A Spiritual Mystery School:
Devoted to Sacred Wealth & Empowerment

Healing, Magic & Manifestation

May your cup runneth over...
May you be filled with the blessings of Abundance!

Welcome Creators!

 Sacred Wealth is a Mystery School for awakening Souls devoted to creating peaceful, prosperous lives of Abundance, living on Purpose in your Spiritual Gifts.  Our focus is to support the embodiment of your Divine Creative Power, to assist you in healing your relationship to money, & manifesting, and to support you leading a life of purpose which fills you with gratitude & deep devotion to others.

This is a Magic School, where prosperity is an art of your Soul's Embodiment & commitment to Leadership in God. 

Are you ready to step into your role as a Divine Creator/Creatrix?  Are you ready to heal your relationship to money?  To open your Divine Creative Power?  And embody your Purpose as a leader of the New Paradigm? 

Then read on!

Sacred Wealth: Opening the Gateway
To Your Ecstatic Life Purpose


Sacred Wealth is a Soul-led healing experience for Leaders of the New Paradigm.  By healing money wounds & clearing the "black magic" of Patriarchal Enslavement, we prepare ourselves to embrace a profound new opportunity that is upon us now... to step into Sacred Leadership as stewards of a New Pardigm, where the material & spiritual realms shall come together again.

This Academy provides Tantric initiations, Soul-level healings, & Wisdom Teachings which deeply heal your relationship to money, power & resources so you are free to create in alignment with your Soul's Calling. Learn how to work with money as a magical, healing energy! Step into the art of sacred economic relationship and practice manifestation as Leader in God. Embody a New Paradigm of Wisdom, Peace & Sacred Empowerment for yourself & the planet.


Unlock the Gateways of Sacred Pleasure to Source the pure Feminine Power of Shakti within you. Learn how to manifest through Spontaneous Guidance, Soul Wisdom & Tantric Ecstasy. Remember that it is Pleasure & Love (Not Pain & Violence) which is the True Source of your Creative Power


Activate your Dharma Codes & Why You Are Here- the unique Soul Purpose for which you've been called. Become a Sovereign Being who can Source beyond fear of survival, competition or struggle for resources & manifest consciously from a place of true integrity with the essence of Who You Are.


Receive the healing Nature of Prosperity at all levels of your life.  Release all sense of scarcity that comes with Separation from the Godhead.  Reprogram your relationship to money to be an ally on your path. Channel wealth as Divine, healing energy that emantes from your Union with Source.

Before there was money...
There was Mother.


Before there was money- before the current age of our Western Industrial money system- Material Abundance was understood to be an aspect of Feminine Power- the Great Mother's ability to bring forth life.  To produce fruit.

Traditional prosperity practices were, thus, intimately connected to worship of the Divine Mother & celebration of the Feminine Principle's ability to bring forth Life.

Sacred Wealth is designed to reconnect you to that original state of Abundance as an aspect of Shakti- the Divine Feminine Holy Spirit or Ecstatic Lifeforce of Creation that lives within you.

Cultivating Shakti to manifest is the Path of Magic or the Path of Sacred Empowerment.

When this is done in deep surrender to the Divine... the Divine Will for your life, the Divine Uniquness of your Soul, and especially- as service to others- you awaken the Path of High Magic- a White Tantric Karma Yoga- which is the foundation for Sacred Wealth.

Healing our "Money Wounds"

For centuries, humanity has been enacting genoicide, abuse, domination, and enslavement of others for the sake of material gain in a "power over" model, instead of Sourcing Power from within.  We've thus learned to replace our essential connection to "Lifeforce as Life Support" (ie: the benediction of the Divine Mother) with a man-made system of material sustenance & survival. Ie: "The Money System."

Fears of visibility, blocks to receiving, learned disempowerment, dysfunctional consumption habits and disassociation (of our sacred, nature-based, or "magical" essence) from the world of mankind, money & business has thus resulted for almost every person on Earth (rich or poor!)

