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Join Us for the 2019 Initiation to the Sacred Wealth Mysteries

A 3-Part Call Series

The Spiritual Secrets that were stolen.  The Initiation of Kings & Queens.

The true "Illuminati" Mysteries...

Now Given Back to the Rightful Agents of Divine Will.

Welcome to the Economics of God (And Other Amazing Revelations)

Are you ready to become King/Queen?

You are invited to...


A radical initiation that will challenge you to...

---> Go beyond the "humble servant" programming of your religious or cultural upbringing

---> Constantly deflecting attention, power & prosperity to accomodate other people's will

You are invited to smash...

---> Learned strategies of survival that have been keeping you broke, suffering & disempowered

---> The Codependent Empath, the Savior, the Martyr, the Victim ... and many more

You are invited to embrace...

---> An attitude of Entitlement - one that comes from deep within your Soul.

---> The authority of a Monarch - one who has been instilled with the Divine Right to Rule.

---> The grace of a Sovereign - one who knows he/she is God - whole & complete of his/herself

And you are invited to realize...

---> What incredible healing can come into your life, once you accept your Divine Power

---> What incredible doors open up for you, once you master Divine Prosperity

---> What incredible good you can do for this world, once you choose your Divine Destiny and accept the sacred responsibility of The Crown



Join Us for this 3-Part Initiation to...

The Sacred Wealth Mysteries

Call 1

Divine Monarchy & Systems of 
Power throughout Time.

Democratic "Luciferianism" 
of our Present Age 

The Lost Histories


Date & Time



This call explores various systems of power & government throughout time & gives a detailed overview of how "Luciferiansim" has become the "modus operandum" of our current world order.

This call answers the question...

How do we own our power in an inherently corrupt system?

Without allowing the system of power to corrupt us, ourselves?

Call 2

Breaking the Spell of "Powerlessness"

Financial Empowerment,
& the Healing of Economic Victimhood

The New Monarchs


Date & Time



Awaken from the spell of learned disempowerment!

This call explores the secrets to financial empowerment & the mindset of Kings/Queens. You will learn how to heal specific underlying (economic) wounds such as slavery, indigenous geocide, and religious money wounds, amongst others.

Understand how co-dependency underlies toxic materialism and how to free yourself for good from  toxic sources of income/power.


Call 3

Economics of God

Business as Sacred Relationship -
The Divine Feminine
Benediction of Trade

The Sacred Wealth Mysteries


Date & Time



"Economics of God" is templated deeply in Divine Feminine Intelligence.

Nature is the only 100% sustainable & renewable "Divine Economy" and the future is symbiotic - An "Aquarian Age" civilization, where trade, tech, science & government operate in harmony with Natural Law.

Hathor was a Goddess of Trade & this call explores Sacred Wealth as Sacred (Economic) Relationship- how to structure business in accordance with Natural Law



Sacred Wealth...


The mysteries covered in this call series are descended from the Ancient Egyptian Rites of Initiation for The Pharaoh- The Sacred King or Leader of Creation, to whom the Divine Right to Rule is bestowed. 

They are birthed from the lost mystery school traditions of the Goddess, devoted to the initiation of Kings & Queens.  Specifically that of the Royal Cult of Hathor in Ancient Egypt-  The Mother of the Pharoah & The Consort of Kings- and the role her priestesses played in blessing, initiating & supporting the Ascension of Monarchs in Ancient Egypt. 

After Hathor, the traditions of this Mystery School passed to the Cult of Isis - the leading Mother Goddess of Egypt during the Age of Aries.  And finally, to Mary Magdalene - "The Consort of the King" at the Dawn of the Age of Pisces... at which time the bulk of these mysteries were then repressed- hidden underground in secret societies & orders- due to the vicious onslaught of the Catholic Church and the shaming, demonizing & casting out of the Divine Feminine which occured during this age of time.

Secret Societies such as the Knights of TemplarThe Masons, The Order of the Golden Dawn and other mystery schools throughout Europe carried pieces of this tradition forward to our present age.

However, due to the destruction and loss of the Priestesshood (who once guarded & maintained the purity of these mysteries) and the deeply disempowered state of women & the Divine Feminine during the last Age of Time, inevitably, the True Essence of Sacred Wealth was corrupted... employed for selfishexclusionary & even perverse purposes of domination & exploitation by the "faceless" global elites of our present era.

Now, for the first time in over 2,000 years, these teachings are offered again to the public through the reincarnation of Ka-Ra (Kara Gilligan/Akara Sophia).

X No more can the rites of Kings be exclusively guarded by a few. 

X No more can wealth, power & influence be held by a secret & corrupt minority. 

X And no more can the spiritually-inclined "agents of God" hide themselves from the world... safely protected in monastaries & convents, vowing renunciation - and thus responsibility- for what is taking place on the material plane.

It is time for a New Age and a new empowered Sacred Leader to be born.

About Kara

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the Sacred Wealth Mysteries.  My name is Akara Sophia, also known as Kara Gilligan, and I'm here to introduce you to the secrets of Power.

Sacred Wealth was born from my experiences inside an Ivy League fraternity called Bones Gate - where I witnessed brothers hazing & torturing each other in twisted "rites of initiation" which taught them...

  • Violence as a form of "Power"
  • Disassociation from the body & the Feminine Principle "to become a man."
  • And bonding through Shame, Secrecy & Humiliation (with the unspoken need to protect each other's "terrible secrets" as the price paid to enter "the global elite.")

Deeply disturbed by these tragic initiations and the terrible effect they had - both on these men and (through them) to all the people they would go on to influence as leaders in the world...

I had a radical breakdown, which initiated a Great Awakening into a lost & long forgotten Divine Feminine Mystery School, devoted to (amongst other things) the Initiation of Kings. 

I remembered my past lives as a High Priestess of Hathor- The Great Egyptian Mother Goddess from the Age of Taurus who births the sun God (and Pharaoh), Ra. Slowly I began to alchemize the terrible wounds, mind control programs, and "black magic codes" which I witnessed at Bones Gate, and re-channeled the original "Initiation of Kings," from the Hathor Mystery School, adapting it for our present time.

Sacred Wealth is the result of this 15 year journey - a mystery school, healing program, and leadership training that is everything the Ivy League should have been (but wasn't!). In this school, the Goddess is Power, and the King is chosen by Her, nurtured by Her, and elevated by Her to be the guardian & protector of Her Creation - essentially, All Life.

This is the place to come if you are looking for empowerment in your Sacred Masculine. If you need to "reverse the false power dynamic" we've inherited from this present age and  wealth, power & influence without disassociating from your body, intuition, deep feelings or divine feminine essence. And if you are a man - or would like to work with men - in the realms of leadership & financial empowerment.

Come remember and re-explore a Lost Mystery Tradition, that can provide incredible healing, insight & empowerment on your journey to fulfilling Life Purpose!

Join Us on Sliding Scale...


(Pay what you will)



Just beginning your journey
to prosperity




Fruitful & ready to assist
in the mission




Lady or Lord - your
grace runneth over!


*Please note: Sacred Wealth can induce massive releases of collective, ancestral, & past life trauma that may trigger the awakening of Kundalini Shakti & activation of your Life Purpose.  We are not responsible for White Light Experiences, Mind-Blowing Samadhi States, and other Supernatural Occurences that may grace you by taking part in this call series.  Thanks be to God!

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