Ectsatically Birth Your Purpose-Driven Business
as aTransformationl  Coach, Artist, or Healer

Harness the forgotten power of the Sacred Feminine to...

  • Birth (or re-birth!) your transformational healing, coaching or creative practice

  • Live & work ecstatically on YOUR TERMS, creating an abundant & sacred relationship to money, business, & receiving.

  • Discover & EMBODY your true path & purpose in this life.  There's nothing more valuable than this!

 Are you ready to fulfill your Destiny
and live the Life of your Dreams ?

 This Journey Will Guide You Through
3 Different Levels of Consciousness

To Birth Your Purpose-Driven Business in the World

Your Dharma Code

Your Dharma Code encompasses the
3 Levels of Your Soul Purpose-
Personal, Planetary, and
the Ultimate/Divine.

Business Skills & Strategies

Online Business allows you to serve anyone, anywhere in the world!  Learn the latest skills & strategies for successfully receiving clients & offering your work world-wide.

The Path of Sacred Wealth

Sacred Wealth is Wealth on Feminine Principles.  Embody your Inner Empress- and learn how to work with money as a limitless renewable Re-SOURCE.

 Let's Break This Down, One by One, Starting with...


Your Dharma Code

Activating the Wisdom of Your Soul Purpose


Have you ever thought- why am I here?  What is my true purpose in life?

Have you longed to find a sense of meaning & fulfillment?

Do you feel "off" or lost in your current career or business? 

Or struggle with an incessant knowing that you're meant for something more?

These cries are Your Dharma reaching out to you from within.

Dharma is a concept from the East that refers to our Sacred Place and Purpose in the Creation. When we find this Purpose and begin to live in aligment with Universal Law, it is said that we have "found our Dharma."

However, for many of us...

The path of finding & living in alignment with our Dharma can be confusing.

Pressures from society, our families, friends, & what we've been taught we "need" to do to make money or "be a success" in the eyes of the world can often provide conflicting information to our Soul's True Path & Purpose.

Additionally, I found that many success coaching programs

So how do you navigate this profound experience to find & live your Dharma?

In the context of business?? 

In this profoundly activating & paradigm-shifting time???!?

That's where the Dharma Code comes in!

Your Dharma Code is the 3 Different Levels of your Life Purpose:

  • Your Personal/Karmic Lessons
  • Your Planetary/Family Contract
  • Your Ultimate/Divine Goal of Self Realization in this Life

The seeds for these Sacred Conracts lie in the Womb of Life (and are specifically located in the Womb/Hara within men & women)

By accessing & activating your Personal Dharma code, you will find the place & purpose in the Creation you were destined to hold. 

Birth Your Business includes ongoing, healing Dharma Code transmissions that support the awakening & inetgration of your Personal Soul Purpose through every leg of the journey.

This increases your confidence, helps you avert crisis in your growth process, and supports TRUE peace, satisfaction & fulfillment in your heart.

Hear this important message from Kara on the Dharma Code Transmissions & how the Dharma Codes inspired the very Creation for Birth Your Business:


Followed by...


Creating Wealth on Feminine Principles

Re-Wilding Your Relationship with Money.
Healing Your Money Story, Working Ecstatically, & Receiving Abundance in Your Gifts!


Long before there was "money," there was MOTHER.

Ancient people knew the Earth was in charge of their material sustenance & survival.

They studied Her Ways & lived in Sacred Relationship with Her...

So that the tribe could thrive & ALL could be cared for & supported.

In Birth Your Business, you will be supported to reclaim this Sacred Relationship with your Mother Nature THROUGH your relationship with money.

Kara calls this "re-wilding" your money story...

And it helps you bring more humor, bliss, freedom, instincts, passions, & your natural organic drives & life force to your financial life.

Listen to the Special Video from Kara on what Creating Wealth on Feminine Principles really means and how YOU can re-wild your money story to heal, open & manifest your dreams:

Last, but not least!


OnlineBusiness Skills & Strategies

Reach Your Tribe, Share Your Message & Spread Your Gifts Across the World.


Let's be real here. 

Chances are your local economy (alone) does not have the market to support the fully expressed, rich, creative expression of your unique gifts.

But the Global Economy... DOES.

There are over 3 BILLION people online...

And that's more than enough for you to find your tribe & make an abundant living in your gifts.

Online Marketing is KEY now for almost every industry...

But if you want to be a coach, author, speaker, artist, or alternative healer...

You've got to tap the power of Online Business.


