We live in a Luciferian World...

Its time to see the truth that's been hiding in plain sight.

An Introduction

The Lucifer Upgrade is a mini course which introduces the 4 most important points of reflection on the archetype, history & influence of Lucifer & Luciferianism on our collective consciousness. It is a seminar series designed to take you into the myth, mystery & hidden histories that underly not only America, but also our global civilization - supporting you to heal wounds related to colonization, fear, and domination by the Shadow Masculine.

The Lucifer Upgrade is templated off similar work I have done with Lilith...  exploring Lucifer as a form of Primal Masculinity.  The focus of this course is to dispel fearful illusions by shining a genuine LIGHT on the truth (Lucifer is the Light Bringer after all!) and reveal what has been purposefully hidden from humanity up until this time.

If you have ever wondered - what is really going on in our world power system?  Do "satanic cults" truly rule the world?  Why is Lucifer so deeply connected to witches? Mary Magdalene?  What is "False Light?"  Or if you are interested in exploring higher wisdom regarding Celestials, Fallen Celestials, ET's, the relationship between human, deity, and demonic realms, or just need some guidance to sift through WTF is going on right now (since the collective is "blowing up" with rebellion, aggression, conspiracy theories, colonization wounds, and so many other Primal Masculine / Luciferian signatures its hard to keep up! )... this course is for you.

Call 1:

Lucifer in Myth & Legend :
An Ancient Goddess Religion

Think Lucifer & Satan are the same thing?  Think Again. 

Lucifer is much older & actually descends from an Ancient Goddess Religion. Be introduced to the Gnostic Understanding of Lucifer as "The Morning Star" & his integral relationship to Venus & The Venutian Mysteries. Understand why Luciferians are consorted to Magdalenes & the ancient relationship between these two soul groups going back throughout time.

CALL 1 & CALL 2 will be combined & offered on

Thursday 9/24/2020  @ 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT

Duration: 120 min

* All Seminars will be recorded & you can watch at your convenience via replay.

Call 2:

Luciferianism & America:
Secret Societies & How They Shaped the American Value System

Do "Satanic Cults" rule the world? 
Or is there a more complicated history we don't fully understand?

Dive into the lost histories of The Knights Templar, Freemasons & Secret Societies which flourished throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. Understand how Luciferian Values - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly - are part of the fundamental ideology of America & how they are changing as we enter the Aquarian Age.


Thursday 9/24/2020 @ 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT

Duration: 120 min

* All Seminars will be recorded & you can watch at your convenience via replay.

Call 3:

Luciferianism & Colonization:
Fallen Celestials, ET's, & the Search for "New Worlds"

Most people think of colonization as an earthly, historical wound (because it is)

But Colonization is also a Cosmic / Galactic Wound connected to the Primal Masculine Impetus of "The Progenitor." Explore Lucifer as both a Rebel Conqueror & Progenitor of Worlds - how Colonization Wounds are intimately tied to the origins of Human Civilization through ET & "Fallen Celestial" involvement on Earth & how to heal these wounds


Monday 9/28/2020 @ 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT

Duration: 60 min

* All Seminars will be recorded & you can watch at your convenience via replay.

Call 4:

Luciferianism & "The False Light" : 
Cutting through Illusions in Christian & New Age Ideology

What is "The False Light?"

In this power packed call, you will be introduced to a many thousand year old Tantric Buddhist teaching on "False Light" & the "shadow of the Gods" - why Buddhists do not seek "heavenly realms" and the massive Consciousness Trap that comes for those who do. You will learn how to cut through "False Light" in both Christian & New Age Ideologies, as well as understand how it operates through White Supremacy. Through this, you will receive the "Lucifer Upgrade," coming into Gnostic Experience of your own Primal Masculine Force of Self Realization, which cuts through illusions to reveal God to God's Self.


Thursday 10/1/2020 @ 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT 

Duration: 60 min

* All Seminars will be recorded & you can watch at your convenience via replay.



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