Healing Planetary Sexual Abuse

A Seminar & Healing Transmission
in the Name of Hathor

Held on the 2020 Lion's Gate - Saturday, August 8th @ 8:30pm EDT

Sexual Slavery, Corrupted Leadership...

Since coronavirus came out, many people across the world have become much more aware of the corruption in our leadership, the depth of the child sex trafficking problem in our world, and how ritualistic occult sexual abuse has corrupted our world power system from within. 

What most people dont realize, however, is that:

  1. The Sexual Abuse enacted in secret occult rituals does not just affect the children involved in such rituals.  The spells cast create entire frameworks of consciousness which have been running our civilization for millenniums.  These frameworks harvest the Sexual Energy (or Lifeforce) of all human beings and operate through many seemingly benign or unconscious belief systems, attitudes, practices and socially acceptable forms of violence our civilization upholds as "normal."  As we  awaken from all these many distortions of consciousness which lie at the bedrock of our society & world power system its important to realize...

    --> Its not just the children in these rituals being sexually abused. We are
    all being harvested.

    (Think of the Matrix Movies here)  And it is time for that abuse to end.

  2. Most of these sexual abuse rituals stem from information & traditions once guarded by theHathor (And later Isis) Mystery Schools in Ancient Egypt. Magical knowledge & information stewarded by the Priests & Priestesses of Hathor was either lost, stolen, or brutally perverted over time and fell into the hands of the wrong individuals.

    (For more information about this, please watch the video below)

Just as important as it is to dismantle these hidden rings of abusive power…

It is equally important to restore the Temple Teachings in their original form…

To generate a magical force of Light in honor of the Sacred (Maternal) Sexual Power on the planet & the "Mother of Civilization" to counterbalance the harm created from these subversive magical groups.

Thus, we will gather together on this day of Power - The Lion's Gate - with other souls to honor the pristine codes of Hathor/Isis - the Ancient Mother of Civilization - to heal sexual abuse on the planet, to release sexual shame, abuse or dishonor from ourselves & our own histories - and to reconnect to the Embodied Immaculate Motherof Civilization.

Currently, many of the aspects of society Hathor governs are "shut down"...


This includes:


Touch, Sensuality, Playfulness, Socialization

Parties, Concerts, Gatherings & Large Events

Money, Trade, Travel, & the "Flow" of Abundance on the Planet

Sexuality & Loving Connection to Others -

Including other races, nations, friends, family and even our own neighbors.

We are in a time of cleansing.

And the intention of this gathering is to bring light to THAT which needs to be realized, seen, understood and restored
for the Beauty of Hathor to return to this world.



Let us come together to clear the Womb of Life.

Let us come together to heal sexual abuse…

Which is, ultimately, the abuse of power

And hold space for the resurrection
of society from this time of cleansing.


How it Works

We will gather at 8:30pm EDT / 5:30pm PDT this Saturday 8/8/2020  (The Lions Gate) and Akara will give a short teaching on Hathor, the history of the Egyptian Goddess Temples, and how the magic of these traditions fell into the hands of secret societies in Europe during the Middle Ages - ultimately becoming a cornerstone of American Society through the Freemasons.

We will discuss which aspects of the "infrasturcture" of social consciousness are being dismantled right now and why and how the power of original soul families returning to reclaim specifically the Sex Magic Traditions of Isis & Hathor "for the Light," is one of the most powerful things that can be done to "fight" corruption by the global elite.

We will then move into a guided transmission & womb clearing...

Where you will be invited to release any conscious or unconscious Sexual Trauma, Shame and other lower vibrational energies being carried in your own womb, sex organs or ancestral lines, while invoking the Purity of The Celestial Womb & The Immaculate Mother as a healing balm for your body, life, and multi-dimensional self.

Finally we will close in celebration of the Planetary Rebirth Process we are currently engaged in - attuning to Immunity, Purpose, Joy, and the Inspired Timelines of Civilization’s Rebirth from this time of Great Change.

This event is 2hrs long.

It is open to men, women and all genders.

(There are many incredible male Priests who served in Hathor's Temples!)

If you cannot make it live, you can watch the replay and the healing transmission will also be recorded to receive at a time of your choosing.

However, there is magic in being able to make this event LIVE because it is a ceremony where we are calling on the Power of a Cosmic Alignment - The Lion's Gate 8/8 - in which the star Sirius is "reborn" on the horizon in Egypt.  This time was traditionally celebrated as the Egyptian New Year - a time of when the Nile River flooded after the harsh, scorching desert summer - representing the return of abundance and wealth and the health of cooling waters to the land.

We will be accessing that power to heal ourselves and in prayer for our world.

If you can make this event live, I recommend it!

Are you one of the ones to heed  this Call?

Sacred Exchange

Honoring the Goddess of Trade!

This event is $77

However, if you are in financial need,
there are multiple sliding scale options below. 
Thank you for supporting this work!

Sliding Scale

Let us begin...

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