Learn how to build a Rocking Online Business
that Fulfills Your Dreams

In Birth your Business, you will learn the latest strategies in Online Business & Online Marketing that will support you reaching your tribe and growing a freedom-based (location independent practice) that you can take world-wide.

For healers, artists, creative individuals & those seeking to live in alignment with the New Paradigm...

This is SO KEY!

Imagine having the freedom to be supported anywhere, anytime!

Imagine a flowing stream of clients, customers, & fans at your side to support your work!

Imagine connecting with your Soul Tribe around the world!

Important Note: There's a Way to do this Successfully and without Stress & there's a way to really pull your hair out in the learning curve!

Kara has been working in the online marketing & desktop publishing industry for over 9 years.

Hear what she has to say about what we'll learn in Birth Your Business that will make the path CLEAR for you:


Benefits of Doing Business Online

  • Location Independence: Travel, see the world, move to a remote island or forest!  As long as you have an internet connection- Congratulations. You're in business!
  • Creative Freedom: Get as wild, free & creative as you want with your business!  The more unique you are online with your message & offer, the better. 
  • Global Community: Make friends, meet colleagues, & find clients all around the world.  Meet "your kind," have exciting excuses to visit friends around the world.  Find your place AND truly expand your horizons!
  • More Money: Reach more people & increase the value by being specific to your tribe.  Create high value offers and reach a global market of loving customers who can't wait to work with you!
  • More Time: In Birth Your Business you will be taught technology, team management and leadership skills that support you leveraging your time & energy through automated systems & group programs.  Free yourself to soak in the space of love, pleasure, joy & living life- so when you DO show up for your business you will be able to hold GLORIOUS space for others!

Curriculum for Our 9-Month Journey

Orientation: May 16th

Get Off "The Man" and Get Into Your Gifts
Preparing to Make an Abundant Living from YOUR Creative Source

  • Preparing for the 9-Month Journey

  • How & when to leave your J-O-B

  • The Do's & Don'ts of Career Transformation

  • Man plans, God laughs.  How to deal.

  • Re-wilding your relationship to Money: The Ultimate Roadmap.

  • Embracing Your "Lower Instincts" as a Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur
    (For former Nuns, Priestesses, & other kinds of Sacred Servants.  Congratulations!  You get to graduate from all your vows!)

  • Wealth consciousness, wealth consciousness, WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS!

  • Friends, family or foes?
    How to deal with those who don't believe in you (yet!)

June 2016: Conception

Activating Your Dharma Code
Your New Life Vision- Purpose, Planning, Values
& Mastering Sacred Wealth Consciousness

Dharma Code: Transmission 1

The first Dharma Code Transmissions activates the Cosmic Womb and your Ultimate Soul Purpose.  It clears blocks to creativity, manifestation, & abundance and awakens your purest & deepest Soul Calling.  It fills you with a sense of value, purpose, & deep inner knowing of "The Way"- even if your conscious mind cannot comprehend it yet.  This transmission establishes you in the True Womb Wisdom of the Cosmic Mother- Creatrix of All Life.

Online Business & Sacred Wealth Modules

Module 1:  Your Dream Come True Life

  • Envision the Life You Most Deeply Desire. 
  • Get clear on your values & what "success" means to you. 
  • Develop confidence & decision-making power.  Align with your values & goals.
  • Vanquish co-dependency & fear of what other people will think
  • Learn why living your dreams is THE MOST compassionate thing you can do for others at this time


Module 2:  Ecstatic Wealth & Ecstatic Business Birthing Basics

  • Attune your mind to Ecstatic Wealth & Ecstatic Business Basics 
  • Gather your tribe of Personal & Professional Support. 
  • Identify & release "the drugs" that are keeping you numb, ineffective, & in hiding with your gifts. 
  • Heal & trust your Masculine energy to be by your Feminine's Greatest Ally
  • Surrender to the Fierce Feminine Face of God & understand Her Purpose in your business birthing journey
  • Learn how to work ecstatically with the Fierce Feminine's trials & tribulations
  • Welcome in your Holy Mother of Love, Nurturance & Compassion
  • Establish True Self-Care, Guidance & Support for your Creative Process.

Module 3:  Activate Your Money Core

  • Release your deepest fears, trauma's & blocks to the Masculine Energy
  • Get "turned on" by your Money/Business side 
  • Activate your Inner Empress (The healing archetype of the Womb/Hara)
  • Claim, clear & establish your Sacred Feminine Empire
  • Release your deepest blocks to Finding your G$$$-Spot
  • Lean into your "turn on" to ecstatically increase abundance & money in your life.

