the Life Path & Personal Destiny of the Soul to operate in complete coherence with one's innate Body Wisdom.  This means- your body LITERALLY guides you to your Destiny & emits Light.  The initial stages of this upgrade often manifest as burn out, lack of energy, mysterious health struggles & fatigue that seem to come out of nowhere & land you on your ass.  You may find yourself being COMPLETELY unable to tolerate certain foods, places, environments, people, jobs, or tasks that once were fine before.  If this is the case NOW is the time to reprogram yourself to manifest a harmonious UNION (Tantra) between your High Self and your unique physical form!  Awaken the sexy, happy, healthy, radiantly alive & beautiful physical form you uniquely deserve to embody!


Call 2:
Lilith in the Bedroom

You Are Erotically Innocent, Sacredly Sexy,
& Capable of Receiving Infinite Pleasure!

Sexuality is the seat of our Personal Power, yet almost every human being on the planet carries deep-seated shame, judgement & secrecy in this part of their lives.

That shame & self-judgement... an impression called "Original Sin"- separates us from ourselves.  We become that which is "good" and that which is "evil"- the "Virgin" and the "Whore."  This schism in Consciousness prevents us from accessing the ever-present state of Joy that is the Source of Ecstatic Pleasure. In order for it to heal, we must commit ourselve to facing & embracing the "Whore of Satan" we have (created) within, loving her into the wholeness of Who We Are.

In the Lilith & the Bedroom call, unwrap the erotic mysteries of the Dark Goddess to enlighten, liberate & empower yourself in Sacred Union/Real Love/Non-Duality. 

Learn how to (Tantrically) explore the forbidden, the deeply repressed & the Taboo as a key to healing (human) shame, separation & self-condemnation and awaken the Divine Realization of the Soul.


In the Lilith in the Bedroom Call, you will learn...

  • The Erotic Practices of the Dark Goddess, as taught by the Magdalenes

  • How to safely engage in Erotic & Taboo Sex Practices to awaken your Divine Self

  • How to recognize, heal & transmute false impressions of "Original Sin" into Lilith's Gift - Erotic Innocence.

  • How Sacred Pleasure heals & how to activate the Ecstatic Flow of Pleasure Through Your Pussy, Womb, Heart & Entire Body to heal yourself & activate your power.

  • The deepest secrets of the Magdalenes to healing sexual abuse, shame, numbness & trauma that can block this state

  • Mysticism of Lilith's inherent connection to the awakening of our Sacred Sexuality, the Sacrement of Hieros Gamos (union of God & Goddess within us) and the birth of The Way...  A spiritual path of Love, Compassion, Tolerance & Forgiveness that is based in Divine Feminine Wisdom, Sacred Relationship, & the Alchemy of Divine Love.


Call 3:
Lilith in Business

Become Fierce, Wealthy & Empowered
in Purpose

Own your power- simply, elegantly & unapologetically- in business & beyond.  Awaken Lilith's Power as the Priestess Queen, Noble Sovereign & Sacred Warrior  who protects, oversees & defends the Kingdom of God. 

As an embodiment of "Yang Feminine" energy, Lilith embodies the Masculine aspects of Divine Feminine Nature- as represented by the Queen, the Sacred Warrior and the Sacred Activist within us.  Her energy is thus essential to financial empowerment & actively living our Divine Life Purpose...

However, because most women are taught that owning the Masculine side of their Feminine Nature makes them "bitchy," "bossy," "un-Feminine, or not "nice" we often swallow our true defensive needs, personal boundaries, & ability to wield positions of authority in the world, for the sake of pleasing others.  This feeds Lilith's shadow expression in us- as ungroundedness, neediness, irritability, PMS, and having to resort to seductive manipulation, rebellion, or outright addiction to get what we want.  Or... quite simply fleeing the "Garden of Eden" of our True Desires... because we just "dont have it in us" to make it happen

STOP THIS PROCESS IN ITS TRACKS by by finding the Power (Financially & Otherwise) to rule your Queendom. Take a fierce stand for the (usually "extravagant" resources) you actually need to thrive in your life purpose and learn how to manifest the highest vision of your Soul through your business.

