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Dark Goddess Mysteries Free Call | Mystery Teachings of the Dark Goddess

Free Sacred  Circle Call 

Sunday, January 12th - In honor of the The Saturn / Pluto Conjunction

The Wisdom of Winter...

The Dark Goddess is She who reigns over the Wisdom of Winter...

The time of the Long Night, the Frozen Earth, the Deep Stillness...

And Nature's Journey through Underworld...

The Dark Goddess is The Grandmother, The Wise Witch, & the Lady of Death, Transmutation & Rebirth.

Today, we consider The Underworld (The Dark Goddess' Domain) to be a "Hell" Realm... 

But it was once understood to be a Place of Deep Womb Wisdom -

The velvety blackness of which was vitally necessary to the Powers of Creation. 

Like the Earth beneath our feet- which absorbs the dead and the dying - and transmutes it into New Life...

The Wisdom of the Dark Goddess is that Wisdom which allows us to release the old...

To cleanse blockages & restrictions...

And transmute them into the fuel for New Life.

The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

This Sunday, we begin a new decade with a rare astrological alignment...

The conjunction of Saturn (Lord of Karma) & Pluto (Lord of the Underworld)...

This alignment has been building for the last 2 years, but fully crystallizes on Sunday, January 12th 2020.

It portends of a New Era which will bring radical shifts in Consciousness...

Catalyzed through deep confrontation with our (Collective) Shadows as a Civilization...

And Saturn holding us to integrate our lessons with new disciplines, systems & structures, both personally and collectively.

What does this mean for you?


This means we are (collectively) engaged in an era where the Wisdom of the Dark Goddess will be deeply NEEDED by us as a civilization.

Those who can navigate the pathways of Transmutation through the Underworld...

Those who are skilled in Shadow Work, who are unafraid of Destruction,

Who can work with both personal & collective "deaths" and transmute them into New Life...

Will be the ones to THRIVE in the years to come.

Are you one of the ones who has been chosen to heed Her Call?

What We Will Cover on This Call...

On this call we will...

  • Connect to the Planetary Forecast for 2020 & beyond

  • Discuss the Mysteries of the Dark Goddess, including:

  • Protection & Defense from Negative Energy Release

  • The Secrets of Alchemy & Transmutation of Shadow through Feminine Energy (Sacred Sexual Priestess Mysteries & The Womb of Life)

  • How to work wisely & effectively with Demonic, Parasitic, or Destructive Forces of Nature that may arise for you or in the collective so they are only an opportunity for ecstatic growth

  • The Two Overarching Shadow Archetypes of Western Civilization: Lilith (Feminine) & Lucifer (Masculine) & their upgrades

  • What is Immunity? How do we achieve it? And fully align with the Positive Energies of Rebirth & New Life that are ultimately entering our world. 

Sign Up Now for
This Free Wisdom Circle!

This Call Will be Transmitted From Glastonbury

What many consider to be the place where the
Legendary Isle of Avalon intersects with our World
And the Heart Chakra of Our Planet.

The Deepest Shadows of "The Empire" are connected to the ley lines which run through this land, and we will be prayerfully sending Light through this vortex of the Earth on behalf
of collective awakening.

Join this Free Call Below:

You will be emailed all details. 
Call takes place on Sunday, January 12th @ 6pm GMT. 
Recordings will be mailed out afterwards if you can't make it live.

Copyright © 2020 Waking Beauty LLC - All Rights Reserved

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