July 2016: Blueprints

Brand Development
Unveil Your Soul Purpose Brand, Find Your Tribe &
Lay the Foundation for Your Ecstatic Business

Dharma Code: Transmission 2

The second Dharma Code Transmissions activates the Planetary Womb and your sacred contracts with your Soul Family.  These contracts determine who & how we serve within the Creation. This transmission energetically unveils your purpose of service at the planetary level,.  This is the foundation you need to fully "connect the dots" so to speak concerning your brand, market & problem you solve in business.

Online Business Modules

Module 4:  The Soul Purpose Brand Journey

  • Journey to Discover Your Soul Purpose Brand Archetypes
  • Get the "Translation Key" to Unlock Your Unique Dharma Code
  • Translate your Cosmic, Planetary & Personal Dharma to the fundamentals of your Brand, Mission, & Purpose in the world.
  • Activate & uncover the magnetism of your Personal Essence & Story
  • Journey to Your Shadow to Discover the Unique Problem Only You Can Solve


Module 5:  Find Your Tribe: Your Ideal, Soul-Aligned Client

  • Identify Your Soul-Mate Clients
  • Let go of Conformity & Find YOUR Tribe
  • Understand your tribe's deepest motivations & desires
  • Liberate your brand, mission & message to speak to their FIRE


Module 6:  Morphogenesis: The Basics of Brand & Website Development

  • Messaging & Storytelling: You Inner Cassanova's Guide to Copy that Sells & Inspires
  • Professional Bio's: Get Over Yourself & Write a Rocking' Personal Bio
  • Photoshoots - The Do's & Don'ts of Personal Brand Photography
  • Website Quickstart: Fastest, Easiest, & Cheapest ways to build your own website

August 2016: Formation

Packaging Your Gifts
The Art, Science & Spiritual Power of High End Offers

Dharma Code: Transmission 3

The third Dharma Code Transmissions activates your individual Womb/Hara and unlocks your personal karmic lessons in this life.  This is the gateway to the physical/prime/primordial level of Creation, and this transmission clears those places in you that are blocked in manifesting your purpose (practically) in the world. This transmission opens your (personal) karmic lessons before you embark on the path of actively sharing, promoting, & selling your work in the world.

Online Business & Sacred Wealth Modules

Module 7:  Ecstatic Earning Power Basics: The Laws of Sacred Wealth

  • Money as Energy - Allowing in Your Highest, Healing Vibration
  • Quantum Leaps: Channeling Personal & Planetary Transformation Through Cash
  • Not Yo' Papa's Idea of Compassion: The Higher Dynamics of Ecstasy, Upliftment & Transformation Operant in this Sacred Time
  • Sacred Boundaries: Your Business, Other People's Business, God's Business
  • The Art of Surrender: Realize You Are Not "the Doer"
  • Ego as Your Back-Seat Driver- Recognize Yours.  But Keep It In Check


Module 8:  Create Your High End Offers

  • The Confidence to Go High End: Upgrading Your Mindset
  • Packaging Your Work: Practically, Energetically, Emotionally
  • Systems, Structures, Payment Processing, Legal Contracts & More
  • Presentation: Communicating Outcomes & Ultimate Value
  • High End Clients: Finding Them.  Filling Programs.
  • Fulfillment: High End Packages as Your Own Personal Life Coach-  Holding Your Highest Frequency for the World.


Module 9:  That's a Wrap: Finalizing Your Website

  • Content Creation Guide: What, Where & How to Organize Your Web Content
  • Website Copy- Write Compelling Copy for Your Website That Converts Clients
  • Backend: The Best Systems & Structures to Run Your Online Presence.
  • Lead generation & List Building Basics
  • Inrtoduction to Online Marketing: Sales Pages, Lead Pages & List Building Basics

September 2016: Movement

Everything You Need to Know About Sacred Selling
From the Stage, Page, or through Discovery Sessions

Dharma Code: Transmission 4

The fourth Dharma Code Transmission activates our Communicative Power & initiates our ability to receive our first clients. This transmission relates to our Mental & Emotional Integration of our Vision, Plan & Purpose within our communication center and enhances our confidence & Personal Empowerment.  It allows us to CREATE via our voice and activates our Soul as Master of the Ego (instead of our Ego's as Master of the Soul).  

