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Priestess Wounds | Priestess Wounds

5 Week Journey to Heal Your Heart
& Receive Initiation into the Alchemical Process
of Awakening Through the Wounds of Love

The Wounds of Love were channeled by my teacher, Anaiya Sophia.
A truly beautiful insight taken from her Carriers of the Flame Training,

To learn more about Anaiya & her work, please visit:

I am calling in a small group of beloved souls who would like to receive deeper initiation into the Wounds of Love- understanding each wound as an alchemical opportunity of Consciousness awakening and part of the Soul's journey from God to man and man back to God.  

Because of some recent health struggles, I decided to push this journey back two weeks, to give me time to complete a cleanse.  Please see details about this course below!

Wounds of Love Journey

October 28th- November 25th

This journey will feature 5 group calls on each of the 5 Wounds of Love.

Calls will take place on Sundays at 4pm EDT and will be recorded.

You will also receive Handouts for each call + 2 Healing Transmissions:

The first is on the "Alpha Wound" of Betrayal
The second is on the "Omega Wound" of Abandonment

What are the Wounds of Love?

When it comes to relationships, almost everyone is trying to protect themselves from the Wounds of Love...

Rejection, Betrayal, Judgement, Separation/Persecution, & Abandonment

When we face such wounds in our relationships, they often shut us down. Close our hearts. And at times create deep life crises.

If the Wounds of Love are left unhealedthey distort our emotions in relationship and can block us from loving in the future.


But what if we didn't need to protect ourselves from the Wounds of Love?

What if, instead, they were the keys 
to awakening the Greatest Love we could ever imagine?

This 5-Week Course is an initiation to the Alchemical Healing practices for the Wounds of Love:

Trust, Truth, Forgiveness, Metamorphosis & Realization.

You will learn how to apply each of the Alchemical Principles in your relationship to self, other, and the world at large.  You will also learn what stage of Soul Development each Wound of Love correlates to and how to transmute the Wound into its Alchemical Opposite, thus experienceing Self Realization.

This process results in one becoming "Christed" ie: Unbetrayable, Undeniable, Free from Judgment, Unable to be Persecuted, And fully One with God.

It also:

  • Creates Emotional Mastery in relationships (an experience that is limitless & ongoing)
  • Frees you from victimhood & persecution complexes (enemy imaging)
  • Opens the heart and activates your ability to truly love & serve others (without attachment)
  • Is essential for the experiene of Sacred Relationship (awakening through Tantric Union)

The Wounds of Love is a contemplation practice that is based on the 5 Wounds Christ experience during his Crucifixion: Betrayal by Judas, Denial by Peter, Judgment by Pontius Pilate, Persection by the city of Jersualem, and Abandonment by the Father (My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?)

This journey is being offered during Venus Retrograde, to assist in the cleansing of karma and deep negative beliefs/pain bodies that block us from love & sacred relationship.

The Wounds of Love
Venus Retrograde Journey

Course Only


Course + Akashic Healing Session


If you would like to join this, but cannot afford it,
you can also send a sliding scale payment between $197-$297 via PayPal to  Please email afterwards to be registered.

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