Journey Deep into the Mysticism of Hathor...

The Great Mother Goddess of Fertility, Love, Music, Dance, Sexuality & Abundance 

Be Initiated into the Venus Mystery School & Trained to Pass These Mysteries onto Others

The Out of Egypt Preview Seminar


(Male, Female, or Any Identification in Between)

Please allow me to introduce you to a long forgotten cult of Ecstatic Devotion...

To the Celebration of Life in its fullest regard!

To the Exaltation of Love!

The Glorious Rapture of the Senses!

To a Deeply Mystical & Erotic Sacred Space

 Where Music, Dance, Fragrance, Naked Bodies & the Beauty of the Arts...

Awaken the Alchemical Temple Within...

Allow My Transcendental Visions of a Great Mother Goddess

To Seed You with Electric Inspiration & Miraculous Healing

Opening Your Heart to Love

Activating Your Divine Joy

And Allowing You to Receive All Good Things in Life.

Oh, Earthy, Grounded, Mystical, Mother Hathor...

Dancing Sky Goddess.  Dakini.

Mistress of Milk & Honey.

The Sacred Cow.

Oh, Wildly Abundant Queen of Egypt.

Sovereign Protectress.

Giggling Stripper.

Nursing Mother.

Your Love Knows No Bounds...

Oh, Divine Feminine Light of the Third Eye!

Golden Lady.

Mother of the Dawn.

Shower us now with your blessings.

To you - Great Goddess - do we belong.

Join Me for a Transformational Journey...

Into the Ancient Temples of the Goddess Hathor:
The Long Forgotten "Mother of Civilization"

"Out of Egypt" is a 12 week journey into the Mysteries of the "Mother of Civilization.  You will be introduced to the 12 different "faces" of Hathor, the 12 paths of initiation as a priest or priestess of Hathor and inquiry into bringing these mysteries alive again to birth the "Civilization of the Future."  This training gives a full initiation into working with the Ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess, and covers the breadth and depth of her various titles, roles, & cosmic powers - activating you in "The Venus Path"... as an initiate of the Hathor Mystery School.

"Out of Egypt" is structured as a traditional initiation into an Ancient Mystery School Tradition, in which you- the aspirant- are considered a "Priest" or "Priestess" of Hathor - one who is being initiated to carry the Mysteries of Hathor into the modern world. Our focus is to support the remembrance of ancient knowledge, re-activation of DNA codes & sacred gifts, & the clearing of karmic (temple) wounds so that you can embody your full power once more.

By participating in this training, you will be blessed & activated in the Magdalene/Isis/Hathor Lineage and prepared to carry these teachings, ceremonies, & practices onto others.  This initiation is wonderful for anyone serving in:

  • The Healing Arts Professions
  • Coaching, Counseling, Intuitive Healing or Teaching
  • Sexual Empowerment & The Field of Intimacy/Human Relations
  • Midwifery & Birth Fields
  • Sex Work & Erotic Dancing
  • Dancers & Performance Artists
  • Wealth & Business Coaching
  • Visual Artists, Musicians & Creative Visionaries
  • Goddess Studies, Natural Healing or Nature Studies

Foundations of Power: The Venus Path

Be introduced to a forgotten path of Sacred Knowledge based in the Mother Goddess.  "The Venus Path"... is The Path of Love.  A Path of Spiritual Development through Divine Sensuality, Sacred Relationship, The Blessings of Life & most importantly, Divine Love.  Dive into the Akashic History of this Universal Spiritual Path through multiple reiligions & cultural traditions and understand how the Hathor Mystery School & the culture of Ancient Egypt, was an expression of this once Sacred Order.

Blessings of the Mother, Hathor

Meet Hathor: the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Love & Primordial "Mother of the Universe" in ritual and ceremony and allow your relationship to Her to unfurl.  Unveil the Beauty of our own Galaxy- the Milky Way- as Hathor's Sacred Creation.  Move from her Cosmic Manifestation as "The Dancing Sky Goddess" (Dakini) to her Earthly role as "The Sacred Cow"- Mother of Civilization. Understand each of her titles & sacred powers as an aspect of your own Divine Femininity (whatever your gender).  Learn how to activate & receive the blessings of the Great Mother Goddess through Sacred Sound & ritual connection to your Body, the Earth, the Stars, the body of your Beloved, & your own Sacred Sensuality. 

