Prostitution comes from the Greek Word for “prostrate,” which means “to bow before the altar” or "to bow before a statue." 

Originally used to signify a Priestess or Sacred Vassal of the Ancient World, the word and the Journey of the Prostitute calls us to explore:

To Whom or To What Do We Give Our Power?

Breaking All Contracts
To Give Away Your Power

Sacred Prostitution governs The Feminine Side of a Power Dynamic in which one being (the Prostitute) gives him or herself completely to another being (or force in the Universe) "as God."

It is a deeply Divine Feminine experience, in which complete trust, devotion, and wholehearted service to "The Beloved One" is enacted for the purpose of Spiritual Growth...

A Relationship Dynamic that many souls who have had past lives in religious communities, sacred orders, or in divine service to a Spiritual Master, God, Goddess or any Divine Being carry within.

Sacred Prostitution is fine and well if the being or force to which the Prostitute ascribes his or her Power is in fact God, God Realized or at the very least operating in the Highest Good of the devoted one.

However, many reincarnated souls of Sacred Prostitutes unwittingly give their power away to people, places, religions, jobs, parents, partners, lovers, toxic organizations & cult leaders who are most certainly not God, nor are they operating in the Highest Good of the devoted one.

This can result in devastating trauma to the Soul itself...

A complete break down of all sense of faith, security, & trust in oneself, one's Feminine Essence, and the Universe.

Sacred Prostitution evolved out of the Goddess Temples of the Ancient World and is a manifestation of Divine Feminine Power.

Contracts of Sacred Prostiution, therefore, tend to govern Divine Feminine Souls on their path of Ascension.

Knowing when to break, cleanse or re-negotiate your contract as a Sacred Prostitute is vital to your path of Empowerment.

It is important to realize that at many points in history, Sacred Prostitution was severely corrupted. 

In service to "The Goddess" or "The Good of the People" a Sacred Prostitute might be taught to use his or her body to "take the war out of men" or offer their wombs to "cleanse demons" from the Soul of another.

This was billed as "sacred service" but in reality - the body, mind, and soul of the Prostitute was being used as a "karmic dumping ground" for empire corruption.

Reincarnated Sacred Prostitutes (with such experiences in their former lives) may be born into childhood sexual abuse or ritual cult abuse in an effort to liberate themselves from this trauma.

Other forms of "corrupted contracts" are...

  • Repeatedly attracting narcissistic or abusive romantic partners

  • Unwanted Patterns of saving, rescuing or healing men (or other people) with your sexual energy

  • Repeatedly taking on global problems and traumatic energy in the collective.  Running it through your own body (Often resulting in burn out, health issues, mental & emotional distress, and other energy issues with no known cause)


Additionally, unconscious contracts of Sacred Prostitution often create blocks for Souls who are trying to manifest Love, Family & the Conceiving of Children.

Financial empowerment may be blocked, or only available to the Soul through Sex Work or some form of Healing or Spiritual Work they no longer wish to practice.

In all such cases, its important to break, cleanse or re-negotiate your contract of Sacred Prostitution in order to reclaim your Power and Sacred Sovereignty once more.


The Prostitute is an incredibly Sacred Archetype- one that holds deep significance to the path of Divine Feminine Awakening.

However, its important to learn how to work with the trials and tribulations of the Sacred Prostitute Path - so you can embody this Archetype for its intended Purpose...

Which is to Serve Your Own Sovereign Self Empowerment

Do You Have
a Sacred Prostitute Contract?

The following are signs you may have a corrupted contract of Sacred Prostitution which is negatively impacting your health, relationships, finances, or spiritual empowerment.

Do You....

Compulsively "lose yourself" in relationship to others

Find yourself in repeated situations of complete mental, emotional, financial, sexual, or spiritual dependence on another? 

Often "give everything" - your heart, mind, body & soul in relationships, even when its not reciprocated?

Attract Narcissistic Partners?

Often find yourself trying to "heal" or "save" your lovers?

Are you...

Deeply devotional or a "die hard romantic" by nature?

Worshipful in the way you love? Do you tend to idolize "the Beloved?"

Attracted to cults, religions, spiritual or even political groups with a "cult mentality"? 

Were you...

Born into any sort of experience of childhood sexual abuse?

Born into any sort of cult, religion, or cultural upbringing where your parents encouraged you to ascribe to a "cult mentality?" 

Idolized by either of your parents? Treated as extremely special or "a sacred vassal?" (Sometimes combined with hidden sexual or emotional incest?) 

Do you...

Practice sex work or sexual healing work and want to change careers?  Make money in a new way?

Want to attract a life partner, but are struggling to do so?

Want to conceive or start a family, but feel hidden issues with the Sacred Prostitute are preventing you from doing so?

