Welcome to this Free Seminar Call: An Introduction to...

The Cult of Hathor 

Great Mother Goddess of the Ancient Egyptians

Queen of Love, Music, Dance, Sensuality, Fertility & Abundance
The Mother of the Pharaoh, The Consort of Kings...

Hathor is the Source-Origin Protectress of the Path of the Sacred Prostitute

And this Call will not just go over 

Imagine if you will...

(Male, Female & Any Identification in Between)

Do you realize that we went through an incredible planetary upgrade last month?  The burning of Notre Dame Cathedral has CLEARED a major impingement on Feminine Power for this planet...

What many of us call "The Virgin/Whore" split. 

And we are all like little baby lotuses right now. 

Opening up our petals in the Light of a NEW Divine Feminine Paradigm.

For most of us, "Maternal Power" (in this old era) has meant kind, yet powerless acquiescence to the "Force that Be."  Nurturing everyone in their wounds, while denying our own pleasure & cowering to a toxic world system.  Posturing as "sexless mothers" and reaping the dry, polluted "rewards" of Burnt Out Femininity as a result.

But that era is over...

Let me paint for you a Different Picture!

She who is the Mother of Temple Dancers, Sacred Prostitutes, 

Ecstatic Dance, Midwives, and So Much More!

*We choose to reclaim the word "prostitute" in its original meaning as a priestess or sacred vassal of the Ancient World. Working with the word "prostitute" (instead of "Priest" or "Priestess") reminds us that service to the Divine is not divorced from the realms of sensuality, sex, money, desire & material existence, but is ONE with it.  This is the Path of the Goddess.
The Path of the Tantric or Tantrika - where embodied sensuality, wealth & creativity are vessels for spiritual awakening & fuel for spiritual growth.

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