Temple Wounds & Sacred Prostitution

Journey through the karmic wounds that plagued the Goddess Temples of the Ancient World- healing your soul of "The Whore of Babylon" stigma and empowering yourself to own the "Path of the Sacred Prostitute" in a healthy & empowered way in modern times.  We will explore key, archetypical "Temple Wounds" that are nearly ubiquitous to the Temple Priest or Priestess Experience - from "The Mother Wound" to unconscious contracts to "Take the War out of Men" (or Frustration out of Women) or trauma held from "The Fall of the Temples" and how that may be impacting your present-day life. Lift heavy burdens & free yourself to embrace the bliss of who you are, without shame, fear, or learned disempowerment.

Divine Love & Erotic Sovereignty

The Highest Expression of "Mother Nature" is the manifestation of The Supreme Lover - the deeply devotional, nurturing, & sensual "Mother of Consciousness." The Mother is the Template & Source for how we relate to the world. Become a master of relationship!  Dance with the Holy Empowered Essence of the Sacred Prostitute to awaken Divine Love, Erotic Sovereignty, and your Relational Genius. 

You will receive training & initiation in the Arts of Erotic Intimacy, Sacred Relationship & Shakti Cultivation, applied to both the realms of personal romantic relationships, as well as familial, professional, & even predatory relationships ("relationship to your enemies")... so you can become a master at all levels of the relational world of form. This results in relational sovereignty and the ability to hold Divine Love (which doesn't always look like a "bed of roses") through all levels of your walk in the world.

Temple Modules

Below is an outline of our content over the 12-Week Training


1. The Venus Mystery School

 Your journey begins with a deep Initiation to the Venus Mystery School.

The Ancients associated the Planet Venus with the Divine Feminine,
and we begin our Journey into the Mysteries of the Goddess Hathor, with a deep exploration of the Spiritual Lineage, Legacies, & Overarching Teachings of the "Venus Path"- a Path of Spiritual Awakening through the Divine Mother.

You will learn about the Lineage to which this Training belongs- the Magdalene, Isis, Hathor Lineage.  The Goddess Schools & the lost Goddess Religions of the Ancient World, and the principles, prayers, and core teachings of the Venus Path.

2. The Goddess Hathor

 Meet the Grand "Mother of Civilization"

This module focuses on the Goddess Hathor & working with Her in ritual containers.  Explore Hathors vast & diverse Character, Symbols, Mythology, & Forms of Worship.  Learn how to bring Hathor's Essence into your life through ritual dance, music, sacred sexuality & sound healing. Understand & receive initiation into Hathor's Mystery School & embody your devotion to the Ecstatic "Sexy Mamma" of Creation that lives within your Heart & Soul.

3. The Calling of the Temple Priest or Priestess

 Serving the Goddess is a lifelong (often lifetimes long!) path of devotion. In this module you will learn about the calling of the temple priest or priestess, serving the balance of creation, & working with the various laws, universal forces, & karmic considerations which impact devotee's of the Mother.

This module contains essential knowledge on the Soul Development of  Temple Priestes & Priestesses (of Hathor- or another ancient Goddess) that will likely help you understand your life, relationships, and your life's work much more.  We cover how to work as a "hand of the Goddess" in the modern world, navigating the typical challenges that arise in both personal, professional & Spiritual (inner worlds) for those with this Soul Calling.

4. Return of the Temple Live Event

(Optional- See Details Below)

Those joining us for the Live Training Event in San Diego will gather on the Lion's Gate- 8/8 & 8/9 for in-person activation & teachings.  Please see the Return of the Temple Live Event Description below for more details.

5. Temple Wounds & Sacred Prostitution

It is impossible to move forward until the past is resolved! Temple Priests and Priestesses carry the karma of the Temple's at Soul Level.  In this module you will learn about Archetypical Temple Wounds & how to clear specific blockages derived from the transition to the Kali Yuga, which began during the Age of Hathor.  This module is devoted to your deep awakening.  Clearing of the Mother Wound, Sister Wound, Male Sacred Prostitute Wounds, and the karma with the Luciferian "Dark Brotherhood" who usurped the Temple Mysteries during the Dark Ages of deep Feminine Disempowerment from which we are currently rising.

6. The Twelve Paths of the Priest(ess)
& the 12-Strand DNA of the New Human

The Hathor Mystery School has 12 Paths of Devotion, which correlate to the 12 Spiritual Powers of Mankind and our imminent transition to 12-strand DNA "Temples" of the body of the "New Human."  You will learn about the 12 paths of the priest(ess) & how to determine which paths you have prior activation in, along with practices to re-activate & deepen your chosen field of Knowledge. This module also focuses deeply on the Body as Temple, and how to cleanse, upgrade, and activate the New Human 12-Strand DNA that will allow you to evolve into the next age of Civilization on this planet. 