Healing our "Money Wounds" involves clearing old impressions of forced subjugation, trauma, numbness, escapism, & the various belief systems that develop around our personal & collective pain body re: wealth, power & receiving.  Releasing resentment & fear of authority, forgiving ourselves & others, awakening from trauma-bonding through learned co-dependency & taking full, conscious ownership of our material desires as a form of Divine Love, results in restoration of Personal Power & enhancement of our ability to be Stewards of the New Paradigm.

When our Money Wounds heal, we genuienly enact a Soul Retrieval for the
Collective Consciousness of our planet. We bring the Masculine & Feminine
essences back into balance & "weave" the lost wisdom, gifts, &
intelligence back into society.  This is a Tantric Experience which
prepares us to become the clear, co-creative channels the Divine
needs to initiate the New Paradigm.

The Sacred Wealth Academy...

The Sacred Wealth Academy is a 9-month journey into the mysteries of
 financial healing, magic, & manifestation. In this Academy, you will...

Balance Your Masculine & Feminine Energy

Heal the imbalance of Creative Power in yourself & in the world.  Balance your Masculine & Feminine Energy.  Bring the left & right hemispheres of your brain together.  And re-establish the codes of Sacred Union in and through your relationship to money to manifest greater impact in the world.

Remember Your Sovereignty
a Noble Servent of Humanity

Awaken the consciousness of a Noble Leader.  Activate your power to serve!  Receive the initiations of ancient Kings & Queens.  Embrace who you are as a Sovereign Being who fully realizes "to rule is to serve." 

Embrace Pleasure & Sacred Relationship
as Path to Expanded Wealth & Creativity

Learn how to create through pleasure & release patterns of burn out, pain, & resistance in your relationship to money & business.  Ecsatically expand your earning power by embodying your "turn on."  Manifest money via Ancient Tantric practices of Pleasure, Sacred Relationship, & Sensual Magic.

Vastly Increase Your Material Abundance

Allow your cup to runneth over!  Expand your income & energy levels! Give yourself permission to manifest all your material desires & live in the sensual magic of your Soul's Calling on Earth. Receive money in service to this sacred manifestation of the Divine Plan through you.

How it Works

Sacred Wealth is (estimated to be ) a 9-Month Journey.  The timeline unfolds according to the progress of the group and guidance from the Divine (via Kara).  This journey will unfold like a traditional mystery school, with progressive initiations into deeper levels of mysticism & magic, specifically related to financial healing, and includes: guided spiritual practice, money mindset & reprogramming work, ongoing transformational healing transmissions, and regular group teachings.  We meet bi-monthly as a group on live coaching calls and participate in the following initiaions over the course of 9 months.

(Please Note: Some aspects of this schedule may change as Kara is guided during the journey)

Orientation: Sanctifying Your Financial Life to the Divine


  • Altar Creation & Orientation Call Series
  • 2018 Goal Setting & Visioning Exercises
  • Releasing the Grip of Financial Worry: Humility & Surrender on the Path to Sacred Wealth
  • Sanctification of Financial Life to the Divine through the Sacred Wealth Fiery Free Invocation Ceremony

Initiation: 40-Day Money Magnetism Practice


A 40-Day Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) to attune your subconscious mind to the frequencies of Divine Abundance & make you into a money magnet. 

If you have never done a 40 day practice before, please be advised that there will be a required 20-30 min practice each morning and evening (twice per day) for 40 days during this part of the journey. 40 Days is a sacred number in numerous spiritual traditions for radical transformation.  Jesus fasted & prayer in the desert for 40 days before beginning his mission.  It rained for 40 days and 40 nights to cleanse the world of evil during the times of Noah and the ark.

