Sacred Wealth: The Backstory


I was referred to him through a South African spiritual teacher, who told me he was a "Master at Dissolving Evil Realms." At the time I was recovering from my experiences inside- what I can only describe- as "a Satanic Cult of Male Power"... An Ivy League Fraternity called "Bones Gate" where the brothers worshiped a ghost-like mascot called "The Thick Dick" and engaged in shame-inducing … [Read more...]

The Magdalene & Romantic Love: Attachment & Illusion on The Path of “The Beloved”


I want to share something about what it means (to me) to be a “Magdalene”... - As opposed to a Priestess of Isis - or a Priestess of Aphrodite - or an embodiment of any of the other Sacred Love/Sacred Sexuality Goddess lineages... There is a fundamental component to this Path of the Magdalene in which GOD (the Infinite) is experienced as “The Beloved.” And this is not just “The Beloved” … [Read more...]

Do we need Masters, Teachers & Saviors anymore?

Scene 07/53 Exterior Galilee Riverside; Jesus (DIOGO MORCALDO) is going to die and tells Peter (DARWIN SHAW) and the other disciples this not the end.

A Manifesto on Mastery in Servitude **The following post was written in response to my thoughts on developing true self mastery in a spiritual & socio-economic culture that has grown increasingly circumspect of authority (of any kind) & rejects the hierarchal traditions of the master/student relationship.  It is my hope that these words may help illuminate the healing path we all need … [Read more...]

My Trip to the Big Island of Hawaii: Volcanoes, Pele & my work with the Dark Goddess


Mahalo Pele Ma! I'm home from the Big Island now, and I am a new woman. That island... Holy HELL 💃🌋👹🔥 I have never done such deep work on my root chakra in my entire life. In fact, I don't think I even knew what a root chakra was until I stepped foot onto Hawaii.I literally dreamed of death every night...And was called to face my deepest fears.I felt like every past life where I was … [Read more...]

Spiritual Upgrades & the 11/11 Portal: Empowerment, Sacred Activism, Hidden Knowledge Revealed


Last week we experienced a HUGE planetary upgrade on 11/11 coinciding with the Presidential Election in America. Many of you may have felt this spiritual upgrade as: Waking up very early in the morning on 11/11 & not being able to sleep Feeling highly creative and intuitive throughout the day Experiencing rushes and surges of energy Having wild new downloads that totally broke … [Read more...]

Darth Vadar, Daddy Issues & Donald Trump: Healing our Relationship to the Patriarch


So, we all experienced some very shocking results of the Presidential Election this week in America. My heart goes out to the many Lightworkers around the world who are feeling a sense of: Hopelessness & Despair Outrage & Embarassment And deep feeling of Set Back at this time And it especially goes out to all the women, environmentalists, immigrants and minorities in the … [Read more...]

The 2016 US Presidential Election- A Channeled Message of Hope & Healing

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At the end of 2014, as we were going into Obama's last full year as President of the US, I had a very interesting experience. ***Please note- what I'm going to share comes from a place of Divine Intuition and healing Consciousness. The Divine CANNOT have a political side. The Divine is ALWAYS neutral. And healing often takes place in VERY mysterious and hard to comprehend ways. This, friends, … [Read more...]

10 Signs You Are a Reincarnated Sacred Sexual Priestess (And What to Do About It!)


"Once upon a time sexual women ruled the world. They were independent, empowered and embodied love." This is a quote from an article written by Anaiya Sophia on the Sacred Sexual Priestess called "Why Prostitutes Should Rule the World." If you are unfamiliar with the archetype of the Sacred Prostitute, I highly recommend reading this article first to get acquainted with the lost … [Read more...]

Spiritual Facts About Gratitude: Thanksgiving


On a spiritual level, Thanksgiving is one rocking holiday! So I thought I might share some interesting (spiritual) facts about gratitude to inspire your day. If you're celebrating Thanksgiving today, take these facts to heart & appreciate all the good and the bad in your life this holiday season. It could very well make you a Jedi Master of Spiritual Enlightenment ;) Interesting … [Read more...]

Welcome to the New Waking Beauty!


I'm pleased to share with you the rebirth of the Waking Beauty website! This project has been in the works for a while now, and there have been a lot of what I would call "Divine Delays." I conceived the website at the end of February, and my original goal was to have it live by March, in time for the Her Terms Telesummit- imagine that! But, as they say, sometimes... man makes plans … [Read more...]