7. Healing the Mother Wound

The greatest challenge to Western Civilization itself is reconnecting to the Earth as Mother.  In this module, you will learn theory, method, & coaching practices for healing Western Civilization's Mother Wound, including decolonization work, re-wilding, and teaching the Magdalene Wounds.  You will receive Wisdom Teachings on why the Mother Wound exists and what it actually is on a metaphysical level, as well as methods for clearing trauma, transforming belief systems, and working speciifcally with Hathor's energy & the power of Her divine love & sacred pleasure for restoring wholeness in human beings once more.

8. "Sexy Mamma"
A New Paradigm of Nurturing Pleasure

What makes Pleasure "profane" - addictive, damaging, "evil," or destructive- is when pleasure is disassociated from the Nurturing Mother Consciousness that creates it.  "Pleasure" is inescapably connected to Shakti.  Sources of "Pleasure" for humanity- food, sex, money, power, fame, love, etc. - are all forms of Shakti.  Your goal is to reconnect these forms of Pleasure to the Love of the Mother.  In this module, we discuss the New Paradigm of Pleasure and building our relationship to food, money, sex, power and more on the Consciousness of Nature as Loving Mother.  We also discuss transitioning "The World of Mankind" (ie: Civilization itself) onto Natural Systems of Energy Production at both the personal & macro levels of our society.  How to be an agent and an advocate for this transition in your own life & life's work.

9. Temple of Love:
Evolutionary Relationships

Relationship is the currency of Ascension.  The New Human will experience individual consciousness in continuity with the Oversoul of Humanity.  The paradigm of the isolated, suffering, limited self is over.  In the Temple of Love, you will learn the Tantric Practices of Relationship. Understand what Sacred Relationship is & how to mitigate Sacred Relationship at both the individual & Cosmic levels.  Activate Sacred Relationship with your Soul Group & Soul Family. Learn communication & healing practices to clear personal, ancestral, & collective relational wounds.  Open the door to continuous & unending Love that exists within & without.

10. Earth Guardianship

Humanity's Relationship to the Earth & the Kingdoms of Nature is the Source of Culture.  Hathor teaches us that all materials of sustenance, art & creation come from the Mother.  She is therefore a Goddess of Trade, Art, & Culture as much as She is a Goddess of Love. In this module, you will learn about humanity's Sacred Relationship to the Earth, and how  language, cultural traditons, cuisines, art, mythologies & even the biological characteristics of a people are products of their relationship to the land & ecosystems of their ancestral lines.  When we lose connection to the land, we lose LIFE and what makes life worth living! In this module, you will be called to explore your genetic ancestry & homelands, as well as to create sacred relationship to the land you currently live on.  You will learn tools for communicating with the Nature Kingdoms, working with the energy of the Earth, and become an activator of the New Human Earth-Centric Civilization. 

11. Transforming Luciferianism

As a Temple Priest or "Mother of Civilzation," knowing how to confront the systemically entrenched paradigm of fear, greed, and "manipulation by force" which currently runs our world order will greatly serve you in your success & service to the Mother.  There is a deep sacred relationship between Agents of the Goddess and what I like to call "Luciferians." In this module, you will receive initiation into the lost histories & metaphysical purpose behind this relationship... and most importantly be taught how to free yourself from fear & become immune to the resistance of current power system to bring your gifts into the world.

12. Earth Changes & Thriving in the Midst of Chaos

We close this Sacred Journey by discussing Earth Changes and how to steward yourself, your family and the collective through potential Earth Changes, environmental, economic & political crisis.  Any woman knows that Birth is "apocalyptic" in a way.  There is pain.  Often agony!  The sense that you will not make it before the miracle of New Life appears.  In way, Mother Earth is birthing a new human civilization, and She needs "sacred Doula's" and "Midwives" of the New Humanity to steward human consciousness through that apocalyptic shift in consciousness.  In this module, you will learn Ecstatic Birthing Secrets and how to steward yourself & others through radical transformation.  Learn how to thrive in the midst of chaos and change.  Support others- family members, friends, community members, and even collective communities to rise above fear and surrender into the Ecstatic Life that awaits us on the Other Side of this Shift.

Return of the Temple: The Live Event

Lions Gate 8/8-8/9, San Diego

So many of the profound miracles that are possible on this Path cannot be experienced alone through online practice, but must be experienced in-person.  In community. 