This 40-Day Practice is designed to invoke a massive & radical transformation at all levels of consciousness in your financial life.  It supports deep healing of your relationship to money & materialism, attunes your subconscious mind to miraculous abundance, and initiates you to the conscious practice of Sacred Wealth as both a lifestyle & spiritual path in God.

You will:

  • Energetically Reprogram of Your Money Mindset over 40 Days

  • Perform daily rituals to cleanse & invoke Sacred Wealth as a permanent state of being

  • Attune your subconscious mind to the flowing freedom of Wealth Consciousness 

  • Be given daily writing exercises, mantra, & spiritual practices over 40 days

Transmissions Received

1.) Breaking Your Contract to Serve the Dark Lords

2.) Sending the Gold Back into the Earth

3.) The Dragon Power of Prosperity through the Sacred Mother Consciousness

Awakening of Wisdom: 
Soul Healing & Collective Karmic Resolution
Revelation of Sacred Wealth Healing Principles


Awaken from Stubborn Patterns of past life trauma, ancestral karma, and collective consciousness programming which create financial blocks and restrictions through this series of deep healings designed to reprogram your body, mind, & soul consciousness in relation to wealth, money & business. Embody the Wisdom of Creation as you learn to inetgrate the Sacred Wealth Healing Principles into all levels of your life & relationship to money & Business.

During this phase of the journey, you will receive the Sacred Wealth Forgiveness Prayers. It is recommended these are done daily to support karmic, DNA, and collective consciousness cleansing and to further open you into the abundance that is yours by Divine Right!

Transmissions Received

1.) Patrilineal Cleansing Transmission

Sacred Healing Transmissions for Ngeative Money Karma Descending from your Patrilineal Lines.  This transmission awakens the Divine Father/Sacred Masculine Inner Archetype.  

2.) Matrilineal Cleansing Transmissions-

Sacred Healing Transmissions for Ngeative Money Karma Descending from your Matrilineal Lines.  This transmission awakens the Divine Mother/Sacred Feminine Inner Archetype.  

3.) 5 Healing Transmissions for Each of the 5 Core Money Wounds

  • Includes in depth healing practices & empowerment work on each money wound
  • Coaching in the 5 Sacred Wealth Healing Archetypes
  • Teachings on the Sacred Wealth Healing Principles & the Sacred Future of Global Socio-Economics

Sacred Pleasure, Magic & Manifestation

"Before there was Money, there was Mother." As your wounded money story & unconscious programming clears, you remember the path of Ecstatic Embodiment, Magic, & Manifetstaion via deep presence to Personal Desire, Intuition & the Present Moment.

Learn how to work High Magic in and through your relationship to Money, Wealth & Business. Understand how Sacred Sexuality & Sacred Wealth/Creativity are expressions of the SAME energy and power in you.  Expand your ability to receive via commitment to a life of Pleasure and bringing your unique magic into the world.

Transmissions Received

1.) The Shamanic Womb Consciousness: Activating the Cauldron of Creative Power (for both men & women)

These transmissions activate the 3 levels of your Life Purpose (What Kara calls your "Dharma Codes") and teach the wisdom of shamanic womb consciousness in relation to work, income & impact in the world.  The 3 levels of Life Purpose are:

  1. Universal (stored in the Divine Mother's Universal Womb of Life)
  2. Planetary Purpose (stored in the Womb of Your Mother)
  3. Personal Karmic (stored in your personal Womb/Hara - ie: sacral chakra for either men or women)

You will learn how to manifest infinitely more quickly and easily once you are deeply aligned with your personal Dharma Code.  These transmissions heal blocks to your purpose and activate that alignment at all levels of your being.

2.) Sacred Power Anatomy Transmission Series

These transmissions take you on a shamanic journey through the gateways of your Sacred Sexual Power Anatomy- the Seat of your Creative Manifesting power.  They assisting you in clearing trauma, blocks & restrictions held at each gateway and understanding how each aspect of your Sacred Sexuality (in both your Masculine & Feminine forms) correlates to personal power, money & manifestation in the business realm.