In the Lilith in Business Call, you will learn...

  • How to release the Wounded Lilith's "Rebellion from Adam" so your Wild Femican be integrated with men, money & your life purpose

  • What the Path of the SACRED Warrior is, and how it differs from the toxic Masculine culture of competition, violence, & greed that governs the business realm

  • Why Lilith is the ultimate Sacred Warrior and how to integrate the Fierce, Empowering & Protective aspects of this Dark Goddess through your relationship to money & business.

  • How channeling Lilith's Gifts as the Sacred Seductress can help you in sales, marketing, and promoting high ticket offers in the world.

  • How to stop trading dollars for hours, raise your rates, & hold the tone of sovereign abundance in your business & beyond.

  • 3 Essential Mindset Shifts you HAVE to make to cut off energetic drains that are making it IMPOSSIBLE for you to be wealthy in your purpose.

  • What is the Hidden Path of the Priestess Queen? And how does this relate to the mysticism of Lilith & the Lost Order of the Magdalenes (you truly DON'T want to miss this piece!)

Community Support

The Lilith Upgrade
Facebook Group

Sacred Sisterhood Across the Globe!

Connect to Sacred Sisters across the globe who have taken the Lilith Upgrade or are currently taking it in a Secret Facebook Group devoted to the Lilith Upgrade.  Make new friendships, spark insights & receive ongoing support from Kara and the Waking Beauty Team throughout your journey.


Homestudy Course

The Llith Upgrade is a homestudy course that includes: 3 healing transmissions (booked with Kara), 4 recorded calls, all course content, plus a few special bonus materials (you'll have to sign up to receive these!

You will get access to all of the following

  • The Orientation Call
  • The Lilith Ritual & Initiation Guide
  • 2 Healing Transmissions (Lilith & the Beloved, Lilith & Eve- to be booked with Kara)
  • 3 Lilith Upgrade Training Calls
  • Access to the Facebook Group
  • Closing Healing Transmission with Mother Mary (to bring in the soothing energies of the Divine Mother in her Compassionate form)


Ordinarily- $333

Special Pricing -

For the Next 48hrs only,
If you register for the Lilith Upgrade,
you will receive $111 off the course:


About Kara

Kara is a Magdalene Priestess of the Rose Line of the Holy Sophia, Guardian of the Sex Magic of Isis, Lover of the Lord & Eternal Devotee of the Great Goddess who sustains all life.  Descended from Aaron, the brother of Moses, on her Mother's side, Kara is from the only patrilineal Jewish bloodline that once gave Israel its High Priests.

Born on Christmas morning, underneath the star of Hecate (The Greek Goddess of witches, magic & the Underworld), Kara's purpose in coming to this world was to liberate the Divine Feminine from the shadow's cast upon Her by the Abrahamic faiths and to clear the distortions written into the Collective Consciousness by her Patriarchal ancestors (The High Priests of Yahweh), who- she says- were operating in resistance to Jewish enslavement in Egypt.

She supports both men & women to heal from the Wounds of Patriarchy (What she calls "The Madgalene Wounds") and to free themselves from impressions of financial slavery that are at the heart of our disassociation from the Feminine.  She illuminates the true Wisdom Teachings of Yeshua & Mary Magdalene, which were based in Divine Love & Sacred Union, and is devoted to empowering a new wave of Sacred Wealth Consciousness on the planet that honors the Feminine & All Life as Sacred.

A gifted Akashic Records reader, healer, and channel for Divine Feminine Wisdom, Kara's courses provide unique activation of Lost Wisdom traditions and often inspire profound revelations & miraculous healings for her participants.  Her scholarly nature & gift for story telling, make her a captivating & intellectually stimulating teacher, but it is her humor, open-heartedness & down-to-earth vulnerability that make her endearing to one & all.

To learn more about Kara and her work, please visit:

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