January 6th is the New Moon (for the month of January) and it's a great time to initiate your journey through the First Woman Course by creating an altar (in your home or office) and performing a ceremonial invocation of The Dark Goddess/First Woman before we begin our journey on January 15th.

Below is a ceremonial guide to assist you in this process: 

Click here to Access the Ceremonial Guide.

(Please note: this ceremonial guide was written for the 1st Lilith Upgrade course which started on the Summer Solstice, 2017.  You can replace that date with the New Moon in January 2019 or any day you wish in the month of January before we begin).

Orientation Call - Tuesday, January 5th @ 3pm EDT

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Lilith Music Soundtracks 

To be used in ceremony.  In your home!  In the car!
Whenever you want to connect to Lilith's Essence

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Soundtracks: Lilith Upgrade 2019 | Lilith Ceremonial | Lilith Seductress | Dark Mother


Personal Support

For personal healing & coaching support with Kara, these are special offers only available to women in the First Woman course.  If you would like to speak with Kara about a more extensive healing or coaching program, please sign up for a Discovery Session: http://wakingbeauty.com/discovery/

1 Akashic Reading

The Akashic Records are the book of the Soul and contain important information about who we are, our life purpose, past lives, gifts, challenges, as well as informatrion around the karma of relationships in our lives. During an Akashic Reading you may ask specific questions of your guides or request healing and understanding around a particular issue or challenge.  This is wonderful for healing and transforming trauma.  Kara will research your question before you meet, and this includes a healing at the end of the session, followed by recommended follow up practices. 


($197 Off Regular Price)

*Use Discount Code "FirstWoman"

3 Akashic Therapy Sessions

Akashic Records therapy addresses the root karmic cause of issues in your life and is a spiritual healing modality that gently transforms shadow, pain, and trauma into wisdom, empowerment, and purpose.  Enter the wisdom of your body, transform shadow into empowerment, liberates yourself from sexual trauma, fear, and other blocks and restrictions.  These sessions may incorporate Soul Retrieval, Entity Clearing, Soul Reading & Healing, as well as Coaching, Mindset and Lifestyle Support.


($450 Off Regular Price)

Group Calls



Tuesday, January 15

From Demoness to Dark Goddess


Serpentine Wisdom


Tuesday, January 29

Dark Goddess Tantra 


Healing Transmission

Lilith & Mother Mary (New Moon)

Monday, February 4th @ 9pm your time (wherever you are in world) 

Click Here to Download the Instructions

Click Here to Download the MP3 File



Tuesday, February 12

Lilith in the Body 


Healing Transmission

Lilith & Eve (Full Moon)

Monday, February 19th @ 9pm your time (wherever you are in world) 

Click Here to Download the Instructions

Click Here to Download the MP3 File



Tuesday, February 26

Lilith in the Bedroom



Healing Transmission

Lilith & the Beloved (New Moon)

Monday, March 6th @ 9pm your time (wherever you are in world) 

Click Here to Download the Instructions

Click Here to Download the MP3 File



Tuesday, March 12

The Lucifer Upgrade


Tuesday, March 19

Lilith & Adam

Tuesday, March 19th @ 3pm EDT




Tuesday, March 19

Lilith in Business

Tuesday, March 26th @ 3pm EDT




Healing Transmission

Lilith & Adam

Sunday, March 31st @ 9pm your time (wherever you are in world) 



Group Call Conference Details (Zoom)  

All group calls will be held on Zoom, and it is best to access them via computer if you can, that way we can see each other!   Here is the Zoom Link for the Conference Room:  

Zoom Meeting Details via Computer:


Zoom Meeting Details via Phone:

+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)       

+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)  

Meeting ID: 777 143 0000  

International Numbers: https://zoom.us/u/XgOVP


Note: If you cannot make the Group Calls live, they will be recorded. It usually takes us about 24 hrs to post the recordings. These will be sent out via email and also added to the First Woman Course Schedule page: http://wakingbeauty.com/first-woman-schedule/  

Please bookmark the course schedule page for reference once it is made live, and be sure you are receiving our emails, by adding kara@wakingbeauty.com and kim@wakingbeauty.com as approved senders in your email provider.  


Healing Transmissions  

Healing Transmissions will be held always at 9pm your time, wherever you are in the world, unless you schedule them with Kim (kim@wakingbeauty.com) for a different time. If you know you cannot receive your healing transmission at the scheduled time (see schedule above) please email Kim at least 1 week ahead of your schedule transmission with your requested new time to receive.   You do not need to verify the time with Kim. You can simply email her and say “I would like to receive my healing transmission at [insert day and time you’d like to receive it]. As long as I have this in advance of the transmission day, I will request that your transmission come to you at that time.  

Think of this like setting “an Appointment with the Divine.”  

The Healing Transmissions are made during a ceremony that I perform on my own with a list of your names. Like a prayer request made on your behalf. As long as I have the time you’d like to receive ahead of this ceremony it is not problem for them to be rescheduled. If I get that the day of or after the fact, it is much more difficult for me, so we will not be honoring those requests, except in an emergency.  



Please join the First Woman Facebook Group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/206583233598152/  

If you have trouble finding the group (since it is private), please be sure to email Kim (kim@wakingbeauty.com) and ask her to add you to the group. Oftentimes, Kara has to be Facebook Friends with you to add you to the group, so if you aren’t already Facebook Friends with Kara, please add her as a friend and send her a message that you’d like to be added to the First Woman Facebook Group.  

Kara’s Facebook Profile is located at:   https://facebook.com/wakingbeauty/      



Administrative Questions & Concerns:   If you have any administrative questions or concerns, please reach out to our administrative assistant Kim at kim@wakingbeauty.com  


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