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Welcome to "Out of Egypt: The Return of the Temple Training." On this page you will find your Training Schedule, Resources & Material, and all information about the "Out of Egypt" Training + Return of the Temple Event.  Please bookmark this page so you can refer to it easily over the next few months!


Below you will find your Training Schedule.  Training Materials for each week will be posted on Sunday evenings prior to the start of that weeks' Module & Content.  All Group Conference Calls will be held on the weekends and you can find the Zoom Conference Line at the bottom of the page.


Preparing for Your Initiation

Orientation Conference Call:

Click Here for the Replay

Week 1 & 2

July 22nd-August 5th

Hathor: Activation in the Mysteries of the Mother of Civilization

Training Materials

Module 1: 

The Madgalene Lineage
& Foundation of the Venus Mystery School

Companion Content:
Developing Devotional Practice

Module 2: 

The Goddess Hathor 
Meeting the Grand "Mother of Civilization"

Companion Content:
Invoking Hathor with the Hathor Rising Tranmission
Lion's Gate 8/8/2019 @ 9pm your time wherever you are in the world.

- Invocation Ritual Guide -

Click Here to Download

(Retreat Participants will do this in person on 8/8 at the retreat.)

Weeks 3 - 6

August 5th - August 30th

Training Materials

In-Person Event: 

The Return of the Temple
Live Activation & Training
in San Diego, CA

Lion's Gate: August 8th & 9th

Module 3: 

Sky Goddess Training:
The Calling of the Temple Priest or Priestess
Working with Universal Law, Space, Time, Ritual Containers

Module 4: 

The Path of the Animate: "Sacred Cow" 
Sacred Nourishment, The Egyptian 10 Bodies of Light
Sacred Embodiment Practice

Group Calls

Group Call 8/24

Integration from Retreat + Overview of the Rest of Training

Embody Your Light with Alex Tarris & Ahaumna AhMaya

Weeks 7 - 10

September 1st - September 30th

Training Materials

Module 5: 

"Sexy Mamma:" 
Hathor as Fertility Goddess & the Sexual Healing Arts

Foundational Practices for the Path of the Sacred Sexual Priest/Priestess
A Guide to Sexual Healing Work, & Daka / Dakini Training

- Packet Posted Here -

(Available September 9th)

- Video Posted Here -

(Available September 9th)

Module 6: 

Sacred Sound:
Music, Sound Healing & Vocal Enchantments

Developing Your True Voice for Healing, Magic & Manifestation
Hypnotism, Spell Casting, & the Power of the Word

- Packet Posted Here -

(Available September 16th)

- Video Posted Here -

(Available September 16th)

Module 7: 

The Queen of Egypt:
Leadership Training & Wealth Consciousness
as a Teacher, Healer, Change Agent & Transformatinal Facilitator

- Packet Posted Here -

(Available September 23rd)

- Video Posted Here -

(Available September 23rd)

Group Calls

Weeks 7-10 Conference Calls:

Saturday, September 14th @ 1pm EDT

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Saturday, September 28th @ 1pm EDT

(See "Conference Line" section below for Call-In Details)

Weeks 11 - 14

October 1st - October 31st

Training Materials

Module 8: 

Beauty, Pleasure & Social Empowerment
Mirror Work, Developing Confidence in Identity & Personal Appearence
Capitalizing on the Currency of Magnetic Social Engagement

- Packet Posted Here -

(Available October 7th)

- Video Posted Here -

(Available October 7th)

Module 9: 

Earth Changes: The Devic Priest(ess) Path
Natural Medicine, Botanicals, Essential Oils & the Elemental Intelligence of Nature
Supporting Others & Yourself through the Earth Changes
& our Environments' Rapidly Evolving Biom 

- Packet Posted Here -

(Available October 14th)

- Video Posted Here -

(Available October 14th)

Module 10: 

Lucifer & the Liberation of the Underworld
Shadow Priest/Priestess Training. Principles of Working with the Underworld.
Protection & Defense Training.  Boundaries. Psychic Protection & Dragon Riding.
"Lucifer into Christ:" Transforming Toxic Masculinity in Ourselves & Others

- Packet Posted Here -

(Available October 21st)

- Video Posted Here -

(Available October 21st)

Group Calls

Weeks 11 -14 Conference Calls:

Saturday, October 12th @ 1pm EDT

Saturday, October 26th @ 1pm EDT

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(See "Conference Line" section below for Call-In Details)

Week 15

November 1st - November 8th

Training Materials

Module 11: 

Hathor as the Eye of Ra
Intuitive Reading, The Path of the Seer, Working with
the Akashic Records & Channeled Guidance Sessions

- Packet Posted Here -

(Available November 4th)

- Video Posted Here -

(Available November 4th)

Group Call

Week 15 Conference Call:

Saturday, November 9th @ 1pm EDT

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(See "Conference Line" section below for Call-In Details)


Carrying This Message to the World

Transmitting Materials, Knowledge & Resources. 
Working as a Temple Priest or Priestess in the Modern World

Graduation Packet

(will be posted November 11th)

Graduation Welcome Video

(will be posted November 11th)

Graduation Conference Call:

Saturday, November 16th @ 3pm EDT

(See "Conference Line" section below for Call-In Details)

Conference Line

Group Calls will be held on Zoom.


You can access the conference line via phone or online video conference.
If you can, please join by video conference and turn your camera on so the group can see and hear you! Conference line details are below:


Online Conference Line:


Access by Phone:

+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

Meeting ID: 777-143-0000

Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/aufMtThvJ

Facebook Group

Join the Out of Egypt Facebook Group


Please note: if you have trouble accessing the group, contact Kim- kim@wakingbeauty.com and send her your Facebook Email Address so she can invite you to the group. 

Privacy & Sharing

In this Training Program, members may need to open up and share personal stories, challenges, and growth opportunities on both Group Training Calls and in our Facebook Forum.  

Please know that our Facebook Group is private and Group Training Calls will never be shared with anyone outside of our group.  However, we cannot always ensure that others in the group will not share information they hear in the forum or on group calls with others.  Take that into consideration!  And if something is highly highly sensitive to you, you may wish to book a personal session with Kara to address it, rather than share in the group forum.

We ask everyone in this training to be sensitive to the privacy needs of Group Members and to not share other member's stories or personal processes with anyone else outside the group, unless you have their express permission to do so.

Let's make this a safe and nourishing place for all of us to be seen, heard, and supported in our healing & empowerment journies!


Please let us know ASAP if you received the bonus to come to the Temple Training for free.  Email Kim (kim@wakingbeauty.com) to let her know if you are coming or not.

If you received the Bonus of a Private Akashic Reading with Kara, please also email Kim to book your reading.  Please send her your: full legal name, date of birth & place of birth, along with any questions or intentions you have for your session.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding payment, course materials, broken links, or other technical or administrative concerns, please email our Administrative Assistant Kim Wanamaker at kim@wakingbeauty.com.

For personal questions regarding your experience with the training, post in the Facebook Forum and tag Kara!

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