If so, it may be time to break your Sacred Prostitute Contract
& Reclaim the Devotional Essence of Your Divine Feminine Sexuality for Your Own Empowerment

Join Me for a 2hr Seminar:
Breaking the Sacred Prostitute Contract

On this Seminar, you will learn:

  • What is the Sacred Prostitute?  How is she connected to Divine Feminity?

  • What is the Divine Role or function of the Sacred Prostitute in terms of God Realization?

  • How has the Power of the Sacred Prostitute been corrupted on this planet?  Enslaved & Harvested by Malevolent Forces?

  • What common beliefs, race, sex & gender programming keep corrupted contracts of Sacred Prostitution in tact?

  • How does corruption of the Sacred Prostitute Archetype result in Co-Dependency & Chronic Divine Feminine Disempowerment on this planet?

  • How does corruption of the Sacred Prostitute Archetype result in Rape, Sexual Abuse, & Assault? (amongst other severe societal ills that our world suffers from)

  • How do Sacred Prostitute Contracts affect your sex, love, family, friendships, career, & financial life?

  • How to Break Sacred Prostitute Contracts and return the Divine Feminine Power that is inherent in this Archetype "to the Altar" of your Divine Self.

  • Why this is SO vital to Feminine Empowerment.  How to fully heal & empower yourself if you carry the karma of a Sacred Prostitute.

Seminar Date & Time

Seminar will take place on
Saturday March 9th @ 3pm EDT

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Recordings will be made & sent out afterwards if you can't make it live.

Plus- Akashic Records Healing 
Break The Sacred Prostitute Contract at Soul Level

This Healing Transmission will take place on the Evening of Sunday March 10th at 9pm your time wherever you are in the world (or rescheduled to a time you choose.) It breaks the Contract of Sacred Prostitution carried in the Akashic Record of this Planet for the Divine Feminine's Complicit Service, Love, Devotion & Obedience to all False God's of this World System...

Including & especially all Malevolent "Anti-Christ" Forces of the Archonic Matrix which seek to harvest, exploit, enslave, and bind the Power of the Divine Feminine Lifeforce & the Devotional Heart of the Sacred Mother in all.

This is a healing transmission to liberate the Feminine Essence within you from all forms of suffering and enslaved obligation to ANY other force, entity or being OTHER than your True Divine Self, resulting in complete & total Sovereign Self Empowerment.

It especially liberates the Feminine from:

  • All forms of martyrdom, self sacrifice, care taking, & co-depdendency - "bowing to" the will of another, out of fear,  compassion, or trauma

  • Breaks ALL contracts of perceiving, allowing, or devoting oneself to ANY force outside one's own Divine Self as "God" 

  • Clears all contracts prostituting one's lifeforce to the Shadow Powers of the Capitalist Money System.  Affirms complete Sovereign relationship to Money as an expression of the Divine Self Will through you.

  • Clears all contracts prostituting one's lifeforce to the Shadow Powers of Relationship: Guilt-tripping, fear, shame, forced obligation, pity, desperation, worthlessness, moral obligation, terrorizing, gaslighting, - amongst many other negative attributes of how people relate. 

  • Establishes the Christ-Magdalene Template of Sovereign Self Empowerment as code for how your Sacred Prostitute is meant to serve (only) the God within you. 

  • Assists in the freeing from toxic relationship, toxic co-depdency and all forms of toxic femininity

  • Includes Detailed PDF with guidelines for breaking personal contracts of Sacred Prostitution in your work, family, religious or relational life and establishing health, new, empowered boundaries for yourself to support sacred empowerment


From: Kara Gilligan

Hello, my name is Kara, and I write, speak & teach on the Path of the Sacred Prostitute & Divine Feminine Awakening.  I support men and women around the world to heal issues with money, sex & personal empowerment, returning these energies to God for their own Sovereign Self Empowerment.

My work is inspired from my own personal experience of awakening inside an "Illuminati-like" cult of male power as a young woman.  In an effort to heal myself from this trauma, I went on a deep spiritual journey and discovered I had past lives as a Sacred Prostitute- particularly a High Priestess of Hathor in Ancient Egypt.  Retrieving the gifts, as well as resolving the negative karma associated with this path, has supported my full healing & self empowerment.

My mission is to support other sacred sisters (and brothers!  there are male sacred prostitutes too!) around the world who may be struggling with the confusing karma or heavy burdens that this path can afflict us with.  When we throw off the shackles of trauma, fear, & shame, and eliminate our dependency on corrupt world system, we can reclaim the wisdom of the Sacred Prostitute as Divine Feminine Empowerment.  I offer my story and share my gifts as a channel for the Akashic Records for this expressed purpose.  

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