The Feminine Art of Receiving

Most of Us believe we have to work hard, look a certain way, have achieved certain milestones, given enough of our time, energy, gifts, resources or demonstrated some other level of "worthiness"

To deserve to receive.

Some of us are much more comfortable giving, then we are receiving.  We may even consciously or subconsciously block love, money, assistance, friendships, compliments, opportunities & other blessings because of our discomfort in receiving.



Blocks to Receiving are based in our Feminine Energy, which is greatly compromised for most people on the planet - male and female.

As we expand into the next dimension of our evolutionary journey, its important to expand our capacity to receive - as the gifts, wisdom, resources, healing & solutions we most desperately need (individually & collectively) must come from a Higher Source.

On this free seminar, you will learn:

- The three core aspects of self which comprise your ability to receive

- What creates blocks to receiving.  The 5 most common causes.

- How limitations in our receiving ability can impact our lifeforce & destiny path.

- The #1 secret to expanding your capacity to receive on the quantum level

- How to heal blocks to receiving & why its so essential to humanity's evolution right now


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