Online Business & Sacred Wealth Modules

Module 10:  Sacred Sales

  • Principles of Sacred Sales
  • Compassionate Communication Basics
  • Magdalene Wounds in Sales: Healing Your Shamed, Demonized & Cast Out Inner Sales Woman
  • Sales as Intimacy.  Sales as Art.
  • Confronting Resistance: Make or Break Your Business, Transform Lives

Module 11:  Discovery Sessions

  • Guidelines to Hosting Powerful, One-on-One Conversations about your work
  • Systems, Structures, & schedules for Sales Calls
  • Leadership & Listening Skills
  • Dealing with Objections
  • Templates, Tools & Closing Strategies
  • Techniques for filling your Discovery Sessions

Module 12:  Speak to Sell:  Teleseminars, Workshops & Events

  • Your Signature Talk: Creating a Rewarding Group Presentation That Fills Your High End Programs
  • Essential Elements to Include in Your Signature Talk
  • Guidelines for hosting workshops, presentations, or online events that convert private clients to your work

October 2016: Showing

Messaging & Marketing
Radiate Your Message to the World
 & Attract Your First Fans & Followers

Dharma Code: Transmission 5 

The fifth Dharma Code Transmission activates our Personal Magnetism & the Fire within to spread our message to others. This transmission relates to being seen, heard, felt & touching others with our message.  It allows us to use the power of personal magnetism & persuasion in sacred ways, to court the interest of our tribe & build connections with our ideal clients.

Online Business Modules

Module 13:  Lead Generators & Sacred Sales Funnels

  • Create your first Opt-In Offer 
  • Connect Your Opt-In Offer to Your First Sacred Sales Funnel
  • Automate Lead Conversion, for steady streams of ideal prospects 
  • Learn video marketing techniques for being seen & heard by your audience


Module 14:  Sales Pages

  • Embody Your Sacred Masculine Messenger
  • Get a Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Your First Sales Page
  • Learn how to build empathy, trust, & authority in telling your story
  • Easy Online tools for Quick Lead & Sales Page Creation

Module 15:  Social Media Basics

  • Building Intimacy & Connection on Social Media
  • Facebook: For Networking, Sharing, & Generating Support for Your Work
  • Personal vs. Professional?  Guidelines for Sharing & Healthy Work/Life Balance

November 2016: Receiving

Expanding Your Ability to Receive 
More Time, More Money, More Pleasure, More Support

Dharma Code: Transmission 6 

The sixth Dharma Code Transmission activates Gratitude, Joy, & Limitless Receiving.  This transmission is about accessing your deepest place of ecstasy & pleasure and expanding fully into that space without guilt, shame or self consciousness.  This ignites passionate giving, unending enthusiasm, & infinite gratitude, which powerfully rejuvenates your energy & allows you to sustain ongoing service over time.  Can you accept MORE freedom, joy, and bliss into your life?  How about more time, money, and miraculous support?  The 6th Dharma Code Transmission teach you the secrets to the Fountain of Youth, Life, & Abundance.

Sacred Wealth Modules

Module 16:  The Tantrika's Gift

  • Embracing Erotic Innocence, Joy, & Bliss to Expand Your Ability to Receive 
  • Esoteric Pleasure Practices to Rejuvenate Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul
  • Beauty, Nature, & the Wild Woman: How They Grow Your Bottom Line
  • Keeping Yourself HOT.  Feeling sensual, sexy, attractive & magnetic to your desires- no matter what your age OR what is going on in your life.
  • Becoming a MAGNET to both men & money, without guilt, shame, or deflection


Module 17:  The Queen's Code

  • Team Building & your "Royal Guard" 
  • Allowing Yourself to be Served & Receive the Best.  
  • Understanding the law of 10X10
  • Personal & professional boundaries to protect your time, money, & energy
  • Healing the Masculine Even Deeper to Expand your Empire & Ability to Receive

December 2016: Grounding

Creating Successful Online Group Programs
Leveraging Your Time, Energy & Resources to Grow Your Bottom Line.

Dharma Code: Transmission 7

The Seventh Dharma Code Transmission activates the qualities of Earth and Groundedness in your Purpose. This opens the pathways for your work to ground into the "taproot system" of the the Collective Consciousness of the planet, where it can take root and spread worldwide.  It is the perfect energetic preparation to this month's Curriculum, which is around creating successful group programs & trainings.