Transmission 1: Lips of the Yoni (F) / Perineum (M) Associated with the Earth element.
Heals Visibility Issues & (In Business) is associated with Entry-level Offers, Marketing & Confidence in Sharing our Message with the world.

Transmission 2: G-Spot (F) /Prostate (M).  Associated with the Element of Water. 
Heals Blocks to Flow. Juiciness in our Creativity & Abundance.  Helps Business Owners transmute pressure/stress of running a business into pleasure and ecstatic opening/consistent revenue streams.

Transmission 3: Clitoris (F) / Shaft of the Lingam (M).  Associated with the Element of Fire. 
Activates the Fire of Desire and clears blocks to channeling irresistability & "turn on"
in marketing, messaging, and offer creation.  

Transmission 4: Cervix (F) / Head of the Lingam (M).  Associated with the Element of Air. 
Heals Blocks to DEEP Intimacy and Communication.  Assists in opening "The Stargate" between worlds that allows manifestation from the unmanifest to the manifest realms to occur.  In business, this correlates to sales & sales conversations.


3.) Tantric Magic: Awakening the Ecstasy of Sacred Sexual Union to manifest our Purpose in the World.

 The Noble Rights:
Sovereignty, Divine Agenthood
& Accepting the Right to Rule

Receiving Who You Are as God. Commiting to be an Agent of Divine Manifestation in the World.  Remembering that "To Rule is to Serve."

In the final chapter of the Sacred Wealth Mystery School, you will receive the initiations of ancient Queens & Kings to prepare you for your mission of service (via Sacred Wealth) in the world.  You will understand the ancient origins of "nobility" in a completely new Light, as you remember the ancient ones - the Fairy Kings & Queens of a lost time- who ruled the Earth plane during a long age of peace and prosperity, from the consciousness of a "Noble Leader"- a Noble Mother/Father God(dess)- dispensing compassionate awareness & service to all beings in their sacred stewardship of The Balance of Nature.

As you remember your Divine Origins, Embody your Sovereignty, & accept the Divine Right to Rule- first, your own life, from a place of peace & prosperity & deep alignment with the Divine, and then to offer that same protection, grace, and Divine Opportunity to others, as you expand your personal mission & consciousness in God- you realize the Future of a New (Old!) Age on Earth, where the balance of Power and sacred alignment at the material level of reality shall be restored.

Ie: You begin to realize "Heaven on Earth." 
The Sacred manifested in the material realm once more.

This is the culmination & goal of the Sacred Wealth Journey.

Transmissions Received

1.) Remembrance of the Lost Times: The Sacred Mother Civilizations & the Fairy Kings & Queens who ruled them.

2.) Accepting Who You Are as God

3.) Accepting the Divine Right to Rule

4.) The Passing of the Baton of Power: Embodying Complete Sovereignty & Expanded States of Wealth Consciousness in the New Paradigm.

Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony & Graduation

*Note: There will likely be a live event connected to this so that we can all gather together and celebrate the completion of the journey.  You will receive free entry to this event after having successfully completed the Sacred Wealth Journey. Location TBD.  There will also be a virtual ceremony for those who cannot make this live.

Sacred Wealth is NOT...

 A Business Coaching Program

 A "Get Rich Quick Scheme"

Sacred Wealth IS...

 A Transformational Healing Program

Devoted to ongoing clearing, healing & re-programming of your relationship to money. 

 A Magical Training & Mystery School

For those who desire to expand their Creative Power (Shakti) & Ability to Manifest 

 A Spiritual Path

For awakening souls who are committed to higher degrees of Leadership & Service in God

Sacred Wealth Includes...

 18 Live Group Teleconference Calls (Bi-Monthly)

 40-Day Money Magnetism Practice

 15+ Transformational Healing Transmissions

 Exclusive Content Delivered Only in the Academy

 Private Facebook Group

Early-Bird Bonus

For All Registrants Who Sign Up Before Midnight December 31st, 2017 receive:

The Sacred Sales Homestudy Program

For many intuitive, heart-centered souls, "sales" feels like a "sticky subject."