Tantric Events are always a "mixed bag" when it comes to the quality of facilitation and community involved.  Our goal for this exclusive private retreat is to provide a space of safety, radiant wholeness, & pure transparency for the opening of the heart, healing of the mind, and integration of somatic embodiment of the Hathor Mystery Teachings.

"Return of the Temple" is a 2-day event, hosted in San Diego California, on a very sacred day- the Lion's Gate- 8/8/2019.  This is the day the Earth aligns with the star - Sirius- Galactic Motherseed of Ancient Egyptian Culture... This event signaled the flooding of the Nile River and the return of abundance to Egypt after the long hot summer.  It was the traditional start of their New Year. 

We will be calling forth "The Return of the Temple" on this sacred & auspicious day... opening ourselves to receive cosmic downloads, healing upgrades to our Lightbodies, & remembrace of the Sacred Way in a weekend immersion that will feature:

  • Tantric In-Person Immersion to the Hathor Mystery School Teachings

  • Sacred Breathwork, Dance, Music & Soung Healing

  • Instruction from Guest Facilitators in the realms of Tantric Alchemy, Egyptian Sex Magic & other Ancient Mystery School Traditions

  • Somatic Integration through Sacred Touch & Bodywork

  • Tantric Union Ceremony the Night of the Lion's Gate - Specificially in the name & tradition of Hathor

Note: Return of the Temple is a "Pink Tantra" event, which is open to all genders.  "Pink Tantra" means that there will be no nudity or actual sexual contact at this event.  We will be channeling the Mysteries of Hathor through consensual exercises in emotional intelligence, somatic breathwork & body integration & relational healing.

Those who come to the Event, will be blessed to share the teachings from this course & the Mysteries of the Cult of Hathor with others in their own practices.

Though it is not necessary to attend the Live Event, we highly recommend it!

The intention of "Return of the Temple" is to re-activate the tribe of Teachers who are here to hold the Light of Hathor in present-day society... to give you access to supportive community & instruction & to initiate you in harmonic alignment with the Cosmic Force of the Mother that oversees and guides this work in the world.

Note: This event will be hosted at a private home in San Diego.  Lunch will be provided both days & Dinner the night of the Lion's Gate.  You will be responsible for your own accomodations in San Diego.  We may have limited spaces available at the Retreat Home, and will offer those spaces on a first come first serve basis to those who sign up for the event.

For more information or to book a discovery session with Kara to see if the event is right for you, click here!

Out of Egypt
The Online Initiation Includes..

3 Months of...

  • Weekly Videos
  • PDF Tutorials & Ritual Guides
  • Bi-Weekly Group Conference Calls
  • Akashic Healing Transmissions
  • Private Facebook Forum (for community connection & support)
  • Special Guest Teachers (in the fields of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality &  Ancient Mystery School Traditions) 
  • Initiation into the "Temple Mysteries of Hathor" and ability to lead others in ceremony and these sacred teachings 

Out of Egypt + Live Event


Everything from the Online Initiation, plus...

  • A Deeply Immersive In-Person Experience for Hands-On Practice & Somatic Integration of these mysteries & teachings
  • The Activation of Personal Community- Friendships Made for a Lifetime!
  • * All those who sign up for the Live Event will also receive an Akashic Reading with Kara... accessing their specific gifts, skills, & past lives connected to the Venus Path/ Hathor Mystery School.  Receive valuable one-on-one guidance & support to integrate your unique purpose in this path

Out of Egypt
Starts of the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene...
July 22nd - October 22, 2019

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Online Initiation


3 Payments of $397

Initiation + Live Event


2 Payments of $899

Discovery Session

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Note on the Use of the Word "Prostitute"

*The word "Prostitute" is a word that was historically used to denounce Priests & Priestesses of the Goddess in the Ancient World, most especially those who served Goddessed devoted to Divine Love, Fertility & Sacred Sexuality.

We choose to reclaim the word "prostitute" in its original meaning as a "sacred vassal" of the Ancient World. Working with the word "prostitute" (instead of "Priest" or "Priestess") reminds us that service to the Divine is not divorced from the realms of sensuality, sex, money, desire & material existence, but is ONE with it. This is the Path of the Goddess. The Path of the Tantric or Tantrika - where embodied sensuality, wealth & creativity are vessels for spiritual awakening & fuel for spiritual growth.  For all those who have suffered shame, demonization, & the casting out of their "lover Natue" (hint: MOTHER nature) in the Piscean Age... Welcome Home.

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