Sacred Wealth & Online Business Modules

Module 18:  The Basics of Creating Your First Online Program

  • Developing Your Message 
  • How to Deliver Your Service Long Distance & Online 
  • Support Systems: Tools, Team, & Technology
  • Ecstatic Birthing Pschology & Practices: As Applied to Online Launches
  • Financial Planning: Payment Plans & Best Practices for the Health of Your Business


Module 19:  Advanced Online Marketing & Advertising

  • Blogging.  Social Sharing & Video Marketing
  • Keys to Successful Affiliate Partnerships: Templates, Tools, & Relationships
  • Facebook Advertising 
  • Your "Special Sauce"- Getting Your Message Heard & Adored

January 2017: Expansion

List Building, Growth & New Year's Plans
The Joy of Expanded Heart-Centered Connection to Grow Your Mission

Dharma Code: Transmission 8

The Eigth Dharma Code Transmission activates the Heart and the energies of multi-dimensional expansion. It opens you to limitless possibilities of growth through Love and prepares you to receive Soul-Aligned Partners, allies, & relationships that grow your business.

Sacred Wealth & Online Business Modules

Module 20:  Organic Expansion: Planting the Seeds for Your Year Ahead

  • Tuning in to Your "Yes" in 2017
  • Setting Your New Manifestation Goals
  • Growing Strategically, yet Organically- Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energy
  • Practices for Using Your Dharma Code to Guide, Inspire & Direct the Year Ahead


Module 21:  List Building: Telesummits, Advertising, Joint Ventures

  • Get Your Ultimate Guide to Soulful Telesummits
  • Advanced Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads Training
  • Creating Fruitful Joint Venture Opportunities
  • YouTube Channels, Radio Shows, & Other Social Sharing Strategies

February 2017: Love

Ecstastic Integration at Times of Fruition
Offering Gratitude, Receiving Visions, & Embodying Your Up-Level as Love

Dharma Code: Transmission 9

The Ninth Dharma Code Transmission activates the freuqency of fruition & Energetic Integration with our fully manifested Purpose.  Ecstasy is the natural result of Creative Manifestation- holding tangible proof of Divine Love "in your arms" awakens the Soul.  This transmission helps you open to the Reality of Love deeper through your creative manifestation process.  This mitigates addictive tendencies and supports the ongoing blossoming of your Soul.

Sacred Wealth & Online Business Modules

Module 22:  Labor of Love: Ecstatic Integration

  • Secrets to Ecstatically Laboring without "Fall Out" on the Other Side
  • Integrating gratitude, rest, retreat, & celebration into your life & business
  • Soothing & creative practices to mitigate the intense energy of launches


LIVE Graduation Ceremony in Asheville, NC!

Join Kara and the Birth Your Business tribe LIVE for an in-person event & Integration ceremony.  Details TBA!

Please Note: The Exact Content in these Modules for the program could change, depending on the needs of the group.  Kara works organically with the tribe who gathers for this journey to serve their individual and collective needs.  But


“I’m now out in the coaching world, making money for my contribution.”

"Working with Kara on getting clear about what I’m offering to the Universe was so much more than I expected.  I’m just starting my coaching business amd although I’ve been coaching for over 7 years I wasn’t clear on what I was actually able to offer.

Kara was able to pull out parts of me and expand them to be exactly who I am.  She also was instrumental in helping me articulate my WHY.  My brand Radical Radiant Freedom was born.

Now out in the coaching world making money for my contribution to this world.   I highly recommend working with Kara.   So grateful for my time with this woman.  Absolutely brilliant!

Rachael Blumberg |

Featured in Forbe's 100 Best Websites for Women, After Working with Kara

"Working with Kara was more than a dream come true.

Not only did she move my web presence from “bland to grand,” attracting leading UK magazine interest within a month of launching the new site, but she also enabled me to be featured in Forbe’s 100 Best Websites for Women within my first year in business.

Kara helped me create a compelling message that evokes the best of what I have to offer.  For an original investment of a mere £3000.00, I feel I actually had value from Kara closer to the £10,000 mark, considering that her branding experience involves world class coaching!"

Grace Kelly |


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Receive 10 powerful transformational life & business coaching sessions with Kara (60 min-90min) to help you integrate this powerful work into your unqiue purpose-driven business and be supported to succeed!

Kara uses a combination of spiritual response therapy and coaching techniques to clear the subconscious and open you to your most expanded reality!

Group + Private


Save $497 if you pay in full. 

Group + Private
Payment Plan

$1997 Down
+ 12 Monthly Payments of $417

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