I know for me, I spent years working on trade, giving my work away for free, or simply avoiding any talk of selling my services at all because of how unconfortable sales made me feel.

Sales brought up a whole range of unsettling feelings around my worth, not wanting to "take" from another or be artifically "pushy" or "sales-y" when it came to sharing deeply meaningful and spiritual work with the world.

Then, I had a transformational healing experience, where I realized how fundamentally sacred and IMPORTANT sales conversations actually are...

ESPECIALLY if your work is heart-centered or intuitive.

Now, sales conversations are to me one of THE MOST SACRED & IMPORTANT parts of doing business.

I tell my clients now that "sales" is essentially the equivalent to the "consent conversation" you would have with a lover before taking your relationship deeper.

Its a vital and important moment of connection, where two parties can determine if they are a match for one another and how the construct of their (economic) relationship with safe and effective boundaries that allow their creative vision to flourish!

Sacred Sales is a 5-week course devoted to HEALING your relationship to sales & selling...

And teaching you how to have these sacred, clear, confident and empowered conversations about your work with others.

It teaches you...

  • How to confidently own your value in a sacred way
  • How to create real intimacy and connection with people interested in your products & services
  • How specifically to structure sales calls & sales talks from a place of empowered integrity to your truth 
  • How to honor the integrity & truth of others in the sales of your products & services.


This is a self-study course that includes 5 recorded seminar calls and workbooks.

The course retails for $497, but all Academy Participants who sign up before December 31st, 2017 will receive the complete Sacred Sales Homestudy program FREE. 

Value: $497

Register Today!

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(Save $323 when you pay in full)

Payment Plan


+ 10 Monthly Payments of $199

Pay-in-Full Bonus!
For the Next 7 People to Register & Pay in Full (only)
You Will Receive a 1hr Akashic Reading with Kara

1hr Akashic Reading

The Akashic Records hold the mysteries of the Life of Your Soul.

Understanding who you are at a Soul Level and the unique contract for your life, can assist you in opening to the realms of Grace and aligning with your deepest Soul Purpose.

This 1hr Reading can be focused on any issues or questions of your choice.  

As you progress through the Sacred Wealth Academy, there will be times you may be challenged by deeper financial blocks & restrictions, questions about your purpose, or other unconscious energies that arise for healing through the transmissions.

This reading can be used to support you in healing & progressing gracefully along your path in both God and the 3D realm.


Please note: this bonus is only being offered to Academy participants that Pay in Full.

Double Note: All readings will be booked AFTER the Academy starts in January of 2018.


Value: $497

Register Today!

Pay in Full


(Save $323 when you pay in full)

Payment Plan


+ 10 Monthly Payments of $199

About Your Host: Kara Gilligan

Kara is a Magdalene Priestess of the Rose Line of the Holy Sophia, Guardian of the Sex Magic of Isis, lover of the Lord & eternal devotee to the Great Goddess who sustains all life. 

After witnessing violent fraternity hazing rituals at an Ivy League college early in her adult life, Kara committed herself to healing the wounds of "Dominator Cultures" & re-awakening the archetype of the Noble Leader who honors the Feminine and All Life as Sacred.

Sacred Wealth is the expression of this healing journey... A mystery school, a healing modality and a spiritual path for Noble Leaders of the New Age, Sacred Wealth is designed to release individuals from the programming of pain & disempowerment at the hands of a corrupt money system and support the healthy integration of money & power as expressions of the Divine Love in service to one's Life Purpose.

In addition to Sacred Wealth, Kara also runs the popular online course- the Magdalene Wounds- and works as a medium and spiritually-based life & business coach for clients around the world.  You can learn more about Kara and her work by visiting:


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